The cars at Earls Court

AC, Stand 141

AC have abandoned he 2-litre saloon to concentrate production on the sports open Ace and closed Aceca models, which have a Tojeiro-type tubular chassis with independent suspension front and back and transverse leaf-springs and can be had with either the 90-bhp AC wet-liner, light-alloy six-cylinder engine evolved from a 1919 design, or a D-tpye BMW-conceived Bristol engine giving 120 bhp. Overdrive is an optional extra on both models. The Aceca coupe has beautiful lines, reminiscent of a Continental production. The Ace Bristol has been increased in price by £48. AC Cars Ltd, Thames Ditton, Surrey.

Alfa-Romeo, Stand 127

Five cars can be seen. A 1,900 Super Sprint, a 1,900 Super saloon a Giulietta Spyder, a Giulietta Sprint coupe and a Giulietta Sprint veloce. Thompson and Taylor Ltd, Oyster Lane, Byfleet, Weybridge, Surrey.

Allard, Stand 125

Allard is making a bid to remain in the sports-car market, having dropped the saloon, tourer and station-wagon models. The new car is virtually a re-vamped Palm Beach in which either a three-carburetter Ford Zephyr or 31/2-litre Jaguar power unit can be installed. The specification of this Palm Beach Mk II embraces new ifs using torsion-bars and wishbones, Lockheed 12-in, hydraulic brakes, trailing-arm coil-spring rear suspension, Marles steering, tubular steel frame and alloy body. Disc or centre-lock wire wheels are optional, there are twin six-gallon petrol tanks, and the respective axle ratios are 3.77 (three speeds) and 3.54 (four speeds) to 1. These cars, like. the 270-bhp de Dion Cadillac V8-engined sports/racing J2R, are to special order only. Allard Motor Co Ltd, 24-28 Clapham High Street, London, SW4

Alvis, Stand 137

Alvis will soon have the handsome Graber saloon on the six-cylinder TC108/G in production, the Swiss-designed body being built in Loughborough. The straight-forward 3-litre engine gives 104 bhp at 4,000 rpm and pulls a top-gear ratio of 3.77 to 1. Alvis Ltd, Holyhead Road, Coventry.

Armstrong-Siddeley, Stand 143

The Armstrong-Siddeley four and six-cylinder 234 and 236 models, available with a choice of three transmissions, remain unchanged from last year. Armstrong-Siddeley Motors Ltd, Parkside, Coventry.

Aston Martin, Stand 174

This long-established British make reverts to Gran Turismo form alone for 1957, the DB2 sports/racing car no longer being offered to the public. The 3-litre twin ohc DB2/4 saloon represents the most advanced form of high-performance car. It is backed up by a beautiful new, export-only open Superleggera Spyder in light alloy, styled by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan. Aston Martin Ltd, Hanworth Park, Feltham, Middlesex.

Austin, Stand 157

Austin models remain largely unchanged but the Princess Mk IV is a luxury Vanden Plas saloon and limousine with power-steering, hydraulic transmission giving two-pedal control, vacuum-servo brakes and a two-carburetter, 150-bhp 4-litre six-cylinder engine. A successor to the A30 is the 950-cc  A35, and there is a lower more powerful A50. A new A95 saloon and Countryman have also been added. The Austin Motor Co Ltd, Longbridge; Birmingham.

Austin-Healey, Stand 118

The sports Austin-Healey is a centre of comment here. The old A90 four-cylinder engine is replaced by a six-cylinder 2.6-litre engine and the body enlarged to accommodate two occasional seats. Donald Healey Motor Co Ltd, The Cape, Warwick.

Bentley, Stand 170

The Bentley Continental is seen in Mulliner and Park Ward forms, and 13 per cent greater power is now developed because the silent six-cylinder engine has an 8-to-1 compression-ratio, twin 2-in, in place of 13/4-in, carburetter, bigger inlet valves and better cooling of the exhaust valves. The S-series Bentley. which is shown in standard saloon form, is unchanged; power-steering and refrigeration are available on export cars. A road-test of this silent high-performance motor car appears in this issue of Motor Sport. Bentley Motors (1931) Ltd, 14/15 Conduit Street, London, W1.

Berkeley, Stand 119.

This interesting 322-cc two-stroke sports car is exhibited by a special concession on the part of the SMM & T. The car has received considerable attention since it was announced on September 12th this year. Berkeley Coachwork Ltd, Bigglestende, Beds.

