Some accessories at Earls Court

Automotive Products Ltd. Improved suspension joints and automatic transmissions are on view and oil and fuel filters. Stand 369.

Avon India Rubber Co Ltd. The Avon Winter Safety tyre is on view together with the HM Airseal, which has no tube. Stand 205.

Bosch Ltd. New exhibits are the P 11S sparking pings designed for motor-scooter engines and the M 11S range which has been introduced for the Mopeds. These plugs prevent fouling and pre-ignition, so common with two-stroke engines. Stand 447.

Conway Car Accessories Ltd. Exhibits will include Conway car-seat covers in Kontex, the latest contemporary design, as well as radiator blinds, windscreen mops, wire link mats of the latest type, car-seat covers and dust sheets, luggage rack covers, etc. Stand 98.

Cords Piston Ring Co Ltd. A wide variety of piston rings, oil rings, and cylinder ridge reamers for service stations will be displayed. Stand 295.

Creators Ltd. Manufacturers of plastic wheel discs for Ford, Austin and Morris cars, also tow-ropes, hoses and various other useful plastic accessories. Stand 313.

Delaney-Galley Ltd. Well known for many years as producers of car heaters, this firm is showing a wide range of their products in this field, together with the new B15 4-kw heater and Avialex combustion heaters. An additional product is the RKN safety belt for passengers in cars. Stand 216.

Delco-Remy & Hyatt. Two additions to the AC-Delco products are available; they are the AC Vivid Arc speedometer and the dual-speed self-parking electric screen-wiper. Other instruments available are the temperature gauge, oil-filled ignition coil, oil filters and sparking plugs. Stand 429.

Desmo Ltd. Three new products are available from this firm. Namely a 3-D St Christopher badges, a combined width indicator and headlamp beam shield, and a portable folding chair. The chair is of interest in that it is a sensible height from the ground, in contrast with most picnic chairs, which are too low to afford real comfort. These chairs will retail at 52s. Smaller chairs, picnic tables and many other accessories are on view. Stand 261.

Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd. An improved Dunlop Fort tyre is being exhibited, and is available with or without the tube. Other tyre equipment can also be seen, together with the popular Road Speed and Weathermaster tyres. Stands 213 and 485. The new Dunlop disc brakes can be seen on a separate stand—Stand 430.

Edison Swan Electric Co Ltd. A display of batteries and battery chargers can be seen. Stand 301.

Eversure Accessories Ltd. This stand will interest prospective purchasers of the petrol “Fillacan,” roof racks, mirrors, spotlamps, ashtrays, etc. An entirely new product is the “Antican” mist-free panel, a non-electric device in the shape of an oval window for preventing rear windows misting up. Stand 436.

Douglas Holt Ltd. Featured at this stand will be the new glassfibre repair kits, in conjunction with the many other products of this versatile company. Stand 363.

Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. Metallised fabrics under the trade name of “Splendex,” suitable for kicking panels and other hard-wearing surfaces can be seen. The leathercloth division of this company also exhibits Vynide seating material and other trimming products. Stand 259.

Karobes Ltd. Amongst the well-known range of accessories produced for motorists by Karobes Ltd, a new adjustable hood and backrest is on view, this should be particularly welcomed by those who find long-distance driving fatiguing. Stand 183.

Key-Leather Co Ltd. Makers of defroster and demister strips for curved windscreens. Known as “hot rods,” these units will retail for 39s 6d each and measure 151/2 in in length by 3/4 in by 1/4 in. A black-heat element is comprised in these, giving off a heat of 180 deg C, the consumption being 35 watts. Available in 6, 12 and 24-volt types. Also on display will be the new K-L 777 underseat heater for public transport vehicles. Stand 405.

KLG Sparking Plugs Ltd. Smiths Motor Accessories’ KLG plugs are now using silver and platinum for maximum efficiency. Plugs with these metals incorporated in them are being exhibited. Stand 378.

Laycock Engineering Co Ltd. Available on very many British cars, this Laycock-de-Normanville overdrive equipment may now be obtained on the Standard Vanguard Sportsman and as optional fittings on the Rover 60 and 75 models. Stand 267.

Laystall Engineering Co Ltd. On display will be seen “Cromard” hard-chromed steel cylinder liners, together with Laystall-machined crankshafts. Stand 232.

Lockheed Hydraulic Brake Co Ltd. Two new disc brakes are displayed, also two new vacuum servo units and improved leading and trailing-shoe type hydraulic brakes. Stand 373.

Joseph Lucas Ltd. A full range of “King of the Road” batteries will be displayed, also Lucas servicing facilities and testing sets. Lucas electrical equipment needs no introduction to motorists. On display can be seen a fine array of lamps, horns, wipers and many other desirable accessories. The most recent product is the electrically-operated screen-washer; this product should give lasting service. Stands 252, 253, 316 and 317.

Marchal Distributors Ltd. Marchal are showing their range of driving lamps, replacement lamps and “Fulgor” horns, including the “Musical,” the horn that plays a tune. Stand 330.

Michelin Tyre Co Ltd. X and SDS tyres, plain and tubeless. and “Airstop” tubes can be inspected. Stand 210.

CJ Neuman Ltd. On this stand can be seen the “Nubrex” side-lever cartridge grease gun retailing at 59s 6d, refills being 2s 6d. “Nubrox” grease nipples will also be shown. Stand 315.

Notek Electric Co Ltd. The standard range of Notek driving lamps will be on view, together with the “Bubble” lamp and “Safelite” stop-lamp. Stand 280.

Oldham & Son Ltd. Batteries will be on view again, showing the latest developments in batteries and battery chargers. Stand 349.

Regency Covers Ltd. The entire range of Regency seat covers and rugs can be viewed. New washable car mats are now available to fit the foot wells of any make of car. Stand 178.

Servais Silencers Ltd. High-efficiency manifolds are now being made available for the new Ford Zephyrs, Zodiacs and Consuls, the Renault 750 and the Fiat 600. The standard .range of equipment continues. Stand 400.

Smiths Motor Accessories Ltd. Makers of instruments, heaters and jacking systems, batteries and anti-freeze solutions, visitors can see many of these interesting, products. The “Selectroshift” magnetic clutch and Smiths’ “Autoselectric” transmission can also be seen on this stand. Stand 307.

Trico-Folberth Ltd. A complete range of motor-car equipment and working displays to interest every motorist. New merchandising sales aids for this equipment will be of help to every trade buyer. Stand 305.

Tudor Accessories Ltd. A recent introduction to the extensive range of Tudor accessories is the “Easifil” sump heater. This is a welcome device for winter motoring and anything which simplifies the task of refilling paraffin heaters in winter is worth some little extra cost. The “Easifill” has an easily detachable top gauze for filling and sells for 27s 6d. Stand 394.

Tyresoles Ltd. will be exhibiting and demonstrating the new equipment for treating worn but sound tyre casings. Stand 488.

Vandervell Products Ltd. A selection of engine bearings, bushes and thrust washers are on view. Stand 269.

Weathershields Ltd. New lines introduced are the interior sun visor and heel-rest for lady drivers. The extensive range of car-comfort interior fittings can be seen in conjunction with the excellent sliding-roof conversions available for most fixed-head modern cars. Stand 225.

Wingard Ltd. The following new products will be shown : the Sahara heater, a new sump heater, flashing indicators and a springloaded mirror. Stand 389.

Wico-Pacy Sales Corp Ltd. Sparking plugs, magnetos, filters, rear lamps, flexible piping, and two new Continental horns are exhibited. Sold in matching sets, these horns retail at 75s, 6 or 12-volt. Stand 323.