The speediest land traveller



A history of Alberta auto racing

by Richard McDonell, ISBN 1 894694 35 X published by Granville Island, US$22.95

This little gem of a paperback focuses on the many local heroes and events of distinction to emerge from the Province of Alberta. And it’s a real mixed bag, covering everything from Edmonton International Raceway to star drag racer Dale Armstrong; Indy 500 irregular Eldon Rasmussen to Modifieds ace Buck Heberling. So it’s of minority interest, but that’s no bad thing.

Many of the drivers here never went on to find international stardom but their stories are universally interesting. Even F1 occasional Allen Berg gets a chapterette of his own: from ice racing a Datsun 510 saloon at home to driving F3 down Mexico way after Europe closed its doors to him, it’s all here. While it could probably have done with a more thorough edit, there’s much to like here. Recommended. R H