BMW. Stand 128

A 502 right-hand-drive limousine and a 503 drophead cabriolet are being shown, together with a 300-cc Isetta. AFN Ltd, Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth, Middlesex.

Borgward, Stand 173

No change has been made since last year. Four models are on show, a station-wagon, TS saloon, coupe and “60” saloon. Metcalfe and Mundy Ltd, 280 Old Brompton Road, London, SW5.

Bristol, Stand 147

The beautiful Bristol 405, with its band-built body and 2-litre BMW-conceived six-cylinder engine, is unchanged from the 1955 Show. Bristol Cars Ltd, Fitton House, Bristol, Somerset.

Buick, Stand 129

The futuristic-looking Buick Centurion is being exhibited. This car incorporates many advanced ideas, including a closed-circuit television set. Lendrum and Hartman Ltd, Buick Works, Old Oak Lane, London, NW10.

Chevrolet, Stand 164

A Corvette, four-door sports sedan Belair and four-door sedan Belair can be seen. General Motors Ltd, 23 Buckingham Gate, London. SW1.

Chrysler, Stand 159

On the Chrysler stand will be two Chrysler Plymouth Savoy Eight four-door saloons, a Windsor Eight four-door saloon, a New Yorker Eight four-door sedan. All are V8s and have automatic transmission. Chrysler Motors Ltd, Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens, Surrey.

Citroen, Stand 148

Two DS19 saloons and one 2 cv cabriolet are being shown. Citroen Cars Ltd, Trading Estate, Slough, Bucks.

Daimler, Stand 168

Five models are being shown. A 21/2-litre Century, a 31/2-litre 104 saloon, a 31/2-litre Ladies’ Model, a 21/2-litre coupe and the 41/2-litre DK400 limousine, which is the standard production limousine. Automatic transmission is now being marketed as optional extra equipment. Daimler Co Ltd, Radford Works, Coventry.

Dodge, Stand 158

1956 and 1957 models will be on view. A Custom Royal, a Kingsway, a Custom Royal Lancer, all with V8 engines and automatic transmissions, will be on the stand. Dodge Bros Ltd, Chrysler Works, Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens, Surrey.

Fiat, Stand 139

These famous Italian cars are seen as the rear-engined 600 economy car, which is noted for its brisk performance, extreme economy and good handling properties, with all-round independent suspension and rear engine, the brilliant six-seater Multipla “baby-bus” version, the fast Fiat 1,100B and 1,100TV, 1,400B and 1,9008 family saloons. Fiat (England) Ltd, Water Road, Wembley, Middlesex

Ford, Stand 145

The great Ford Company shows its range of economy and family cars unchanged, the smaller models being old fashioned, with side valves, and all models having three-speed gearboxes, but the Popular is still the least-expensive saloon at Earls Court. The well-established Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac models are enhanced by the availability of Borg-Warner automatic transmission on the six-cylinder saloons. A Consul Farnham estate-car is also on show. Ford Motor Co Ltd, Victory House, 99/101 Regent Street, London, W1.

Frazer-Nash, Stand 128

The long-awaited Frazer-Nash chassis with V8 BMW twin carburetter engine is exhibited, the power unit mounted skilfully in the narrow, ladder-type tubular frame, so as to be fully accessible and easily removed, the cross-member aft of the gearbox being bolted to flanges to facilitate this. Transverse leaf-spring ifs and torsion-bar de Dion rear suspension is used, with one-shot lubrication extended to the latter. Sump content is indicated by a plunger-operated warning light.  AFN Ltd, Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth, Middlesex.

Hillman, Stand 162

In the Hillman range the only changes are to the Husky, which is now available in a wider tango of colours. The Hillman New Minx, with unitary body/chassis construction and “gay-look” colour scheme, is one of Britain’s better family saloons. Hillman Motor Co Ltd, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, near Coventry.

Hudson, Stand 146

On this stand is shown a Rambler Custom four-door saloon,  Rambler Custom Cross-Country station-wagon, a Hornet V8 four-door saloon, a Metropolitan 1,500 convertible and a Metropolitan hard-top. These are hush-hush new models, the Ramblers improved, the Hornet having a 90 deg V8 255-bhp engine in place of the former “six.” Only American Service personnel and members of the Diplomatic Corps with dollars may buy them here. Hudson Motors Ltd, Great West Road, London, SW4.

Humber, Stand 149

New models are the De Luxe Hawk and the automatic-transmission Super Snipe. The remaining models will be continued with or without overdrive. Humber Ltd, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, near Coventry.

