Derek Daly replies




You appear to have overstepped all ethical boundaries by printing Getting Bad Brakes (March 2001), as apparently told by Derek Warwick. With a story that bordered on libellous, you had an obligation to at least check whether it might be true or not, which of course it was not.

Winning the 1976 Formula Ford Festival was indeed my highlight of the season. For Derek to try to blame me or any of the ‘Paddies’ for his brake problems is a cheap shot that is very unbecoming of any champion. We had nothing to do with his car at any time during the weekend because we were too busy concentrating on doing the best job we could on my car.

As a matter of interest, the following year we both ran identical Chevron B38 F3 cars. This time Warwick’s lack of success was blamed on the Chevron. Then he purchased a new Ralt, but the wins still did not come. Meanwhile, myself and the ‘Paddies’ were still concentrating on doing the best job we could with the Chevron. Without tampering with anyone’s brakes, we managed to win the British Formula Three championship.

Blame shifting is an embarrassment This is not the Derek Warwick I know.


Derek Daly, via E-mail