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A.C.  Stand 140

Several models will be exhibited. Examples of both the Ace and the Aceca with A.C. and Bristol engines will be on view. The A.C. has a tubular chassis with independent suspension front and rear. The 90-b.h.p. six-cylinder engine of A.C. fame or the 120-b.h.p. Bristol unit can be supplied to order.

A.C. Cars, Ltd., Thames Ditton, Surrey.

Alfa-Romeo  Stand 123

This classic Italian make is of great interest to the enthusiast because, both in 1,290-c.c. Giulietta and 2-litre form, it provides outstanding performance and roadholding. Besides the Sprint and Sprint Veloce coupes the Giulietta is available in four-door saloon and open Spider versions, while a recent development of this very fine little car is the T.I. saloon powered with the Sprint engine, so that over 90 m.p.h. should be possible. The 1,900 Super Sprint offers over 120 m.p.h. in extreme safety and all models have high-efficiency twin o.h.c. engines and achieve their exceptional roadholding with lightweight, rigidly located back-axles of normal appearance.

Thomson and Taylor (Brooklands) Ltd., Portsmouth Road, Cobham, Surrey.

Allard  Stand 122

Two models are being shown, the Palm Beach Mk. II and a fixed-head Gran Turismo model on the same chassis as the Mk. II but fitted with a 20-gallon fuel tank. The chassis for these models is of tubular steel with i.f.s. by torsion bar and either Ford or Jaguar power-units are available for fitting to order.

Allard Motor Co., Ltd., 24-28, Clapham High Street, London, S.W.4.

Alvis  Stand 135

Here can be seen a standard 3-litre sports saloon basically unchanged from last year but with only minor changes in body styling. A new model, however, will be a drophead coupe on the same chassis. Designed by Graber, it will not be available on the home market at present, although as production increases a number will be released at a later date for sale in this country.

Alvis Motor Co., Ltd., Holyhead Road, Coventry.

Armstrong-Siddeley  Stand 139

The Sapphire programme is to continue with the model 346. Three cars will be shown, namely, the 346 saloon with automatic gearbox and power steering. A similar saloon will be on view fitted with conventional synchromesh box and a limousine also with the same gearbox. There are no mechanical changes.

Armstrong-Siddeley Motors, Ltd., Parkside, Coventry.

Aston Martin  Stand 156

David Brown have introduced a new Aston Martin, the DB Mk. III. Both saloon and drophead versions will be on view at this stand. The classic body lines of the original DR2 have been retained but the frontal aspect has been altered. New entirely, however, is the engine of 3-litres capacity incorporating valves and cylinder-head developed from the racing Aston Martins. It develops 202 b.h.p. at 5,500 r.p.m. when fitted with the twin exhaust system. Girling disc-brakes on the front wheels, David Brown gearbox with optional extra Laycock overdrive combine to make this an even faster car than it was previously.

Aston Martin, Ltd., Hanworth Park, Feltham, Middlesex.

Austin  Stand 158

On this stand will be a representative selection of all Austin models.

A collection of A35s can be seen together with A55s, A95s and A105s. A now model is now the Princess, formerly the Austin Princess which carried luxury saloon or limousine coachwork. This may be seen on the Austin Stand and on the coachwork stands.

Austin Motor Co. Ltd., Longbridge Works, Northfields, Birmingham.

Austin-Healey  Stand 126

On show will be several models both with open sports bodies and hard-tops. The mechanical specification of these cars remains unchanged as from last year.

Donald Healey Motor Co., Ltd., The Cape, Warwick.

Bentley  Stand 167

This stand will be showing a Bentley series “S” saloon in sand and sable with beige leather, a Bentley Continental drophead coupe by Park Ward in mist green with white leather, a Continental two-door saloon by Mulliner in ivory with red leather and an “S” series saloon in midnight blue with blue leather.

Bentley Motors (1931) Ltd., 14-15, Conduit Street, London, W.1.

