Letters from Readers, November 1951



Letters from Readers (111 DEAlt !

Sir. Coneet•ning 1V. 11.s expet•iences witlt ct Morgan Plus Four. I am amazed and dist tubed at his indifference to IllajOr

itcreet s. t lubrougltly had, design etc., and his dismissal of thew with ” you must expect a few hugs front a new model.”

I had a 1985 model of this ‘,augur NO deli suffered from every law o.r tlereets liStell. SO it ■VOIlllt appear t Ilia I Ite 111111111raCtIlrerS are equally indiffen•nt. The int iii’ contraptions supplied as steering danipeN in an insult fro the engineering industry, as is the clutcIi withdrawal mechanism.

‘rlw internal jacking system (unless redesigned in the meantime) should only be used by Ilie foolhardy. I w:ts 011ee preSellt ell with the car rest hip, on the ground and you couldn’t lutve got a 20 thou. feeler lietWeen the chassis frame and mother earth : needless to say I Was all dressed up on Illy ‘Way 10 a Wedding.

.10: for suspension making for high average speeds. I was constantly passed Icy family elutriots whilst I vainly tried ill keep rola Witeeis mallets-Item near I he ground at the same time.

11, Ititst this letter appears to read as a tirade against the Nforgato it is really directed :tt ittatmlnetureri in general, sett° arc eontent today to f’cui.–ct anything off on the long-sutlferitor British.

The said Itritislt public may suffer in silence but [hey have long tiwntories, as a few manufart mers will learn to their cost when the buyer’s market returns. I am, Yours. etc.,

THOMAS ,N..1twittat. itogittoll *


Sir. \*1).0 is the ” raviug ” driver who toms around !tendon in the apple green XI:. 120 %till). large numbers palat eft Oa t Ice sitleS

• 11.1111111 like to hate his autograph. I am. Yours. etc..

London. N.11.2. 11″tutot.ms-.

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