The Gallery for Gadgets. Some Aids for

the Speed Man.

ACCLES & POLLOCK. Stand 205.

The exhibits on this stand concern the sporting motor cyclist who takes an interest in the details and construction of his mount, and particularly those who may have ideas of their own as to the way in which motor cycle frames ought to be built. They will see, on this stand, a complete range of constructional components for motor cycles of all types. Well in front of the stand are exhibited three motor cycle frames, built up entirely of the firm’s tubing, and replicas of the machines which won the five events in last year’s T.T. Races, every one of these winning machines being built of tubes made by Accles & Pollock, Ltd., Oldbury, Birmingham.

A. C. Stand 208. Motor should examine the new model A.C. Sphinx

Motor cyclists should examine the new sparking plug which is exhibited on stand 208. It has a detachable insulator and three firing points. It has been specially designed for motorcycle engines and is being fitted by a number of British manufacturers. Another exhibit of interest is the

new waterproof terminal cap, which, notwithstanding the fact that it is instantly detachable, cannot be shaken off by vibration. It can be used on any A.C. Sphinx plug. The A.C. Sphinx Sparking Plug Co., Ltd., Bradford Street, Birmingham.

ALBION. Stand 243.

The Albion Engineering Co., Ltd., are specialising during the coming season in gear boxes for feather-weight machines only, and there will be three types: a plain two-speed box without clutch or kick-starter ; one with clutch and kick-starter, and a three-speed box similarly equipped. Beyond strengthening up the pinion, no alteration has been made to either of the twospeed gear boxes. The three-speed unit has, however, been modified somewhat in its construction, so that the control lever, when top gear is engaged, is in its lowest position and the quadrant is out of the way of the rider’s knee. This is an important matter, since the top gear on any motor cycle is in use for most of the time. The Albion Engineering Co., Ltd., Upper Highgate Street, Birmingham.

AeL• Stand 189.

Allen-Liversidge, Ltd., of Victoria Station House, Westminster, London, S.W. 1, are again making a feature of their popular small dissolved-acetylene outfits, including a cylinder containing four cubic feet of acetylene for motor cycle lighting. This cylinder, weighing only 3-lbs., and occupying no more than the space required by the average acetylene generator used on motor cycles, is ideally suited to the requirements of the solo rider. When used with the famous A-L Fallolite lamp, which gives a long white beam of 3,000 candle power, the acetylene will

last for upwards of 12 hours consistent lighting. It is interesting to note that during the past year the post-office have adopted A-L outfits for all their motor cycle and sidecar delivery vans throughout the United Kingdom. Those motor cyclists whose machines are equipped with electric lighting, will find an A-L Patent Anti-Dazzle focus headlight attachment an invaluable accessory. It embodies a simple device, by which the driver is enabled by the manipulation of a small plunger fixed to the handle-bars, completely to control the focus of his headlight. THE LATEST TYPE ALBION


AMAC. Stand 202.

On this stand is exhibited a representative selection of Amac Carburetters, including both touring and sporting types. Readers of this journal will be mainly interested in type 3 V.D., which has been specially designed for sports Douglas machines, and also type T.T. 24, which is a racing model. Amac, Ltd., Lion Works, near Witton Station, Birmingham.

ANDRE. Stand 169.

If any indication was needed of the wonderful efficiency of Hartford Shock Absorbers, their increasing popularity with riders of motor cycles, particularly the sporting type, but not merely of that class, would be sufficient evidence. Those which are fitted on motor cycles are precisely the same in principle as the ones which have been selected as standard equipment by so many makers of racing cars. The latest application of this principle, however, is the most interesting one, and is exemplified on the stand, in that exhibit which shows the Andre Steering Damper. This is specially designed for motor cycles and its usefulness was adequately proved in this year’s T.T. Races, when it was used successfully by the winners of the Junior Lightweight and Sidecar Races, helping very considerably to make possible the high speeds which were accomplished. The effect of this damper is to steady the steering of the machine to which it is fitted at all speeds, and one of its unique features is, that the amount of friction required can be adjusted from the saddle whilst riding, and the correct setting varied according to requirements. T. B. Andre & Co., Ltd., 5, Dering Street, New Bond Street, London, W. 1.

