Club News, November 1953



Tough Mighty Tough!

The following appeared in a Sydney daily newspaper:–

“Alice Springs, Wednesday. — A Redex trial competitor never knows what equipment he will need outback — one man solved a fuel problem with a shotgun.

“He shot a crow, dissected it, removed its windpipe, slipped it over the fuel pipe fracture and went on his way with no more fuel worries.”

Welsh Counties C.C.

The reorganised Coronation Rally was held with great success on September 27th. The road section has been reduced to about 80 miles and this consisted of first, second and third class roads in Glamorgan. The start of the event was at the Memorial Hall, Barry, cars then passed through St. Fagans and across country to the regularity test near Treforest. The route then lay through Llantrisant, Llanharry, Penlline and Southerndown, where lunch was taken.

After lunch, the cars went through East Aberthaw through the lanes and numerous secret checks to Cold Knap Barry, where the manoeuvrability test had been laid on. This test greatly favoured the small-wheelbase cars, the best performance being put up by Boshier-Jones in an A30, while A. Heap, in a rather special M.G., was second for the Welsh Counties Club. A. King in a Sunbeam-Talbot and A. Jones in a Standard Twelve put up the best performance for Barry.

The results proved that L. Simms in a Hillman Minx had won the Coronation Cup and this was presented by the Mayor of Barry after the manoeuvrability test.


Coronation Trophy: L. Simms (Hillman Minx)

Open Class

1st: R. Phillips (Riley)

2nd: M. Seal (Lea-Francis)

Closed Class

1st: L. Lougher (Riley)

2nd: G. Cadenne (Riley)

Special Test

1st for W.C.C.C.: Boshier-Jones (Austin A30)

1st for B.A.C.: A. King (Sunbeam-Talbot)


Alvis Driving Tests

On September 27th, 33 members of the Alvis Owner Club, the Alvis Register and the Lea-Francis Owner Club competed in six driving tests at Whelpley Hill. Entries included a 1920 Alvis, the oldest known to exist, several post-war saloons and the winner, W. E. Edgar, drove the ex Follett Brooklands single-seater.

The events were parking, garaging, stopping/starting, slow/fast, and wiggle-woggle tests.

Driving was generally of a high standard, but closed cars did not figure in the results though well handled.

The tests also brought out some interesting comparisons between vintage and modern braking, suspension and gearbox design.


1st: W. E. Edgar (12/50 Special) Alvis O.C.

2nd: C. Richardson (12/50) Alvis Register

3rd: B. Simpson 02/50) AIvis Register

4th: R. Tilley (Speed Twenty) Alvis O.C.

5th: G. Brown (10/18) Lea-Francis O.C.

Nina versus Nagle

Miss Nina Imhof, who assists her husband in publicising the London M.C.’s London Rally, told a newspaper reporter she is the only woman taking an active part in what is essentially a man’s sport. This brought a retort from Miss Ann Nagle, Secretary of the V.C.C., that she organises events and acts as full-time secretary for a club with a big membership, amongst which are very few ladies.

Aston Martin O.C.

Dudley Coram, who has been Hon. Secretary of the Aston Martin Owners’ Club since 1948, leaves that post to become Chairman. His successor is A. Bowman Stewart, a member of the Club Committee who races an Ulster Aston Martin.

Dudley Coram took over the secretaryship when the previous holder of the post, Dick Stallebrass, was killed in the Spa 24-hour race. He took the job on “as a temporary measure” pending the election of a new secretary, but retained the position for five years. During his tenure of office the total strength of the Club has risen from 165 to over 800.