BMW wins 2002 Pomeroy

This year’s VSCC Pomeroy Trophy at Silverstone had 93 entries and 83 starters, 13 driving pre-1931 cars, 13 in those of 1931-1939, the rest in various modems, some Of high performance, including a brand-new Caterham 7.

With its now wide variety of eligible cars the VSCC could be renamed The Variety CC, but it must be emphasised that the Pomeroy event has always been a contest between modem and vintage cars. First held in 1952, it is a memorial to Laurence Pomeroy Snr, the designer of the Prince Henry and 30/98 Vauxhalls, seen as outstanding fast tourers in their day. His son drew up the rules, which included performance tests, a fuelconsumption run, and body measurements, rather hoping his 1914 Prince Henry Vauxhall might prove to be the best all-round tourer.

On two occasions the Trophy was won by a T43 Bugatti, which seemed to me absolutely appropriate.

Later, the rules became less stringent; this time they embraced a high-speed trial and acceleration, speed, and braking tests, six in all. This year’s event was won by James Diffey in a 1970 BMW 2002 Tii — a good idea if you are seeking a superior all-round used car, perhaps? Four pre-war cars were next, Tom Walker’s GN Special, Westie Mitchell’s Frazer Nash, Richard Pillcington’s 1750 Alfa and R Cobdon’s Riley, with only Amanda Stretton’s 1995 Westfield 11 splitting the next two pre-war Frazer Nashes. Life very much in the old dogs.

Walker’s GN won the Lensham Trophy, while the Edwardian Trophy went to B Jackson’s 1921 3-litre Bentley, a curious categorisation, perhaps on account of it having rear wheel brakes only?