Mille Miglia madness

Reading DSJ’s letter, touching on the attractions of the Mille Miglia Retrospective and the increasing numbers of cars being advertised as “Mille Miglia-eligible”, prompts me to remind you that there is no guarantee of even the most “eligible” car obtaining an entry. Whatever the Retrospective is all about – and clearly chequebooks, old men’s dreams (mine included) and museum and motor trade publicity are heavily involved – it is not about Mille Miglia history.

I own the actual Talbot 105 which ran in the Mille Miglia in 1932. It is also the very first British entry in the Mille Miglia (not the first British car – that was an Austin Seven entered by the Italian distributor the year before) and therefore has a place in the race’s history regardless of how it performed there.

Over the years, entries have been accepted in the Retrospective for cars which have never been to Italy in their lives, and never even been represented in the Mille Miglia by cars of the same make, let along model. But I have entered this Talbot two years running, and the car has been rejected each time.

Cheer up, Dad, your TD MG might be “Mille Miglia-eligible” yet.

Anthony Blight, Callington, Cornwall