750 M.C.,United Hospitals & U.L.M.C. and Hants & Berks M.C. Rushmoor Sprint (Sept. 25th)

This speed trial took place on a useful ¼-mile course on Army ground between Aldershot and Fleet, where residents are so used to the wail of jet aircraft, the rumble of tanks, the crashing of bulldosers and the nocturnal fire of heavy guns, that accelerating sports cars could hardly disturb them.

A very good entry was obtained, Austin Seven and Ford Ten Specials predominating. Denis Jenkinson, Motor Sport’s Continental Correspondent, made f.t.d.. driving M. Burn’s Le Mans Replica Frazer-Nash, in 16.38 sec. Jack French was present in his Austin “Simplicity” but failed to win the 750 Formula class, M. A. Beare banged home the clutch of his smart, long-tailed Denmark Special, H. A. Jenkins drove an all-enveloping Ausford, and R. D. McNair’s Morris Minor tourer was laden with club badges.

A. W. Butler had forsaken Austin Seven sentiments for a Ford Anglia saloon, R. Yeats got off very well indeed in his Ford Ten-engined Yeats Special coupé, while K. P. Tomi used oversize back tyres on his TC M.G. A. S. Moore competed in an imposing straight-tube-front-axle Shelsley Frazer-Nash, C. A. Ricketts stalled the engine of his blown Cambridge Austin Seven on his first take-off, J. C. Smith drove the ex-Peter Clark Le Mans non-aerodynamic Meadows-H.R.G., and K. D. McDowell religiously removed the back seat cushion from his Singer Hunter saloon before starting, the knave-plates having already been prised from the hubs.

The handicap class attracted a huge entry, ranging from Burn’s 250-c.c. B.M.W. Isetta to I. M. Ferrer’ s 3,917-c.c. V8 Gregory Special.