F3 racer back in Chevron

Forty years after he competed in the last 1-litre Formula 3 race at Monaco, 72-year-old Frenchman René Liggonet will be on the grid for the 2010 race in the same Chevron B15.

The 1-litre F3 event, along with a race for the later 1600cc and 2-litre cars, is the major change in the Monaco Historic Grand Prix on May 1/2. It will mark the first race for the 1-litre ‘screamers’ since Tony Trimmer won the 1970 event in his Brabham BT28.

“I raced at Monaco in 1969 and 1970 with the Chevron,” said Liggonet. Now he is returning he says the result is not important: “It’s not to make glory, but it is closing the circle.”

The eight-race schedule includes two 3-litre F1 races and a pre-47 single-seater event featuring six ERAs. In the pre-53 sports car race, Dieter Quester will drive a BMW 328.