Brooklands planning threat

Not only has the Brooklands Museum suffered so badly from the winter floods, damage now estimated at around £2m, but Helical Bar plc has applied for planning permission fora £2m plan to build five office blocks and a double-decked car park providing ‘a continuing flow of development of office, retail and industrial schemes’, backed by a gross profit of £43.5m last year.

The proposed building would closely overlook the Paddock, and the restored Campbell and Jackson sheds, and the remaining part of the Campbell circuit. Poor Brooklands! Helical Bar is trying to revive a 13-year planning permission existing before the museum opened, and aims to begin work as soon as, and if, Elmbridge Borough Council gives permission.

The Museum Director Designate J Michael Phillips says he is not against development but is very worried about these plans to erect offices on a flood plain and on the Brooklands Conservation Area overlooking listed and historic buildings. Is there no respect for British Heritage? Protests to the Head of Town Planning, Elmbridge Borough Council, Civic Centre, High Street, Esher, Surrey KT10 9SD