Not on Sunday


Nobody wants to compel the Sabbatarians to go motor-racing on Sunday, and it seems to me unreasonable for believers in a God “whose service is perfect freedom” to seek to compel those who have other religious beliefs, or none, to observe a religious law which has no meaning for them. A church which demands religious freedom for itself ought to respect the rights and beliefs of others. Furthermore, example is better than compulsion, which history has shown over and over again to produce inevitably the opposite result from that which was intended.

And have the Sabbatarians considered the position of devout Jews and Moslems, for instance, who, if the LDOS had its way, would be compelled to observe the Sabbath twice a week ?

I observe that your Proprietor, among others, is opposed to the introduction of the “Continental Sunday” into this country. I respect his opinion, but cannot bring myself to sympathise with it. I believe the Continental Sunday to be in many respects more Christian than our own.

One final point : Christians are supposed to “do all to the glory of God.” Cannot motor-racing be carried on in this spirit by those who call themselves Christians ?

I am, Yours, etc.,

JO Stansfield, Liverpool 2.