A. T. Stand 170.

One of the most interesting exhibits on this stand is the working model of the A.T. Speedometer, which works, as may perhaps not be widely known, on the magnetic principle. Another of interest is the A.T. Transmission which consists of a chain of miniature universal jointed links. This chain rotates in a helical steel lining filled with grease, and the lining itself is enclosed in a specially strong and waterproof flexible steel case. All types of drive are supplied suitable for gear box or front wheel sprocket and pinion. The A. T. Speedometer Co., Ltd., 20, Avonmore Road, West Kensington, London, W. 14.

AVON. Stand 87.

The Avon tyre has,for:many years been regarded as amongst the best for competition work, and we are informed that over

L000 premier competition awards have been won on Avon tyred machines. These awards include seven tourist trophies, won during the present year, and no fewer than 30 cups and 297 gold medals, as well as many other awards. On the stand examples of Avon Durolith and Tricord and Stonehenge Cord Covers in all weights and sizes will be shown, as well as a good many useful motor cycle accessories, such as patches, plasters, footrest pads and mudguard flaps. The Avon India Rubber Co., Ltd., 343-5, Euston Road, London, N.W. i.

BEST. Stand 26l. “

The outstanding exhibit on this stand is the ” Best” mechanical oil pump. This is made in two popular forms, Mark I., which is suitable for application to existing motor cycles, and Mark IL, which is now becoming popular as a standard fitting amongst many leading manufacturers both at home and abroad. Various methods of its application are shown, as well as a new type of the Mark II. model, which has been produced to meet the requirements of two-stroke and lightweight motor cycles. The concentric tap, one of the few effective petrol cocks, is now being made in such quantities that it has been found possible to reduce its price and thus remove what has hitherto been an obstacle in the way of its more general adoption. Best & Lloyd, Ltd., Handsworth, Birmingham.

BOWDEN. Stand 257.

A comprehensive range of the Bowden Brake Co.’s fittings are to be found on this stand and considerable interest attaches to the selection of fitted motor cycle handlebars and control levers which exemplify what can be done in the way of arranging the control gear of the motor cycle in order to suit the individual

BRAMPTON. Stand 211. Another stand of interest to the motor cyclist with constructional ideas is this one of Brampton Bros., on which are exhibited a comprehensive range of motor cycle fittings, such as are designed to accommodate Villiers, A.Z.E. Blackbume, J.A.P., Anzani, Barr & Stroud and Bradshaw engines. Brampton roller

chains are, of course, yell known to our readers, as also is the Brampton Bi-flex spring fork, which is made in types suitable for motor cycles from 147 C.C. upwards. Brampton Bros., Ltd., Oliver Street Works, Birmingham.

B. T. 11. Stand 159.

On this stand are exhibited the well-known B.T.H. magnetos and lighting sets, and amongst them the Sparklight Ignition and Lighting set, in which the magneto is utilised for generating lighting current in addition to its ordinary function of ignition, is of particular interest. Any surplus current generated in the magneto is used to charge a 4-volt 12 amp.-hour accumulator,


to which the lamps are connected. This system has recently been improved by certain .modifications in the design of the magneto, while the head-lamps also have been modified to give a powerful beam of light of greater intensity than used to be possible. The British Thomson-Houston Co., Ltd., Rugby.

BROOKS. Stand 263.

A feature of the sports and T.T.-Supple Saddles which are shown on this stand, which must inevitably interest speedmen either on road or track, is the lateral stability of the supple top


of the saddle, which is ensured by the arrangement of the radiating finger springs which, being of fiat steel, do not permit a side-swing action when cornering. This absence of side-sway should considerably enhance the rider’s sense of security, thus assisting him in his efforts to attain the maximum of possible speeds. J. 13. Brooks & Co., Ltd., Great Charles Street, Birmingham.

BROOKES. Stand 173.

A ‘Hong the numerous interesting exhibits on this stand, perhaps the new folding pillion foot-rest, called the companion, is of greatest interest, and particular attention should be devoted to the arrangement of a cranked extension piece fitted at the back of the downstay to obviate the risk of it dropping or turning round when in actual use. The Brookes Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 22,1, Lichfield Road, Aston, Birmingham.

