British theme to VSCC Empire Trophy weekend

Bentley Motors, Lola Cars International and the Morgan Motor Company are putting their weight behind the VSCC’s British Empire Vintage and Historic Race Weekend at Donington Park in June.

“The weekend will be a showcase for everything that was, and is now, best in British Motorsport,” said Julian Ghosh, President of the Vintage Sports Car Club. Bentley, Lola (via the MG brand) and Morgan will be the three British marques competing at Le Mans just a week after the VSCC’s June 8/9 event.

An ambitious 18-race programme includes races for Lola sports racing cars and pre-war Bentleys, while other events will recreate the British Empire Trophy races held at Donington in the 1930s.

The Lola race will be for sports cars from the 1963-79 period of the company’s history, and will include a large number of T70s as well as T212s and T292s. Chris Craft, who won the 1973 European Sportscar title in a T292, was on hand at the Donington Park launch last month.

New to the programme will be a pair of Pre-War Sports Car Team Races with a ‘Britain versus the Rest of the World’ theme. Fach team will comprise two or three cars from the same marque, and each car will have two drivers so that pit-stops are required.

As well as a range of VSCC races for the Seaman trophies, the weekend will include pre-1966 GP cars, drum-braked sports-cars and a brace of 26-lap races for Group C cars.