Electronic evidence

Of course exceeding a speed-limit by as much as 105mph must incur a severe penalty, in an age when Big Brother considers that any motor vehicle doing over 70 is lethal.

But one can feel a certain amount of sympathy for Mr Wayne Soman, who covered more than 40 miles on his big Kawasaki 900 bike in 25 minutes, between Pontypridd and Llandovery, roads that are not usually traffic-infested.

Mr Soman showed some restraint, respecting 30mph limits, and was able to pull up normally at a routine Police check.

But in other places he had ridden at 150mph, and once got up to 165, so of course one must not condemn his year’s gaol sentence.

Mr Soman would not have been summonsed had he not made a video recording of the bike’s speedometer and tachometer readings during his enthusiastic ride. The Police watched this video before making their arrest. I suppose there is nothing illegal in so recording such items of performance. Whether it is advisable is, clearly, another matter.

The Judge who handled the case admitted that Mr Soman possessed “undoubted driving skills”, but said that you mustn’t abuse public roads by using them as racetracks.

However, when this rider comes out of prison one hopes that, if he wishes it, he might get a good place in perhaps a Superbike racing team – and isn’t such racing sometimes more exciting to watch than Formula One car events?