Berkeley  Stand 116

This little car took Earls Court by storm last year, as the first British miniature sports car, notable technical features being its glass-fibre construction, front-wheel drive and air-cooled engine. Since then it has had a change of power unit and you will see it in 328-c.c. standard and de luxe forms and in the latest 492-c.c, three-cylinder style with triple Amal 28/30-b.h.p. Excelsior power-unit, a speed of over 80 m.p.h. being claimed. All models are available in hard-top form and prices range from under £500 to nearly £674, inclusive of p.t.

Berkeley Cars Ltd., Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

B.M.W.  Stand 133

For 1958 the B.M.W. range remains basically unchanged. A 502, a 507, a 503 and a 502 limousine will be on view. The 502 is a saloon with a V8 engine, the 507 is a sports two-seater, with V8 engine developing 150 b.h.p. at 5,000 r.p.m. providing a maximum speed of 140 m.p.h. with high axle ratio, hard-top and undertray. The 503s have fixed-head coupe and drophead coupe body styles. The 502 limousine is a six-seater version with a top speed of 105 m.p.h.

A.F.N. Ltd., Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth.

Borgward  Stand 172

Three models are being shown, namely the Kombi station wagon, the sports coupe and the Isabella 75 De Luxe. These are all 1958 models.

Metcalfe and Mundy, Ltd., 280, Old Brompton Road, London, S.W.5.

Bristol  Stand 163

The only new Bristol model to be introduced recently is the 2.2-litre-type 406 saloon with bodywork by Beutler, the Swiss coachbuilders. This is the only addition to the present Bristol range and is available only for export at present. Current Bristol models will also be on the stand.

Bristol Cars, Ltd., Filton House, Bristol. 

Buick and Cadillac  Stand 132

Three cars are on view, namely, a Buick Century, a Cadillac Fleetwood and a Cadillac Sedan de Ville. All are 1957 models.

Lendrum and Hartman, Ltd., Buick Works, Old Oak Lane, London, N.W.10.

Chevrolet Stand 149

Three 1957 models are on show, the 210 two-door handyman station wagon, the Belair two-door convertible coupe and the Belair four-door sedan.

General Motors, Ltd., 23, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W.1.

Chrysler  Stand 157

Four models are on view. A Chrysler Imperial “Le Baron” four-door Southampton, a Plymouth Belvedere four-door saloon, a Plymouth Savoy nine-passenger Suburban and a Chrysler Saratoga four-door saloon.

Chrysler Motors, Ltd., Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens, Surrey.

Citroen  Stand 141

No changes are evident in the Citroen car range for the coming year. The stand will be occupied by a selection of DS19s and 2 c.v. The ID19, however, is not being shown at Earls Court. The ID19 is similar to the DS19 but has the smaller engine.

Citroen Cars, Ltd., Trading Estate, Slough, Bucks.

Daimler  Stand 137

There will be no major changes in the Daimler range for 1958 and the current models will be on view together with the recent DK400 limousines which have been designed for the high-class hire trade.

Daimler Cars, Ltd., Coventry, Warwicks.

D.K.W.  Stand 112

Exhibits on this stand will comprise a fixed-head coupé, a four-door saloon and an estate car. Basically speaking the specification will remain for 1958 except in detail. The well-tried three-cylinder two-stroke engine of 896-c.c. capacity is renowned for its smoothness and high torque giving vivid acceleration and this car should remain a firm favourite for the discerning motorist in the coming months.

A.F.N., Ltd., Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth.

Dodge and De Soto  Stand 159

A Dodge Kingsway four-door saloon, a Dodge Custom Royal four-door saloon and a De Soto Diplomat Custom four-door special saloon will be on this stand.

Dodge Bros. (Britain), Ltd., Chrysler Works, Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens, Surrey.

Edsel  Stand 130

This exotic car is being exhibited — it is the latest model to come from the Ford Company of America. The Edsel has self-adjusting brakes, servo-operated transmission and many other luxurious appointments.

Lincoln Cars, Ltd., Great West Road, Brentford.

