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A quick note to say how much I enjoyed ‘racing’ through your anniversary edition. There is much in it of merit but for me the most evocative article was that of Simon Taylor about “Jenks”.

Although I never met DSJ, I was the recipient many years ago of a letter from him. At the time I was 12 years old and had a great love of pre-war German racing cars, especially the Mercedes W125. Having bought Jenks’ book on them and read a lot about them I was somewhat confused by the difference between a W125 and a M125, if indeed there was one.

What seemed the simplest solution was to write to a man who would know. So I did. Some time later there arrived a letter from the man himself explaining ‘W’ was for Wagen’ and ‘M’ for `Moteren’ – one referring to the car, one to the engine.

I have lost the original letter, but remember with great fondness its detail and the simple way in which the terms were explained.

For me the highlight of MOTOR SPORT in those days was reading Jenks – I didn’t always agree with him but always respected his views.

I am, yours, etc. Paul Butler, Codsall, South Staffordshire