THE M.C.C. HIGH SPEED TRIAL. • Interesting Event in Appalling Weather.

ON Saturday, October 22nd, the Motor Cycling Club staged their High Speed Reliability Trial, and received aid from the Clerk of the Weather, as the rain either poured down, or came down in torrents the whole time. In spite of the weather, non-starters were almost

non-existent, and to the observer, the trial was more exciting than usual, owing to the state of the track. Crashes were comparatively frequent in the motor cycle classes.

Each event was to last an hour, and the first event began at 10.30 a.m. in a drizzle, sixty motor cycles starting. R. E. Humphries (Gillet) came off in the first two hundred yards, which he repeated a minute later.

A remarkable thing was the number of exhaust systems which disintegrated, and there was quite a trail of tool bags, lamps, and assorted bits all round the track.

No tremendous speeds were attained, though some 250 c.c. machines produced astonishing speed.

Events two and three were run off in steady rain, the third (and last motor cycle event) being marked by J. W. Beare (490 Zenith) crashing spectacularly at the Fork, and continuing at once !

Seven Morgans performed amid the two wheelers (and a few sidecars) in Event 2, with two Bugattis and a big Hotchkiss. The classes were very. mixed up, owing to the very

large entry, and track regulations of 60 vehicles only to be on the track at once. Hence some cars run among the motor cycles, some motor cycles among the cars, and side cars almost anywhere. The 4th Trial was an all-car one, except for a solitary

motor cyclist. Quite a number of hoods were kept up, as the rain teemed down. The performance of a Riley Nine Saloon was very noteworthy, in this event, and came home first in its class, completing 21 laps in the hour.


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