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Giallo Ginestra yellow is probably the most desirable of Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II colours, reckons Keith Turner of Automoda. “People seem to love it,” he says. “There were supposed to be only 250 made and a lot of them have ended up over here in the UK.”

The 1995 car on Automoda’s Reading forecourt found its way to the UK via Japan, not an uncommon route for imports today.

“A lot of Integrales have been coming from Japan; they are expensive cars to keep over there and are slowly being off-loaded by their owners,” says Turner. “They tend not to have any rust because they don’t salt their roads over there.

“This is a nice, original example that’s totally unmodified, as the cars from Japan tend to be. It’s been very well looked after and comes with all its service history too – if you can read Japanese!

“It’s at the top of the price range for an Evo II, at £68,000, because it wants for nothing. It has had a full service with new belts, and we’ve fixed all the little Integrale niggles.”

It is the evoluzione cars that are commanding the highest prices today. Turner explains that this is because they are the nicest of the Integrales to drive.

“They are more refined, have air-con, the big winged seats and all the bits people want. People are not settling for an earlier Integrale if they can afford a later one.”

Automoda, Beenham, Reading. Tel: 0118 971 0186.

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