Reports of Recent Events, November 1946

Milan G.P.
This was yet another victory for the Type 158 Alfa-Romeos, Trossi winning at 55.59 m.p.h. from Varzi and Sanesi, with the Maseratis of Villoresi, Sommer and de Graffenried next in order. This after Farina had been flagged down to allow Trossi to win and had retired disgruntled! Varzi and Farina tied for fastest lap, at 56.7 m.p.h. The heats saw Varzi, Trossi and Nuvolari’s 6-cylinder, 24-valve Maserati finish in that order in the first, Sanesi, Sommer and Farina in the second. Parnell’s Zoller E.R.A. was 4th in heat 2, and Brooke’s Jamieson E.R.A. 8th in heat 1. In the race proper Parnell was out with axle trouble after 15 laps, Nuvolari after three. Taruffi’s 1,100-c.c. Cisitalia was 6th in heat 2, beating Chaboud’s Delahaye.

Yorkshire S.C.C. Scarborough Trial
Watson won this stiff event, driving his V8 Ford-engined car. The runner-up was B. Hankins (Allard) and G. Hankins (M.M.-V8), Mosby (B.M.W.), Clegg (Ford Ten), Mallock (Austin Seven), Scales (1 1/2-litre M.G.) and Coupe (Butler-Special) took 2nd-class awards. No 1st-class ftwards were taken. Team Prize: YorkShire S.C.C. “White Rose” team

Mid-Surre A.C. Experts’ Trial
This year this famous event was (confined to Bagshot Heath, where three special tests and 11 sections (selected by Michael May) were crammed into about 3 1/2 miles. Eighteen started and five retired. Hutchison’s Allard had clutch slip. Imhof, using his 1946 Mercury-engined 2-seater Allard with normal wings and lamps removed, would have won had he not missed one section. Sydney Allard, using a production-type, bored-out Allard, lost no marks, and his aggregate time for the tests was 46.4 sec. C. A. N. May’s Ford V8 Special also lost no marks, but took 47.4 sec., finishing 2nd, with Murkett’s blown P.B. M.G. ahead in the 1,100-c.c. class, Delingpole’s H.R.G. 1st in the up-to-2-litres class, and Imhof the unlimited-class winner — the first two lost no marks, Imhof five, and they took 48.6 sec., 48.0 sec., and 43.0 sec., respectively, in the tests. The winning team was that composed of Uglow (H.R.G.), Delingpole and May.

Stop Press
Bouley Bay
G. Bainbridge, driving Ansell’s E.R.A., made f.t.d.

Edinburgh Cavalcade
The Edinburgh Cavalcade was the largest after London’s and not only did several Scottish veterans take part, but much Scottish motor history has been unearthed as a result. Two 1900 Arrol-Johnstons, a 1900 Albion brake, a 1910 Halley fire-engine, and a 1928 Argyll tourer represented the Scottish industry. Other “new” veteran and vintage entries included a 1915 Skootamota scooter, a 1917 28-h.p. Vauxhall, a 1920 10.3 Humber, a 1921 Singer Ten coupé, a 1928 Crossley Twenty, a 1925 Austin Seven coupé, and a 1929 Swift Ten. Amongst the older enthusiasts’ cars were Dr. MacDougall’s 1926 3-litre Bentley, Howgate’s 1923 T.T. Replica Bentley, another 3-litre by Rickerby, Jordanhill Motors’ 4 1/2-litre Bentley tourer, Stelfox’s 1929 f.w.d. Alvis, Dune’s 1930 Aston-Martin and a “12/60” Alvis. Allard, Daimler, Mk. VI Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Healey and H.R.G. were amongst the moderns,

G.P. Du Salon
Another Paris race in the Bois de Boulogne and, as the Alfas were absent, Sommer won in a 16-valve Maserati at 71.75 m.p.h. by some six miles from Raph’s Maserati and Levegh’s 4-litre Darracq. Sommer’s best lap was at 74.83 m.p.h. Parnell non-started, Brooke, Ansell. and Garland retired. Martin’s B.M.W.-base Martin-Special won the small-car race from Veuillet’s M.G. and Cortanze’s Peugeot.

Cisitalia Debut

The debut of Italy’s new Cisitalia racing cars happened in an evening race following the Turin G.P., and will live in history. Not only did the Dusio factory put in seven of the new cars, but drivers like Nuvolari, Chiron, Sommer, Cortese, Biondetti and Tarufft clamoured to drive them in their first race — and got them. The new cars are basically 1,100-c.c. Fiat, but with special chassis and monoposto bodywork. They weigh 7 cwt. In the end Dusio’s Cisitalia won from Cortese, Chiron and Lanza’s 11-litre Maserati, the Simca-Fiats of Gordini, Scaron and Mestivier quite outclassed, and Nuvolari put out by steering trouble while in the lead, Taruffi by brake bothers. Dusio averaged 64.13 m.p.h. for some 86 miles. What a debut! And all the more intriguing because R. C. Rowland is importing a Cisitalia for use over here. The Maserati won the 1 1/2-litre race.

Falkirk and D.M.C. Invitation Trial
Best performance in this event was made by J. Watson’s Ford V8-Watson Special.

Taunton M.C. September Trial
Len Parker’s V12 Allard won the Mullins Trophy, runner-up being a Jeep.