VSCC Derbyshire Trial

Just over a fortnight after the Herefordshire Trial, on March 2, the VSCC trialists were trying their luck and good fortune on the hills of Derbyshire. Enthusiasm was again the high note. with 90 entrants. So it is to the great credit of Stuart Baxter and his modified 1928 4098cc Chrysler that he was the only Class-Two driver to gain a First-Class Award, thus taking the Patrick Marsh Trophy. The Second-Class takers here were Richard Marsh (1.8-litre Morris Sports), R Thwaites (1930 3.6 Chrysler), R Harcourt-Smith, in his well-known and successful Avis Silver Eagle, D Saxl (1935 1 1/2-litre Riley), and D Bond’s 1926 Morris). Those who managed Third-Class Awards were: Bruce Spollon (30-98), P Cassidy (Riley 9), and D Knight (Ford-B).

The Class-One outright winner of the Dick Batho Trophy was Philip Longhurst in his Riley 9 Special, although tying on points with the next highest First-Class Award clincher, W Faulkner driving his Riley 9 Special. Other Firsts in this close event were secured by A Graven (A7), S Diffey (A7), S Hirst (Riley Special), T Gosling (A7), President Barry Clarke (GN/A7) and J Brewster (A7). Second-Class Awards, on points from 288 to 286, went to J Hann (A7), D Rolpe (MG/Riley), B Gray (A7/JAP), R Low (A7). These who had to make do with Third Class Awards were: R Read (A7), J Baxter (A7), P Bullett (A7), D Marchant (A7), H Stringer (A7), K Hill (Crouch-Helix) and K Mycock (A7). To state a blinding glimpse of the obvious, if you are concerned about some sort of award for the sideboard an Austin 7 is a very good bet. Or equally, if you are just having a go for the fun of it. W B