Review of British Sports Cars


Further to your review of Gregor Grant's book on British Sports Cars, we feel that we must point out some serious errors in describing the Allard.

In the first place, we do not use Girling but Lockheed brakes ; the clutch is the standard Ford centrifugally-loaded type and not Borg and Beck, as stated.

Mr. Godfrey Imhof, whilst giving us valuable assistance on many problems regarding advertising, is not a director. Nor does he have any financial interest in the Company.

Regarding the development of the original Allard Special it would appear, from reading the book, that the white T.T. Ford V8 used by Mr. Sydney Allard was rebuilt as the original Allard Special. This was not so, the T.T. car being sold in its original form and the first Allard Special being built as such.

We regret that these mistakes have been published and it is our opinion that such a book as Mr. Gregor Grant has written must be done by close liaison between author and manufacturer, where possible.

I am, Yours, etc., . .H. L. BIGGS,

Technical Assistant. London, S.W.4. Allard Motor Co., Ltd.