North Staffs & Notts S.C.C. Joint Silverstone Race Meeting (Oct. 11th)



The weather turned up trumps for this, the final car race meeting of the season in England. The entry too was about the best seen at any Club Silverstone this year. Ranging in size from the 750 c.c. formula cars to Crozier’s massive 8-litre Bentley. Also apart from the ordinary every-day sports cars, we had such specialised racing machinery as Webb’s very potent 1,100-c.c. Turner supercharged racing single-seater.

750 c.c. – 1,200 c.c. Sports Cars:

1st:  R. Stokes.  Cooper-Riley.  63 m.p.h.

2nd: J. Risley Richards.  Riley.

3rd:  Treen.  Treen-Riley.

750 Formula:

1st:  J. Davidson.  Austin Lotus.  56.8 m.p.h.

2nd:  R. Grimsley.  Austin Ulster.

3rd:  F. Tiedman.  Austin Ulster.

1½-Litre Sports Cars:

1st:  P. Gammon.  M.G. TC. 68.6 m.p.h.

2nd:  F. Davies.  Cooper-M.G.

3rd:  J. Dalton.  M.G.TD.

Formula III:

1st:  L. Leston.  Leston Special.  74.9 m.p.h.

2nd: R. Bicknell.  Revis.

3rd:  R. Nuckey.  Cooper.

2-2½ Litres:

1st:  T. Crook.  Frazer Nash.  69.3 m.p.h.

2nd:  W. McMillan.  B.M.W.

3rd:  S. Kenyon.  B.M.W.

2½ Litres:

1st:  B. Haynes.  Healey.  66.9 m.p.h.

2nd:  D. Sessions.  Healey.

3rd:  D. Healey.  Healey.

Unlimited All Comers:

1st:  Berrow Johnson.  Cooper 1,100 c.c.  72.5 m.p.h.

2nd:  O. Moore.  H.W.M.

3rd:  K. Downing.  Connaught FII.

Unlimited Sports Cars:

1st:  J. Swift.  Jaguar.  69.5 m.p.h.

2nd:  M. Head.  Jaguar.

3rd:  J. Crozier.  Bentley.

Formule Libre Handicap-Heat 1:

1st:  M. Head.  Jaguar. 72 m.p.h.

2nd:  B. Haynes.  Healey.

3rd:  J. Swift.  Jaguar.

Heat 2:

1st:  Berrow Johnson.  Cooper 1,100 c.c.  75.3 m.p.h. 30 secs. H/cap

2nd:  R. Nuckey.  Cooper 500 c.c.  50 secs. H/cap

3rd:  K. Downing.  FII Connaught.  Scratch.

Vintage Handicap:  

1st:  J. Bailey.  4½ Bentley.  67.3 m.p.h.

2nd:  J. Williamson.  4½ Bentley.

3rd:  N. Powell.  7-litre (S) Mercedes.

1,100 c.c. Blown, 1,500 c.c. Unblown Sports Cars Handicap:

1st:  R. Stokes.  Cooper-Riley.  62.6 m.p.h.

2nd:  C. Metcalfe.  Fiat.

3rd:  J. Risley Richards.  Riley.

Unlimited Sports Cars Handicap:

1st:  J. Dalton.  M.G.TD.  67.2 m.p.g.

2nd:  P. Gammon.  Morgan.

3rd:  W. Kenyon.  B.M.W.

Unlimited Handicap:

1st:  B. Haynes.  Healey.  66.2 m.p.h.

2nd:  M. Head.  Jaguar.

3rd:  D. Sessions.  Healey.