IN addition to the inclusion of an entirely new type—the” Interceptor “—in their range of models for 1931, A.F.N. Ltd., the manufacturers of Frazer Nash cars are now offering a wider variety of standard bodywork. One particularly attractive type is the four-seater here illus

trated. The wide doors, absence of running boards, and continuity of waist and bonnet lines give the car a remarkably handsome and sporty appearance. At the same time, the rear compartment provides ample and comfortable accothmodation for two passengers. In the case of the ” Interceptor,” the price with this body is 2370. The complete list with prices of 1931 Frazer Nash models is as follows :— 2-seater ” Interceptor I ” side valve engine, 2325, 2 seater ” Interceptor II o.h.v. engine 2350, 2-seater “‘ Falcon I” side valve engine 2350, 2-seater “Falcon II ” o.h.v. engine 2375,

2-seater “Boulogne I” side valve engine 2395, 2-seater” Boulogne II” o.h.v. engine 2425, 2-seater supercharged ” Boulogne I ” side valve engine 2450, 2-seater supercharged “Boulogne II” o.h.v. engine 2475. The above models can be supplied

with a 3/4 seater body and long chassis at an extra cost of 225. Four speeds and reverse in place of three speeds and reverse entails

an extra charge of 220. ” Ulster I “4-speed, lowered chassis, roller bearing side valve engine, ” Ulster II ” 4-speed, lowered chassis, roller bearing o.h.v. engine, both 2495. Supercharged “Ulster I ” 4-speed, lowered chassis roller

bearing side valve engine, supercharged ” Ulster II ” 4-speed, lowered chassis, roller bearing o.h.v. engine, both £575.