Mr. George Duller Drives Capt. Waite’s Austin at 89.9 m.p.h. for 50 Miles. THE last meeting of the Essex Motor Club was a

comparatively small but extremely interesting affair, attracting large crowds, though a certain amount of disappointment was experienced owing to the absence of Mr. Parry Thomas’ huge Liberty engined monster capable of developing 400 h.p.

The Essex Junior Long Handicap.

In the Essex Junior Long Handicap Miss H. M. Lista’ drove her Aston-Martin with very great effect, leading the field for two laps, when she was overtaken by Mr. Duller on the Grand Prix type Bugatti, formerly owned and raced by Lieut. Glen Kidston, R.N. Having passed R. E. H. Allen on another Bugatti, Duller then overtook Capt. Hazlehurst’s Salmson, and by treading on the gas caught Miss Lister’s Aston-Martin on the finishing line. H. W. Purdy on his Alvis was third, the race being won at 1051 m.p.h.

The Essex Senior Long Handicap. two

The Essex Senior Long Handicap for cars over two litres produced a very good race, in which R. B. Howey drove the Leyland-Thomas and J. G. P. Thomas had Howey’s Ballot as his mount. J. S. Spencer on the old Gordon-Bennett Napier, J. D. Barclay with his T.T. Vauxhall, Warde on the big Fiat, and Capt. Malcolm Campbell on another Ballot, also took part in this race.

Thanks to a good start Spencer’s Napier led for a couple of laps, with Barclay in hot pursuit, but was overtaken by Warde, who handled the big Fiat with skill and daring. Capt. Campbell, who had been running third, lost some ground at this juncture, whilst the tail of the race was brought up by Howey and Thomas. Warde, who had gained a fair lead on the Members’ Banking, drove the Fiat home at 107.34 m.p.h., with kBarclay (T.T. Vauxhall) second, and Howey (Leyland-Thomas) third.

The Fifty Mile Handicap.

Fourteen starters lined up for the Fifty Mile Handicap, the first competitor released being Miss Lister (AstonMartin) with 9 min. 22 sec. start. Gordon England’s Austin and Hazlehurst’s Salmson were away next. George Duller was driving Capt. Waite’s supercharged Austin Seven, the other starters being Purdy (Alvis), Douglas (Aston-Martin), Densha.m (Bugatti), R. C. Morgan (Thomas Special), Woolf Barnato (Bentley), 0. Newman (Austro Daimler), F. B. Halford (A. M. Halford Special), J. G P. Thomas (Thomas Special), J. D. Barclay (Vauxhall) and Capt. Campbell (Ballot).

The outstanding feature of this race was the amazing performance of the little supercharged Austin, which lapping at 92 m.p.h., took the lead on the ninth lap, at which time Hazlehurst’s Salmson was running second and Gordon England third, but the last-named was passed by Purdy (Alvis) on the next lap. Halford, on his very nice-looking A. M. Halford Special, was going well, but ran short of water and lost valuable time during the replenishment. Getting away again, he was about to make up time, when he had tyre trouble, and failed to complete the course in time. Barclay also suffered tyre trouble, his average up to that point being 106.88 m.p.h., which indicates the high speed at which the race was run.

George Duller came in first at 89.90 m.p.h., with Purdy (Alvis) second at 90.22 m.p.h., and Hazlehurst (Salmson) third at 83 m.p.h.

In the Three Lap 1,0(X) c.c. *Motor-cycle Handicap, G. B. Brown (494 c.c. Douglas) was first, with H. M. Walters (Zenith) second, and J. W. Wheeler (Douglas) third. Winner’s speed, 82.86 m.p.h.

J. S. Wolters (348 New Gerrard) won the Three Lap Passenger Handicap, with L. P. Driscoll (588 Norton) and J. S. Wright (980 Zenith) second and third respectively. Winner’s speed, 74.44 m.p.h.