B. & B. Stand 268.

The principal exhibit on this stand is the new sports carburetter which was used by the winners of the Senior T.T., the Belgian Grand Prix, the French Grand Prix and the Ulster Grand Prix. In addition, a complete range of carburetters of all types and for all sizes is shown, including that popular model for four-stroke engines, in which the mixture strength is governed by a taper needle which automatically controls the orifice as

the throttle valve is opened or shut. This model is provided with a simple but effective pilot jet, the mixture variation of which can be controlled by the manipulation of a simple knurled screw. The two-stroke carburetter is notable for the means to ensure gOod atomization, which is so important a feature in connection with carburetters for engines of this type. Brown & Barlow, Ltd., Witton, Birmingham.

BARR & STROUD. Stand 132.

The constructional features of the Barr & Stroud sleeve valve engine are by 110W well-known and it will be found on examination of the exhibits on this stand, that practically no changes have been made in design since last year. For the benefit of those who are not acquainted with the details of this engine may be said that the usual poppet valves are replaced by a single sleeve valve which is operated by means which give it a combined semi-rotary and reciprocating movement. Cut in the sleeve arc a series of openings which at the correct moment coincide with ports in the cylinder walls to permit the entry or issue of fresh and burnt gases respectively. Motor cycles fitted with these engines have achieved considerable success during the past season, including seven cups, a special award, live first class awards, 15 gold medals, four gold centre Medals, four silver medals and one best performance : moreover, in nearly every ease the machines which gained these awards were the only ones entered with this make of engine. The exhibit indicates the full range of sizes available and a sectioned example of the 350 c.c. type to enable its construction to be inspected. Barr & Stroud, Ltd., 15, Victoria Street, Westminster, London, S.W. I.

BATES. Stand 4.

On this stand the chief interest will be focussed on this Company’s littest production, the Bates multi-stud cord tvres which are now made in a majority of sizes which are fitted to motor cycles. The Company is still manufacturing the existing types of tyres in all sizes as well as a full range of Bates motor cycle accessories, including the new black acetylene gas tubing handle -grips, repair outfits and similar parts. NV. ,tiz A. Bates, Ltd., St. Mary’s Mills, Leicester.

BLACKBURNE. Stand 254.

A complete range of these well-known engines are exhibited on this stand, including all sizes from the 25o c.c. side valve air-cooled engine to the 1,100 c.c. Oo deg. twin overhead valve water-cooled model. Burney & Blaekburne, Ltd„ ;1tlas Works, Bookham, Surrey.

BOWDEN WIRE, LTD. Stand 276.

On this stand is shown a most interesting collection of contn)1 levers of all kinds and amongst them a range of levers for throttle, air, magneto, clutch, brakes, valve lifter, decompressor, Inch naturally evoke most interest in keen motor cyclists who, also no doubt, take advantage of this opportunity to study the methods used in assembling these el-minds, the lead of the wire, and the oldcring of the nipples in \inch lie the secret of lIon service. Bowden Wire, Ltd., Victoria Road, WilkAen junction, Loudon. N.W.


A representative range of these unique env,iites is exhibited on the stand. The specification of the standaill 350 C.C. engine remains as before, namely, single cylinder four-stroke with bore and stroke 68 mm. and 96 niiuu.; aluminium pistons, floating gudgeon pins, special cast-iron detach ;1 I de cylinder head, cylinder barrel machined inside and out, overhead valves of special steel, adjustable for tappet clearance, outside flywheel, with quick withdrawal device attached, and mechanical oiling by a rotary valveless pump built in the time covering. The new model super sports engine is being shown, incorporating a new type cylinder head, extra large oil sump with cooling fins, roller bearing on the flywheel side, and Hoffmann rollers engaging with the cams. 3. Walmsley & Co. (Preston), Ltd., Marathon Works, Frank Street, Preston.

CLAYRITE. Stand I86.

A full range of accessories of all types is to be found on this stand. It is impracticable to enumerate them, and hardly less SO LO select any particular item for special mention. In view, however, of the increasing popularity of grease gun lubrication for all types of motor vehicles and not least motor cycles, perhaps the rather comprehensive range of grease guns and injectors is of most interest at the present time. A wide choice of grease guns in all sizes and Prices from 25. 3d. upwards, and equipped with a variety of spouts and nozzles, are offered for the inspection and. choice of the interested visitor to the exhibition. Clayton-Wright, Ltd., Great Hampton Street, Birmingham.