Jaguar, Stand 152

The present Jaguar range continues unchanged but with the addition of a super luxury model of the same basic dimensions as the Mk VII. The new model will be known as the Mk VIII. These models, in conjunction with the XK140, are offered with automatic transmission. Jaguar Cars Ltd, Browns Lane, Coventry.

Jensen, Stand 151

The Jensen Interceptor and beautiful Gran Turismo 541 saloon of glass-fibre construction body, and Austin-powered chassis both built by Jensen, will attract connoisseurs amongst Show visitors, especially as the de luxe 541 has Dunlop disc brakes on all wheels. A saloon is shown with one door removed to emphasise the interior safety padding, etc. Jensen Motors, Ltd., Carters Green, West Bromwich, Staffs.

Lagonda, Stand 166

This high-grade British saloon, with twin-ohc 3-litre engine and independent rear suspension, is continued virtually unchanged. A road-test report appears elsewhere in this issue. Lagonda Ltd, c/o David Brown Companies, Meltham, Yorks.

Lancia, Stand 133

These much-sought-after Italian cars are shown in three forms. There will be an Appia Series II saloon, its hemispherical head improved to provide 431/2 bhp (instead of 38) from the 1,090-cc engine (a sports engine of over 52 bhp is supplied to special order). the back-axle ratio raised, the chassis lowered and the wheelbase increased to 8 ft 23/4 in, and the saloon body restyled within and without. A new platform chassis also provides for specialist two and four-seater coachwork. The very safe, very rapid V6 Aurelia GT 2500 is shown in coupe form with larger rear window and many mechanical improvements. Completely new is the Flaminia, differing from the Aurelia in wishbone ifs, Hindley’s screw-and-roller steering, and chassis adaptable to special bodywork. The Flaminia has a wheelbase of 9 ft 5 in and gives 98 bhp at 4,800 rpm, compared with 8.ft 85/16 in and 110 bhp at 5,000 rpm of the GT 2500. Lancia (England) Ltd, 372 Ealing Road, Alperton. Middlesex.

Lincoln, Stand 135

The 1957 Lincoln Premiere hard-top saloon will be on view, together with the-Mercury Montclair hard-top phaeton, the Canadian Ford V8 Fairlane 500 saloon and the Ford V8 Thunderbird sports car. The Lincoln Premiere has automatic turbo-drive transmission, automatic transmission is available on the other Ford and Mercury models at extra cost. Lincoln Cars Ltd, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex.

Lotus, Stand 121

A Lotus Eleven Le Mans, a chassis of the same type, and the new Formula II Lotus will be shown. Lotus Engineering Co Ltd, 7 Tottenham Lane. Hornsey, London. N8.

Mercedes-Benz, Stand 123

No change has been made in the existing range of models. A 190 saloon, 190SL coupe, 220 saloon and 220 hard-top will be on view. The 300SL will not be shown. Mercedes-Benz (Great Britain) Ltd, 58 Camberwell New Road, London. SE5.

MG, Stand 154

The MG Magnette is now offered in two versions, both with Increased power. A duotone saloon is offered with a wrap-around rear window. Manumatic clutch is available as an optional extra. The MG MGA is now also available in two basic models, the open sports, with folding hood, and a new coupe which has a coachhuilt hard-top welded on to the body. MG Car Co Ltd, Cowley. Oxford.

Morgan, Stand 126

The only surprise here is a price increase, the Ford Ten-engined Morgan 4/4 Series II now costing over £75 more than formerly. The Standard Vanguard TR3-engined Plus Four also remains unchanged. Morgan Motor Co Ltd, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern Link, Worcestershire.

Morris, Stand 160

The Morris range continues basically unchanged, detailed modifications being made to Morris Oxford, Isis and the larger engine is to be fitted to the Minor. This new engine is of 950 cc capacity and develops 37 bhp on an 8.3 to 1 compression-ratio. Borg-Warner automatic transmissions and overdrive can now be fitted to the Isis and manumatic clutch operation to the Oxford. Morris Motors Ltd, Cowley, Oxford.

Nash, Stand 131

A Nash Ambassador sedan, a Nash Rambler station-wagon, a Nash Rambler sedan and a Metropolitan convertible are being exhibited. Nash Concessionaires Ltd, Nash Street, Albany Street, London NW1.

Oldsmobile, Stand 130

Well-known 1956 models are on view. The 98 Starfire convertible. the 98 Holiday sedan, the Super 88 Holiday sedan and the two-door 88 sedan,. General Motors Ltd, 23 Buckingham Gate, London SW1.

