ON the whole we have a definite dislike of handicap races, but the Hutchinson Hundred is an honourable exception.

The B.M.C.R.C. were fortunate in havinggoodweather for this meeting and although the races prior to the Hutchinson Hundred proved that the handicapper was not quite up to his usual form, the Hundred itself provided a very good finish.

To take the short races first—J. D. Potts brought his H. R.D. J ap home a short distance in front of Meeten’s Francis Barnett at 81.37 m.p.h. in the 3-wheeler handicap.

The next race, for private owners, provided a poor finish as Eggleton’s O.K. Supreme beat the handicappers nearly as badly as he beat the next man home however it later appeared that he had. been started earlier than his official handicap by mistake, but as his winning margin was considerably greater than this error there was no object in re-running the race. The third race for solo machines up to 175 c.c. provided a rather dull win for C. A. Lewis whose Baker easily got away from Calvert’s P. & P. Blackbume, averaging 67.3 m.p.h.

H. Standing (O.K. Supreme) in the race for riders who have during this season failed to secure a place in any race, made up for any previous errors by winning at 75.34 m.p.h. and in this race the name of M. E. Davenport was added to the list of gold star riders as he lapped at 100.61 m.p.h.

Three o’clock was marked by an angry buzzing, which signified the departure of the limit men in the Hutchinson Hundred, the larger machines soon followed and from then on the afternoon became really interesting. Although the ‘ babies ‘ were putting up an excellent show, it soon became evident that they would not be able to hold their position from the fast men including Gibson, Collier, Quinn and Hieatt, who were all going great guns. Hieatt unfortunately was compelled to retire after 23 rousing laps, but he at least had the sat i faction of lapping at 104.85 m.p.h., and so qualifying for the gold star. P. Brewster who won this event last year was this time unable to beat his handicap and it remained for Gibson to come home with slightly more than a lap lead at the very creditable speed of 85.33 m.p.h., on his 346 c.c. Sunbeam. His was a well deserved win as there are few more consistent and hard working supporters of Brooklands, and his performance was all the more meritolious as he was riding with a damaged hand, the Jesuit of a recent crash.

Quinn’s Triumph showed a good turn of speed clocking 93.81 m.p.h. for the distance, but he was unable to catch Gibson. F. L. Hall on a New Imperial averaged 77.45 m.p.h.—a very nice performance for a” 250.” An interesting entry was Pickford on an old” square” twin Jap engined side valve machine, apparently of his own construction, who won the special award for the first private owner, and we hope that this example will Please mention MOTOR SPORT

lead to some more private owners overcoming their shyness and turning out their machines, even though they are not the very latest thing.

Altogether a fitting end to the season. and now “au revoir Brooklands until 1930.


Three-lap Passenger Handicap.—1, J. D. Potts (596 H.R.D.J.A.P.) ; 2, T. G. Meeten (172 Francis-Barnett-Villiers) ; 3, C. W. Johnston (498 Cotton-Blackburne). Speed, 81.37 m.p.h.

Three-lap Private Owners’ Handicap.-1, A. L. Eggleton (246 (),K.-Supreme-J.A.P.) ; 2, R. V. Packman (348 Zenith-Blackhurne) ; 3, A. Fyfe (349 Velocette). Speed, 75.69 m.p.h.

Three-lap 175 c.c. Handicap.-1, C. A. Lewis (172 BakerVilliers) ; 2, P. J. Calvert (173 P. and P.-Blackburne) ; 3, R. S. Deller (172 Baker-Villiers). Speed, 67.30 m.p.h.

Three-lap Handicap.-1, H. Standing (246 O.K.-SupremeJ.A.P.) ; 2, J. S. F. Hood (172 S.O.S.-Villiers) ; 3, M. E. Daveiiport (746 Excelsior-J.A.P.). Speed, 75.34 m.p.h.

“The Hutchinson Hundred.’ —1, R. Gibson (346 Sunbeam), speed, 85.33 m.p.h. ; 2, A. R. Quinn (495 Triumph), Speed 93.81 m.p.h. ; 3, F. L. Hall (246 New Imperial), speed., 77.45 m.p.h. ; winner of the Grose Cup, T. 0. Meeten (172 FrancisBarnett-Villiers), speed, 62.74 m.p.h. ; winner of the Private Owners’ Award, B. L. l’irkforcl (976 Pickford-J.A.P.), .speed, 68.2 m.p.h. ; finishers, s. IF Jones (346 New Imperial) ; P.

Brewster (495 Matchless) V. Johnston (248 Cotton-Blaekburne) ; \T J. C. lIcw;tt (?..!(3 Excelsior-J.A.P.) ; S. S. Evans (346 Cotton-J.A.P.).: R. S. i eller. (172 Baker-Villiers) ; P. J. Calvert (173 P. and P.-Blackburne), and P. M. Walters (498 S onbeamJ .A. P.) .