ACCORDING to a report from New Zealand, ” Wizard ” Smith’s new car, with which he intends to attack Sir Malcolm Campbell’s record, is now completed, and has already undergone preliminary trials. This car, which is named the ” Fred. H. Stewart Enterprise,” is powered with a Napier ” Lion” aero

engine (12-cylinders) of the same type as that installed in the “Blue Bird,” and the general design closely follows the famous” Golden Arrow.”

It is unlike other famous recordbreaking “specials,” however, in that it has brakes operating on the rear wheels only. It is also remarkable for the fact that it is even lower built than the “Golden Arrow.”

“Wizard” Smith will make his attempt on the record on a course marked out on the famous Ninety Mile Beach, which is situated in the west side of the North Island.

Coinciding with this report is the news that Sir Malcolm Campbell intends to again go out for another record attempt with his ” Blue Bird” early next year.