Packard, Stand 134

A Packard Patrician, a 400 two-door hard-top saloon and a Clipper Super touring sedan are being exhibited. Leonard Williams and Co Ltd, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex.

Panhard, Stand 150

The 1957 Dyna Panhard saloons continue unchanged in body styling but incorporate considerable changes to mechanical components, namely strengthened crankshaft, improved camshaft and tappets, an improved exhaust system and entirely new Isodyne suspension. Two de luxe models only will be on the stand and are worthy of inspection by lovers of the unorthodox motor car. Panhard et Levassor, 19 Avenue d’Ivry, Paris, 13, France.

Peugeot, Stand 138

Four cars are being shown. There will be two 203 models a 403 station-wagon and a 403 saloon. Tom Knowles, 19 Brick Street, London, W1.

Pontiac, Stand 132

One Catalina V8 four-door saloon and one convertible V8 will be shown, together with a Canadian station-wagon and a right-hand-drive model. Mr Kaye Don of racing fame is Managing Director of the Ascot works and will be on the stand. US Concessionaires Ltd, 5 Jubilee Place, London, SW3

Porsche, Stand 122

On this stand can be seen a 1,600 drophead cabriolet, a 1,600 Super fixed-head coupe and a 1,500 Carrera fixed-head coupe. A competition model is being exhibited. AFN Ltd, Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth, Middlesex.

Renault, Stand 156

These popular French cars are shown in 750 saloon de luxe. Fregate with Etendard engine, Domaine estate-wagon and Dauphine forms. That splendid 2.1-litre four-cylinder Renault Fregate now has a new four-speed full-synchromesh, direct-top gearbox with slightly higher ratios (top gear 3.89 instead of 4.08 to 1) and conventional steering-column gear-lever positions which render the gear-change much easier than before. The name “Amiral” for this model is dropped. The economical little Renault 750 and the quick, stylish 845-cc 30-bhp Renault Dauphine which handles without excessive oversteer, although both have rear engines and all-round independent suspension, have many friends and should make many new ones. Renault Ltd, Western Avenue, Acton, London, W3.

Riley, Stand 167

The Pathfinder is being continued unchanged but with a new range of colour styles as are all the BMC cars for next year. Borg-Warner overdrive can he fitted to this model as an extra. Riley Motors Ltd, Cowley, Oxford.

Rolls-Royce, Stand 169

The exhibits of this famous company consist of Park Ward touring saloon, Hooper seven-passenger limousine and Mulliner touring limousine on the Silver Wraith chassis and a Silver Cloud saloon. The Silver Wraith now has twin carburettors and power assisted steering. The Park Ward left-hand-drive shell-grey saloon is equipped with a refrigeration unit with which it is claimed one could drive from the North Cape to the Equator with the windows shut in complete comfort. The Hooper limousine has a portable television set, for VHF sound reception of the three home stations, and a 9-in screen, in the rear compartment, and a car will be available for demonstrating this on the road. The Silver Cloud is unchanged, but power-steering and refrigeration are available on export models, Rolls-Royce Ltd, 14/15 Conduit Street, London W1.

Rover, Stand 153

The refined range of Rover cars is unchanged apart from some exterior cleaning up. A new high-performance 105S model is shown, with twin carburetter, 8.5-to-1 compression-ratio engine, lifting maximum speed to over 100 mph. A 105R version is available with Rover-designed and manufactured automatic transmission. A left-hand-drive “90” and sage-green “60” will be shown. Do not miss the T3 gas-turbine car on this stand. The Rover Co Ltd, Meteor Works, Solihull, Birmingham

Simca, Stand 124

Examples from the very comprehensive range of Simca cars will be the Aronde Elysee, the Aronde Grand Large, and the Chatelaine station-wagon. Fiat (England) Lid, Water Road, Wembley, Middlesex.

Simca Vedette, Stand 119

The V8-engined Versailles, Regency and Marly station-wagon can be seen. Fiat (England) Ltd, Water Road, Wembley, Middlesex.

Singer, Stand 136

An entirely new model the Gazelle, is now being made available. This is a high-performance 11/2-litre car using the single-ohc Singer engine giving 52-bhp. A high standard of interior finish is being offered and the car is available as a saloon or a coupe. Singer Motors Ltd, Coventry Road Works, Birmingham 19.

