The new road traffic act


I was most interested to read the letter from Mr HP Wright, of Lewes. His feelings concerning the new Road Traffic Act entirely reflect my own. Quite apart from the British Motor Industry, who will never shift themselves to help the motorist so long as they are selling cars, what the devil are the AA and RAC doing ? I am a member of both organisations and, as far as I can see, the answer is absolutely nothing.

The Automobile Association was founded on civil disobedience and the deliberate frustration of police activities on the Brighton Road. However, now that their membership has passed the one million mark, complacency appears to have set in and, like our politicians, all they can do is talk. The combined membership of the AA, RAC, RSAC and affiliated clubs must be around the three million mark and I am quite sure that, given a lead by the organisations which are supposed to assist and support them, the majority of the members would be quite prepared to refuse to pay for street parking, refuse to pay excessive road fund and to take part in other similar campaigns, until the Government was forced to give them the same consideration as is shown to the larger trade unions. It is too much to hope that at this late hour these organisations will find the courage and the energy to do their duty by their members ?

I am, Yours, etc.,

Richard M Leggatt, Farnborough, Kent.