Kwik Kiwis open Donington showroom

Rodin Cars Donington Park showroom
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The New Zealand company behind the car which was described by Motor Sport as the closest thing most people will ever get to driving an F1 machine has opened its first showroom in the UK. Rodin’s main attraction at the new premises will be the FZED single-seater – one of the fastest open-wheel race cars in the world, which the company stresses can run as the ultimate track-day weapon without requiring the assistance of a full race team.

Weighing just 589kg, the FZED is powered by a 3.8-litre Cosworth GPV8 engine that produces 675bhp at 9600rpm and 361lb ft of torque at 7600rpm. “While we are a New Zealand-based company, our plan has always been to establish a UK base,” says David Dicker, founder of Rodin Cars. “We have big plans for the new space, with a desire to showcase not just our supercars, but also the state-of- the-art technology and engineering that is going into their manufacturing.”