Smiths of England Milestones Series No. 7

When the the smoke or battle clears we shall appraise fully the value of the Transatlantic Air Ferry Service. Yet it was not until after the Great War of 1914-18 had been won that the Atlantic was first crossed in a direct non-stop west to east flight by Capt. Alcock and Lt. Whitten-Brown, two Englishmen, both afterwards knighted for their achievement. They had in 1919 no complete meteorological data, no radio beam, but thanks to the Smiths of England, they were equipped with the finest instruments then available and were enabled to leave Newfoundland on June 14th of that year and arrive next morning in Ireland. Not only “Smith” aviation Instruments, but K.L.G. Plugs also contributed materially to the success of this brilliant historic venture.

S. Smith & Sons (England) LTD

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