COAN. Stand 192.

Sonic fine examples of aluminium castings are to be seen on this stand. It is worthy of note that this firm has been making castings in this metal ever since the motor industry came into existence. Besides ordinary castings for motor cycle and car engines and gear boxes, Coan’s also specialise in aluminium number plates and a novel form of step-mat. R. W. Coan, Ltd , 9, (;oswell Road, London,

COWEY. Stand 259.

The Cowey Speedometer has been entirely redesigned since it was last shown at dympia, and in the new model trimly detailed alterations and improvements have been incorporated. The mileage record, for example, now reads up to 100,000 miles instead of 10,000 miles as hitherto, while the trip recorder has been entirely altered so as to afford a clearer dial, which can be more easily read. The company is now concentrating its manufacturing energies on two lines only this speedometer, for which it is justly famous, and its variable note mechanical horn, which is almost equally well-known to motor cyclists, and which has not been altered since last ?’car. The Cowey Fatgineering Co., Ltd., Archer Works, New (;arl lens, Surrey.


An interesting exhibit Int the start f 0. …..s well-known maker of tyres, is the anti-shock ;rip, which is designed to absorb nu)st of the vibrations which are transmitted from the road to the handlebars of inobn. cycles. The top portion of this grip which comes to the palm of the hand, is of very close sponge rid )1 ‘et-, moulded to shape, on a foundation of rubber and fabric. The grip can. easily be fixed to any existing machine by the owner, simple instructions being sent out with each set, and the price is is. per pair. The Constrictor Tyre Co., Nursery Lane, Forest

; ; I to, London, K 7.


A full and complete range of Coventry specialities is to found on this stand, and those motor cyclists who imagined that their output was principally, if not entirely, fined to motor cycle and other chains, will be agreeably prised at the variety of articles which are there shown for inspection, as, in addition to the chains and repair parts, there a variety of accessories, including rivet extractors and free of all kinds and sizes. The Coventry Chain Co., Ltd., Spon Works, Coventry.

DEGORY. Stand 162.

The Degory carburetter which has made such a stir in the car world, is now being produced in a new model, suitable for use on motor cycles. The new type is called the S.T., and its chief feature is its simplicity when in operation. There are only three parts which move, and it is claimed that when once tuned it cannot get out of order. The tuning is simple, and we are informed that in the course of exhibition trials, some extraordinarily good results in fuel consumption, acceleration and power have been achieved. Another exhibit of interest on this stand is the Howard Silencer which, simple in form, reasonable in price and neat in appearance, is claimed to be exceptionally efficient, really silencing the engine, without at the same time reducing the power. The Degory Carburettors, Ltd., 235, Acton Lane, London, W. 3.

DOVER. Stand 275.

Another stand, the exhibits on which are so comprehensive as to defy anything like a representative description, is that on which Dover specialities are shown. Rather than attempt such a description we would prefer to direct the visitor’s attention to the outstanding feature of all Dover specialities, and that is the Dover finish, which is characteristic of all their products, Doverite and Exonite, the beautifully polished surfaces of which are perfectly smooth and hard and are not injured by grease or water, or by climatic or atmospheric conditions. The smooth lustre is permanent in all circumstances and tends to improve rather than deteriorate with continued use. Dover, Ltd., Northampton.

DUNLOP. Stand 8.

On. this stand motor cyclists will find much to interest them in the Dunlop heavy cord tyres which have been introduced to meet the requirements of the larger-powered passenger machines. The tread design in all weights has a block pattern which was introduced by the company some little time ago. A notable feature is the Dunlop motor-cycle balloon tyre, a specimen of which will be shown mounted on suitable wheel equipment. The Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd., Fort Dunlop, Erdington, Birmingham.

EASTING. Stand 145.

Special scuttle type sidecar screens for racing purposes, as well as handlebar screens for the cycle, as made by Easting Windscreens, Ltd., of Cox Street, St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham,

have been used with considerable success by Le Vack, Harveyson, and Davidson, notably in the Brooklands 500 miles race. The same screens have also been used by a variety of riders, with success, in the French, Belgian and Italian Grand Prix. The advantage of these screens for speed work are, that they afford efficient protection from dust and flying grit and stones, besides serving the purposes of goggles, and enabling riders to do without these uncomfortable fittings. The motor cycle screen is so designed that it can be erected in front of or behind the handle-bars and can be easily adjusted to suit the riding position of the individual. Once the correct position has been arrived at by test, the screen can be securely locked in that position and will remain quite rigid.

