Racing u-turn in Switzerland

AIthough being a car lover can sometimes make you feel like a hunted species, there seems to have been some relaxation of attitude in, of all places, Switzerland. For the 'Swiss Grand Prix of Berne' retro on July 5 the city authorities are actually kicking local cyclists off some of the old circuit through the Bremgarten woods to let racing cars use it. And on August 15/16, some 20,000 people are expected to line the Albispass outside Zurich to watch sports and racing cars re-run the 3km hillclimb event, first run in 1907. (Contact TOPS on 01803 722 357 if you want to compete in either event) Remarkable in a land where motor racing has been socially unacceptable since 1955. But speaking from a country where we'd die for a 3km climb, what a pity all this effort is for demonstration only. GC