Thrilling start to season

Strong grids and close racing marked the first HSCC meeting of the season on April 8.

Star race came from the Historic Saloons, with Richard Evans demonstrating his talent in his father’s Alfa GTV against the BMW of Simon Garrad and the Jaguar of Graeme Dodd. Gm-ad eventually won through after some crowd-pleasing dicing. Geoff Farmer took Roger Swanton’s

Brabham BT18 to a Classic Racing Car victory, but only after a mighty battle with Stephen Worrad’s BT28.

Journalist Marcus Pye was lucky to emerge relatively unscathed after flipping a Formula Ford Jamun during a last-corner tangle of wheels.

Abba Kogan (McLaren M23) and Malcolm Carter (March 711) shared the wins in the FORCE Classic GP Car races at Nogaro on April 1.