ENGLEBE RT. Stand 9.

A new type of Englebert tyre, known as Chevron Cord, has just been placed upon the market by Engelbert Tyres, Ltd., of 162, Great Portland Street, London, W. 1, and those who are interested in the latest type of motor cycle tyres, will do well to pay a visit to this stand and examine it. The new type is in reality a development of one which has already been used for some time on cars, and which has been found to be so efficient, as a nonskid, that a special model has been designed for use on motor cycles.

EXETER TOOLS. Stand 77c.

Quite a number of sporting riders do their own tuning and a good many have therefore designed some of the ordinary parts of the motor cycles which they ride. To such, the tools shown on the stand of Exeter Tools & Machinery, Ltd., Alphington Road, Exeter, will have special interest. Screw cutting lathes from 2i in. centres upwards are being shown, and an outstanding model is the new 41 in. screw cut gap bed lathe, which embodies several novel features, amongst which particular attention should be given to the large hole in the mandrel which enables large work such as axles and shafts to be continually handled. Another interesting tool is the Nulok tool holder, which is a device to hold short lengths of steel with perfect rigidity for boring, turning, screw cutting and other operations of the same order.

FELLOWS. Stand 197.

It is claimed for the Fellows magneto that it produces a hot spark at the lowest possible speed. Type EA f is suitable for single cylinder motor cycle engines and embodies several interesting and up-to-date features of design. On the same stand too, will be shown the new sparking plug, which is claimed to have unlimited life and which, at any rate, has as its outstanding feature electrodes in the form of double-ball and points which provide easy passage for the spark. The Fellows Magneto Co., Ltd., Cumberland Avenue, Park Royal, Willesden, N.W.f o.

HOFFMANN. Stand 264.

Hoffmann ball bearings have become a criterion of such products, and yet it is to be admitted that an inspection of ball bearings and of balls for those bearings may not in itself provide a tremendous amount of interest to motor cyclists. There are certain aspects of the exhibits on this stand, however, which make it well worth a visit. Besides ball bearings of ordinary size and type, there are quantities of Hoffmann magneto bearing components, disposed so as to illustrate the interchange of the parts. In another case, exhibits are set out in such a manner as to exemplify Hoffniann processes of manufacture, while in yet another one, a glass tube of steel balls of not more that r /32 of an inch in diameter is displayed. Another interesting exhibit is that of several roller bearing cranking pins, specially designed for motor cycle engines. The Hoffmann Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chelmsford.


An entirely new type of silencer which has already been submitted to test by the Auto-Cycle Union and which has been awarded an excellent certificate of performance by the Union, is displayed in a variety of forms on this stand. Its construction is entirely novel. The body of the silencer is filled by a special wool cartridge which is manufactured from mild steel wire, galvanized, rolled flat and twisted, so that the cartridge becomes the equivalent of an innumerable number of springs. The noise

of the exhaust is altered as a result of the hammering of the exhaust upon the spring and the reduction in its intensity is considerable, this being accomplished, it should be noted, without baffling or reversing the flow of the gas or destroying its inertia. An unconditional guarantee is given with each ” Ghost” silencer, indemnifying users against any cost incurred or fines imposed on account of insufficient reduction of noise from the exhaust. The International Silencer Co., Ltd., 83, Pall Mall, London, S.W. 1.

J. A. P. Stand

A comprehensive range of these well-known engines is shown on this stand. Perhaps the most interesting, to of this journal, is the 300 c.c. overhead-valve racing which has recently been introduced. It has already at Brooklands on three different occasions and the first time was entered it won. At the B.M.C.R.C. Championship tne 500 C.C. Championship was won with a motor cycle with one of these engines, and another came in second in 750 c.c. The 8-45 h.p. model is described by its makers as the world’s fastest engine. Each unit must develop 45 h.p. the brakes before it leaves the works, whilst, on the track, capabilities have already been demonstrated by Le Vack on a machine embodying one of these engines, put up an cedented speed of almost 123 m.p.h. A new system of tion has been introduced, functioning by means of a rotary driven off the timing gear : this is not a mechanical but is an automatic system for distributing all the oil after has been pumped into the engine. All J .A.P. engines this with the exception of the 293 C.C. model, are fitted aluminium pistons of a special alloy. Amongst novel on this stand are a full range of J.A.P. gear boxes and the J.A.P Shock Absorber. J. A. Prestwich & Co., Ltd., Park, Tottenham, N. 17.

