Reader's Letter



Branded Petrol Wanted


As an American who has spent many years in Britain and has come to love motoring in the enthusiast’s sense, I wish to let you know that on the 19th of every month I turn off the television set I do not have, turn down the radio I never play, and for the next couple of hours submerge myself in a dreamland of fast sports cars tearing down beautiful country roads.

The whole magazine delights me, and I believe it is the best of its kind in the world. I buy the American sports-car magazines too but I must admit it is just to gaze with admiration upon their pin-up girls.

I hope to be coming back to live permanently in Scotland in the near future, and thus look forward to an active part in Britain’s fight for cheaper petrol.

I am, Yours, etc., John Mitchell, New Jersey, U.S.A.