The Brighton Speed Trials.



The Brighton Speed Trials.

SIR,—I read with interest your report on the Brighton Speed Trials in the current issue and needless to say the problem of dealing with the enormous crowd of spectators requires emphasis and will, I hope, be more efficiently dealt with next year. It is some consolation to find that that is the only item of importance which you find to criticise.

I would like to correct a false impression you may create by your statements regarding both the programme schedule and abandonment of the three litre racing class. This class was not abandoned but was run in accordance with the programme, but the unlimited class was run out of programme order, being then followed by the three litre class.

With regard to the time schedule,—the event started 10 minutes late and finished exactly three-quarters of an hour late to schedule, not in my opinion a very serious delay as is suggested by your wording. It must be borne in mind that in this nett period of time amounting to thirtyfive minutes over schedule, twenty-two minutes were spent in dealing with the unfortunate accident, ten minutes on Sir Malcolm Campbell’s ” broadcast” to the spectators (which I am told was appreciated), and a further seven minutes for an exhibition solo ride by Mr. Storey on a Brough Superior, this item also being

appreciated, and although taking place right at the end of the meeting, being witnessed by a still enormous crowd, as is shown by various photos in my possession.

The question of dealing with the crowd at the start was one of great difficulty as they could not “be cleared right away” as you suggest, there being no power to remove the public from the pavement at this point on either side of the road where as you no doubt noticed, there are a number of shops and owners of which were entitled to remain open and sell to the public. C. L. CLAYTON,

Hon. Organizing Secretary for the Speed Trials.