LAMPLUGH. Stand 255.

On this stand is shown a variety of examples of the Lamplugh mechanical oil pump as well as this company’s cork seated and standard petrol taps. The pump is a suction pump, and it does not rely on gravity to obtain its supply of oil for delivery to the engine. It is claimed that it can pump one pint of oil in 16 minutes on a driving shaft speed of i,000 r.p.m., lifting the oil from the tank three feet below its own level. S. A. Lampiugh, Ltd., King’s Road, Tyseley, Birmingham.


A complete range of John Bull tyres and other rubber goods made by the Leicester Rubber Co., Ltd., of Evington Valley Mills, Leicester, is displayed upon this stand. John Bull compressed cover tyres are of course well-known to all readers of this journal, as also are many of the other things made by this concern. Interesting fitments are the John Bull patent roller bearing belt fastener and the knee grips. The latter comprise hollow rubber pads of special design, enclosing air held by a flat plate inserted from the back. These grips are made in io different patterns.

LODGE. Stand 217.

Amongst the variety Of sparking plugs which are now comprised in the manufacturing programme of Lodge Plugs, Ltd., Rugby, the sports model, No. Hi, will probably be one which will chiefly interest readers of this journal, as it has recently leapt into great favour for sports machines of all types. Another one which will interest the motoring sportsman is the Lodge special racing plug No. BR4, while, having in mind the time of the year and the prospect of rough weather to come and of some rough going to be encountered in the course of such events as the London—Exeter Trial, the Lodge weather-proof plug, M9, should not be overlooked. It is designed with a special cap which protects the high tension parts of the plug against the troubles which rain and water splashes are liable to inflict upon the rider who is less fortunately provided. Au exhibit of special interest is the miniature Lodge plug, which is probably the smallest sporting plug made. It is worthy of note that the Lodge company invariably arrange for the presence, at the stand, of a number of technical experts whose advice is available on any matters relating to ignition in general or sparking plugs in particular.

LUCAS. Stand 213.

Amongst the variety of interesting accessories shown on this stand, perhaps the most interest attaches to the new projector set, which is an acetylene motor cycle lamp fitted with patented side slides, designed to permit the projector to swing round for inspection purposes, without being removed from the bracket. The lamp itself is built on. the same lines as Lucas motor car projectors, with a special mangin lens mirror and parabolic reflector. It produces a powerful beam of lightlwhilst at the same time providing the necessary breadth of beam to illuminate the whole width of the road near the rider. Joseph Lucas, Ltd., Great King Street, Birmingham.

M.A.G. Stand 274.

Standard M.A.G. engines have been improved recently in several directions, notably in respect to the lubrication of the bearings and the provision of larger valves and ports with deeper radiating fins on the small engines. The cycle-car twin engines can now be supplied either with plain bearings or with ball bearings to main shaft and roller bearings to the big ends. Particulars of these details are clearly shown in the sectioned model which is one of the exhibits on this stand. Readers of


C )N’I’R( )LS.

this journal will note with considerable interest that examples of the overhead valve sports type engine are shown in the 250, 350 and t,000 c.c. classes. The M.A.G. Engine Co., Ltd., Harrow Road, Willesden Junction, London, N.W. to.

MANN, EGERTON. Stand 776.

A variety of accessories and fitments are being shown on this stand, amongst which there are two articles which will attract the attention of the sports visitors, namely, the collapsible carrier suitable for carrying bulky articles, such as golf clubs, tennis racquets and fishing rods, which are not otherwise easily accommodated, and the smoker’s companion. The arrangement of the former accessory is best described by our illustration which shows it both open and closed. In the latter position it forms a useful and neat receptacle for parcels, and it should be pointed out that it can be instantly locked in any position, made to any size and to any shape according to the requirements and shape available. The smoker’s companion is suitable as a fitting for a sidecar-de-luxe. An aluminium box designed to carry matches and cigarettes and having a ledge at one end for a pipe, is so mounted on to the inside wall of the sidecar, that it can easily be removed. Another exhibit of interest to the man who does his own repairs and overhauling, is the re-metalling outfit, which comprises everything that is needed in order to enable the owner to re-metal bearings of all kinds. Mann, Egerton & Co., Ltd., 5, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich.

