Motor Sport Pictorial Review

Mid Cheshire Gold Cup Meeting OuIton Park

B.A.R.C. Goodwood

Bristol M.C. & L..C.C. Castle Combe

Racing Lady. — Mrs. Nancy Mitchell driving the Daimler Conquest in the Ladies’ Handicap Race in which she came third at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting.

Super. — The 1,900 Superleggera Alfa-Romeo driven by N. H. Mann in the Saloon Car Handicap race at Goodwood.. Mann firnished second to Gillett in a Mark VII Jaguar after a spectacular drive through the field of entries.

Allard Ensemble. — The two Allards driven by P. L. Farquharson and D. Lewis in one of the Goodwood handicap races, in which they finished second and third, respectively.

Glittering Array. — Badges and spotlamps adorn the front of Angela Lane’s Austin-Healey, which was driven by P. Miller at the twentieth B.A. Goodwood Members’ Meeting.

Business Like. — The new 2-o.h.c. 2½-litre B. R.M. engine has a good appearance. It is fitted with two double-choke Weber carburetters and two sparking plugs per cylinder fed from twin magnetos on the front of the engine.

Rare Sight. — Oulton Park saw the first English appearance of the exciting V8 Lancia cars, now running under the Scuderia Ferrari banner. Here the two cars are awaiting the insertion of the portable starter motor shaft, turning the engine via the transmission from the rear. On car No. 2 the flap covering the oil tank filler is open.

British Hope. — The British Vanwall driven by Harry Schell, leading in the 55-lap Avon Trophy Race at Castle Combe. Driving magnificently Schell brought the car into first place in spite of stiff opposition from Maseratis.  

Sprited Motoring. — David Piper, one of the most promising young drivers qf the year, away ahead of his rivals in the supercharged 750-c.c. engined Lotus at Castle Combe.

Old Hand. — Bob Gerard putting up his usual good show at Castle Combe in his Cooper-Bristol. He came third in the “Empire News” Trophy race behind Schell’s Vanwall and Flockhart’s B.R.M.

Short and Sweet. — The new Grand Prix B.R.M. did not last long in the Oulton Park race, driven by Collins, but while it did it was well able to hold the Italian cars, actually passing both Lancias. It is outstanding for its smallness and excellent finish: corners are by Dunlop wheels, brakes and tyres.

Reserve Ace. ​—  A reserve entry for the Two Litre Tophy Race. A. J.Targett drivng an A.C. Ace this 20-lap race for sports cars at Castle Combe.