Down Under



Down Under

-1-let no one think that the VSCC of Australia is inactive not that any British participants i the rallies there could ever harbour such a thought. Further to endorse the view that the Australian club functions very much as the UK version of the VSCC, consider its recent two-day Alex Bryce Rally. It was run over undulating, vacant roads, and you can imagine what that implies, given what we in Britain regard as vacant! And the cars included four Hispano Suizas (a Barcelona, a 37.2 hp, an eight-litre and a 12-litre), four Delages (a DMS, a D8 I 5S, a D8 and another with a Martin King coupe body), four 30/98s supported by D-type 23/60 hp and 14/40 hp Vauxhalls, Bob King’s Talbot 105, a Lambda, a 31/2-litre Bentley (but no vintage Bentleys or Bugattis), lane Quinn’s 1500 6C Alfa Romeo and rarities like a couple of Lorraine Dietrichs and a Lancia Kappa. There were also an Alvis, a Bullnose Morris, a Singer 9 and an Austin 7, the latter of which reportedly had a comfortable cruising speed of 65 mph. give’) s t n he Kappa a :twin-c t -1 TAryEssex oslitspUth, but ihe iriv w 1

Sunbeam was being run-in; a Diatto nonstarted due to its cylinder head lifting, and other reported problems included a duff magneto, a gearbox catastrophe, several serious vibrations and a British touch torrential rain. The VSCC of Australia is kind to those who retire, and does not disclose too many details. . .

Its Newsletter continues to publish those splendid drawings of vintage cars by R Shepherd, that in a recent issue depicting a Stutz Black Hawk. Going back to the trial, the winner was the Quinns’ Hispano Suiza H6B, which

dropped a mer nd n t a g! cal wal Te 6C 1750:

the so-called doctor’s coupe (that’s on way of getting to your patients quickly. . A 12/50 Alvis and the D-type Vau tied for third, and the Lancia Kappa finish with the same number of points as the be of the pvt entries, a class in which an A7 tied with a 20/25 hp Rolls

for honours Royce..