The R.A.C. and German Petrol



Following our announcement that Germany still has a “basic” ration, the R.A.C. has taken the trouble to explain to us that only essential German workers get petrol and that no “basic” is issued to German citizens. Incidentally, we never said that it was. The German “basic” ration applies to the British Zone and it seems wrong that the British cannot use cars for domestic purposes until they get posted to Germany. You may, or may not, be pleased to learn that, although the R.A.C., together with the A.A., withdrew its support from the motorists’ “basic” protest rally, the former body proudly announces it has obtained special supplementary petrol rations for the purpose of instructing on private ground learner motorcycle riders, and has issued a book about the scheme. We were not invited to the demonstration lesson on October 17th, but are informed that an account will reach us from the Press Association.