MOSS GEARS. Stand 188.

The Moss Gear Co., Ltd., of Crown Works, Thomas Street, Aston, Birmingham, have a high reputation throughout the motor trade for the quality and design of their gears, which are very considerably employed by a large number of makers of all types of motor vehicles. On the stand at this year’s Show, they are exhibiting a range of three-speed gears for motor cycles from 250 c.c. to 1,000 C.C. Those for 5oo c.c. and 4,000 c.c. machines

are of the same design as for last year, hut the model for the light weight motor cycle is an entirely new one. As in the other types, it has the unique feature that none of the gears ever move in an endways direction and the box is phenomenally silent on all ratios. All the clutches have been re-designed and much improved and are now of the multi-spring type instead of single central spring. Incidentally, it is worthy of note that existing boxes can be fitted with the new type of hitch, following a slight modification to the mainshaft.


Pirelli tyres are notable amongst racing men all the vd over and they are now being made, in the same quality as those which have so successfully been used on motor car racing machines, for use on motor cycles. The tread of the Pirelli tyre is of curious formation and may best be described as a combination of heavy rubber studs and ridges. It is claimed that this combination is peculiarly effective in resisting all tendency to skid or side slip, while the beads of the tyres are specially strengthened so as to be able to resist the most severe shocks without tending to crack. Pirelli, Ltd., 144, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C. 4.

ROBBIALAC. Stand 147.

This stand is attractively arranged to display the uses of Robbialac for the renovation of motor cycles and sidecars by their owners. A series of specially displayed specimens such as sidecar sections and frames, demonstrate the results which can be obtained. Specimens of mudguards finished with Rohbialac enamel are also shown. In addition, specimens will be exhibited, illustrating the use of Robbialac dope on invisible lacquer, which by its use eliminates the necessity for the constant cleaning of bright metal and plate parts. Simple demonstrations will be given of the methods to be employed when cycle enamelling, and short lectures on the subject will be delivered by representatives of the firm. Jenson & Nicholson (1 92 4), Ltd., Goswell Road, Stratford, London, E. 15.

SENSPRAY. Stand 230.

Senspray carburetters in models to suit motor cycles of various types or powers are shown on this stand. No modification has been found necessary in connection with the design or construction, of this carburetter, which remains, therefore, the same as has been the case on previous shows. Charles H. Pugh, Ltd., Tilton. Road, Birmingham.

STADIUM. Stand 156.

One of the most interesting and neatest exhibits of interest to the general motor cyclist which is to be seen on the gallery at Olympia this year, is the Stadioscope motor cycle mirror. This is scientifically a curved mirror giving a wide view. There is a ball and socket adjustment at the back of the mirror and the

handle-bar clip is designed to take in. or r in. bars. The mirror itself is 4f in. long and 2 in. deep. It is finished in black and the mountings are nickel-plated. It is, as we have stated, an attractive exhibit, and well worth its price of mos. 6d. On the same stand is a variety of other accessory exhibits of all kinds. Etienne & Cie., 63, Great Eastern Street, London, KC. 2.

2. TERRY. Stand 204.

The Terry saddle is to be made in three models for the coining season. One is a large luxurious seat for heavy-weight machines, another of medium size for light-weights, and the third, for baby motor cycles. The last named model is so strong that it can be made use of on heavier machines, especially when a light saddle is required for racing. A descriptive feature of the Terry is its waterproof cover, which is readily detachable. These features have been especially appreciated and are to be retained for 1925. These saddles can be left out in the rain without danger of becoming waterlogged, and the cover does away with the necessity of carrying about a waterproof saddle top. The easy detachability of the cover also allows of easy replacement of spare parts without there being any necessity of returning the complete saddle to the makers. It is important to note that the cover of the Terry is not regarded as part of the shock absorbing medium. It is claimed that the saddle can be ridden without any cover and still lose none of its comfortable springing effects. Herbert Terry & Sons, Ltd., Redditch.