Motor Sport Pictorial Report

Off to F.T.D. – Joe Fry gets the astonishing Freikaiserwagen off the line at Weston-Super-Mare, rear wheels at a prodigious angle and spinning mightily, to clock fastest time in 21.12 sec. Notice the top half of the steering wheel is removed.

Engine Behind. – C. Heath going well at Weston in his Heath-J.A.P., which has its 995-c.c. V-twin engine behind the driver. It clocked 26.0 sec.

Only Lady Competing at Weston was Mrs. Trudie Woodall, in the 1,096-c.c. water-cooled J.A.P.-engined Woodall.

R.A.C. Championship Trial

Bumps but no Mud. – J. H. Appleton’s blown 4,375-c.c. Allard gets skittish during the R.A.C. Championship Trial.

Champion on His Mettle. – Ken Wharton about to repair a broken front wing stay at the top of Longridge, the last hill, under the eagle eye of Earl Howe, who was of the stewards.

On the Way to the Championship. – Ken Wharton and his intrepid girl passenger find things almost too easy in the R.A.C. Championship Trial.

Novelty at Prescott with Championship Trial competitors at the famous starting-line. Waiting to go is W. T. Todd (4-litre Humber), who won the Northern Ireland award.

Typical Trials Special. – T. C. Harrison’s Harford, which uses the popular Ford Ten engine and gained a Souvenier Award.

Not so Sober. D. R. Wootton’s entry in the Championship Trial suggests an Austin Seven of very moderate horse-power; actually he had a Ford Ten engine under the bonnet.