Skoda, Stand 161

This year four models are shown. A 1,201 station-wagon, a 1,201 Saloon, a 440 saloon and a 440 polished chassis. LC Rawlence and Co Ltd, Queens Chambers, Queens Road, East Grinstead, Sussex.

Standard, Stand 142

The latest additions to the Standard range cars are the De Luxe Vanguard III saloons, the Sportsman and the Estate Car. The new Phase II Standard Ten will be on show and now incorporates the two-pedal “Standrive” control available as an extra. The engine compression-ratio has also been raised, giving an increase of 2 bhp.  Standard Motor Co Ltd, Conley Works, Coventry.

Studebaker, Stand 140

JA Joyce, one-time AC racing driver, looks after these exhibits, which will comprise Cambridge-grey Studebaker six-cylinder Champion saloon, a pearl-white Studebaker eight-cylinder Commander saloon and a tiara-gold with actic-white accent Studebaker eight-cylinder two-door supercharged Golden Hawk saloon with power steering. Studebaker Distributors Ltd, 385-7 Euston Road, London NW1

Sunbeam, Stand 144

The 1.4-litre Sunbeam Rapier will be shown with a new R67 twin-carburettor engine claimed to develop 671/2 bhp. The carburetters are Zeniths on new inlet and exhaust manifolds, and special heat-resisting exhaust valves are used. The well-tried, rugged 2.1-litre 95-mph Sunbeam Mk III saloon has been reduced in price by £105—a refreshing trend at a time when credit is being squeezed. Sunbeam-Talbot Ltd, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry,

Triumph, Stand 165

Stand 165 is a meeting place of enthusiasts intent on admiring the Triumph TR3, than which no sports car offers better value for money. It now has Ferodo lined Girling disc brakes at the front these using easily-replaceable single pads and taking 60 per cent of the braking power. At the back normal 10-in. brakes are used. This innovation increases the already remarkable value-for-money of the TR3 and at the unchanged price of 1,021 7s, inclusive pt, it is one of the world’s best-selling sports cars. The valve porting is as used as Le Mans in 1955 and a Vanguard III back-axle, with ratios of 4.1 or 3.7 to 1 is employed. Triumph Motor Co (1945) Ltd, Conley Road, Coventry.

Vauxhall, Stand 163

The General Motors owned Vauxhall Cresta, Velox and Wyvern saloons will be found to have had a face-lift. Interior improvements have also been incorporated in the 1957 models. Two-speed electric wipers replace the mechanical type, a Zenith 34VN carburetter is now used, the compression-ratios of low and high-compression engines have been raised slightly, and the instruments are somewhat modified. Vauxhall Motors Ltd, Luton, Bedfordshire.

Volkswagen, Stand 120

The famous air-cooled, rear-engined German best-seller, noted for its durability, excellent finish, pleasant gear-change and indifference to high or low climatic temperatures, is continued unchanged, in saloon and convertible forms. In addition, the striking new Karmann-Ghia coupe is shown in London for the first time. This is one of the most beautiful cars at Earls Court. Its body, a 2/4 seater, two-door coupe, having been designed by the Italian coachbuilding firm of Ghia and built by Karmann of Osnabruck. The normal VW components, including all-round torsion-bar independent suspension, are used and this model, coming, as it were, halfway between a normal VW and a Porsche in handling and performance, is sure to be in great demand both here and in America. The improved body shape gives the Karmann-Ghia Volkswagen a maximum and cruising speed of well over 70 mph, with little increase in petrol consumption. Upholstery is in real leather and a range of six colours is available. Right-hand-drive versions should he ready by the spring. The price is a modest £1,216 7s inclusive of pt and import duty. The inimitable Microbus, which uses the same air-cooled 1,192-cc flat-four engine and carries seven in air-conditioned comfort at 50 mph and 30 mpg, is also exhibited. It costs 1,351 7s all-in. VW Motors Ltd, Byron House, 7-9 St James’ Street, London SW1.

Volvo, Stand I71

Three cars can be seen. The TV 444, the sports convertible and the latest model saloon, the Amazon. Volvo, Aktiebolaget, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Wolseley, Stand 155

The recently introduced 15/50 now has increased compression giving up to 10 per cent extra power, manumatic clutch is available on this model. The 6/90 likewise has been increased in power by raising the compression-ratio from 7.3 to 8.3, giving 97 b.p. Wolseley Motors Ltd, Cowley, Oxford.

Goggomobile. Stand 172

As we close for Press we learn that the T300 rear-engined 293-cc two-stroke Goggomobil, smallest car at the Show, is exhibited on Stand 172.