THE Monte Ceneri Hill-climb and flying kilometre Speed Trials organised by the Tessin section of The Swiss Automobile Club, were held again for the first time since 1926, on 24th September.

The start took place in the square of the village of Giubiasco. The course, after a slight bend on leaving the village, is dead straight for 4 kilometres. In the middle of this straight section, some 2 kilometres from the start and preceded by a slight run down, is the timed ” kilometro tanciato.” After the straight, the course starts to climb from the village of Cadettazzo to the top of the Monte Ceneri pass. The course is 10 kilometres in length, and rather more than half of it is uphill. The average gradient of the uphill section is 7%.

The course was closed by Felice Nazzaro driving a red 4-seater Fiat with a large red flag fluttering from a mast fastened to the tail. Shortly afterwards the Touring Car climbs began. G. Neuroni driving a Lancia-Augusta saloon made a good start by winning his class, and breaking the existing 4 litre Touring Car record. The fastest Touring Car climb was made by Oscar Zwimpfer with his Chrysler in 6 minutes 8 3/5 seconds, easily beating the existing Touring Car record of 7 minutes 22 2/5 seconds put up in 1926 by Risch (Packard).

Among the Sports Cars a very good. climb was made by Signorina Anna Maria Peduzzi with her 11 litre supercharged Alfa Romeo. She not only won the Ladies Prize, but also the lf litre Sports Car class, beating two ” mere males with similar cars with a climb in 5 minutes 48 4/5 seconds. Her climb was greeted with great applause by the spectators. A. Hoerning’s 2,300 c.c. supercharged Bugatti came up missing badly, and was passed before he reached the top by C. Godefroy (2,300 c.c. Bugatti). The fastest Sports Car climb was•put up by Felice Bonetto on a 2,600 c.c. Alfa Romeo, his time of 4 minutes 45 4/5 seconds easily beating the existing record. With the Racing Car classes the crowd began to sit up and take notice. Hans Kessler driving one of the old six cylinder supercharged Amilcars managed to beat two of the more modern 1,100 c.c. Isilaseratis and a supercharged Balilla Fiat. The latter put up a very creditable speed over the flying kilometre of 94.83 m.p.h. Another veteran wing car appeared in the 11 litre Racing Car class-G. Plates

8 cylinder Grand Prix Talbot. He succeeded in gaining second place in this class against L. Castelbarco’s Monoposto Maserati. The 2 litre Racing Car class was remarkable for the driving of .a young amateur,

C. Pedrazzini, who with a 2 litre Monoposto Maserati won the class and put up the second fastest time of the day. This Maserati is the property of three brothers, the youngest of whom was entrusted with it for the first time in this event. The last climb of the day was made by Count Felice Trossi, driving one of the Scuderia Ferrari 2,700 c.c. Monoposto Alfa Rotneos. He made a beautifully steady climb, which looked deceptively slow, but proved to be the fastest climb

of the day. His time of 4 minutes 26 3/5 seconds is a new record for the course, and represents an average speed of 84.3 m.p.h. The previous record was made in 1926 by J. Kessler with a 3 litre Alfa Romeo with a time of 6 minutes 13 2/5 seconds.

The fastest time, over the flying kilometre was put up by Hans Stuber’s 2,260 c.c. Bugatti with a speed of 132.35 m.p.h.


1,600 c.c.

G. Neuroni, Lancia Augusta, 7m. 55 2/5s.

3,000 c.c.

Muller, Fiat, 7m. 29 2/5s.

5,000 c.c.

H. Gubelin, Plymouth 6m. 14 3/5s. Signora Ortelli, Chrysler, 6m. 33s. Unlimited.

0. Zwimpfer, Chrysler, 6m. 08 3/5s.


1,100 c.c.

J. Kessler, Amilear, Sm. 36 2/58.

Uboldi, Maserati, Sm. 39 4/5s.

G. Ambrosini, Fiat Siata, 6m. 00 3/5s. 1,600 c.c.

L. Castelbarco, Maserati, Sm. 00 3/5s.

G. Plate, Talbot, 5m. 30 3/5s. 13. Cocchi, Bugatti, 6m. 06 1/5s. 2,000 c.c.

C. Pedrazzini, Maserati, 4m. 37s.

G. IVIinozzi, Bugatti, 4m. 38 2/5s.

U. Maag, Bugatti, 4m. 45 2/5s.

3,000 c.c. F. Trossi, Alfa Romeo, 4m. 26 3/5s. *

0. Battaglia, Alfa Romeo, 4m. 37 2/5s.

H. Stuber, Bugatti, 4m. 40 2/5s.

L. Brainard, Bugatti, 4m. 40 1/5s.

*Fastest time of the day and record for the-course.


1,100 c.c.

Clerici, Salmson, 6m.. 14 4/5s.

Hummel, Andlcar, 6m. 39 1/5s.

1,500 c.c.

Signorina Peduzzi, Alfa Romeo, Sm. 48 4/55.

C. Buzio, Alfa Romeo, 6m. 10s.

A. Alfieri, Alfa Romeo, 6m. 33 3/5s.

2,000 c.c.

Restelli, Alfa Romeo, 5m. 37 4/5s. 3,000 c.c.

F. Bonetto, Alfa Romeo, 4m. 45 4/5s.

A. Alarinoni, Alfa Romeo, 4m. 52s.

Unlimited. Frau Grabenwitz, Mercedes S.S.K., 6m. 19 1/5s



3,000 c.c.

H. Stuber, 2,300 Bugatti, 132.35 m.p.h.

P. Trossi, 2,700 Alfa Romeo, 130.81 m.p.h.

G. Battaglia, 2,300 Alfa Romeo, 113.17 m.p.h. 2,000 c.c.

C. Pedrazzini, 2,000 Maserati, 123.62 m.p h. 1,500 c.c.

I,. Castelbarco, 1,500 Maserati, 110.09 m.p.h. 1,100 c.c.

H. Kessler, 1,100 Amilcar, 96.88 m.p.h.



Frau Grabenwitz, 7,070 Mercedes, 94.50 m.p.h.

3,000 c.c.

F. Bonetto, 2,600 Alfa Romeo, 117.19 m.p.h.

1,500 c.c.

Signorina Peduzzi, 1,500 Alfa Romeo, 86.25 m.p.h.

1,100 c.c.

Clerici, 1,100 Salmon, 83.15 m.p.h.