Facel  Stand 170

One of these interesting French cars will be on show. The car has a tubular chassis and uses the 5-litre V8 Chrysler engine. There are both two-door and four-door versions.

Facel S.A., 19, Avenue George V, Paris, France.

Fairthorpe  Stand 116A

The “Electron Minor” sports car will be on view at the show. This is a 90-m.p.h. car, selling for £719. Fairthorpe make other economy cars such an the Electron and the new Atomata which is fitted with a 650-c.c. o.h.v. engine giving extreme economy.

Fairthorpe Ltd., Market Place, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks.

Fiat  Stand 134

No changes will be made in the Fiat cars on show although the 500 can be seen together with a 600, a Multipla, 1,100 and 1,900 saloons. The rear-engined vertical twin Fiat is being shown in Britain for the first time but the rear-engined 600 is well known here together with the more conventional 1,100 and 1,900.

Fiat (England), Ltd., Water Road, Wembley, Middlesex.

Ford  Stand 143

No major changes will be apparent in the Ford programme but automatic transmission will be available as an optional extra on all models and there are changes to the radiator grilles, interior upholstery and rear windows. A de luxe Consul is being offered in two-tone colour schemes.

Ford Motor Co., Ltd., Victory House, 88, Regent Street, London, W.1.

Ford (American)  Stand 130

A Ford V8 Thunderbird sports car may be seen on this stand, which is also occupied by the Edsel Citation saloon.

Lincoln Cars, Ltd., Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex.

Frazer-Nash  Stand 133

A new chassis design and “Gran Turismo” fixed-head coupe bodywork are features of the 1958 V8 Continental Frazer-Nash. There will be in addition to the coupe an open two-seater to the same specification.

Frazer-Nash Cars, Falcon Works, Isleworth.

Frisky Stand  127

Light car enthusiasts will be able to see two versions of the Meadows Frisky, the Friskysport and the Frisky saloon. A more powerful version is now being produced than previously and is fitted with a 325-c.c. two-stroke 17-b.h.p. Villiers engine.

H. Meadows, Ltd., Fallings Park, Wolverhampton.

Goggomobil  Stand 169

A good selection of Goggomobils can be seen. There will be a TS300 or 400 coupe, a TS300 or 400 fixed-head coupe, two T300 or 400 saloons and one T300 sun-roof saloon. There will also be one model designed for disabled drivers, particularly those without legs.

Mansell and Fisher, 20, Cadogan Lane, London, S.W.1.

Heinkel  Stand 114

This diminutive car, which is well known in Britain as a three-wheeler, is being exhibited in four-wheeler form with added passenger space.

Hans Glas Isaria-Vertnieb-K.G., c/o Mansell and Fisher, 20, Cadogan Lane, London, S.W.1.

Hillman  Stand 161

No major changes are being made in the Hillman range for 1958. De Luxe saloons and coupes will be on view together with the Husky, which also remains unchanged for next year. The new “Jubilee” models, however, have improved performance and the “Special” saloon has been reduced in price by £21.

Hillman Motor Car Co., Ltd., Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry.

Hudson  Stand 164

Five Hudsons are being shown. There will be a Rambler saloon and station wagon, an Ambassador saloon, a Metropolitan hard-top and a Metropolitan convertible.

Hudson Motors Ltd., Great West Road, London, W.4.

Humber  Stand 152

A new model is available with lower lines and a choice of automatic transmission; this is the Hawk Estate Car. It is available in standard form or with Laycock overdrive or Borg-Warner automatic transmission. There is a load-carrying space of 56 cu. ft. or seating for six and luggage. The price is £1,463 17s. with normal transmission, with £75 extra for overdrive or £172 with automatic transmission.

Humber, Ltd., Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry.

Isetta  Stand 171

Four cars and a chassis will be on view. There will be the standard 300 saloon, the Luxury Plus 300, the two-pedal model with Smith sectroshift gearbox and the 4/5-seater 600 which is the most recent example.

Isetta of Great Britain, Ltd., Locomotive Works, New England Road, Brighton, 1.

Jaguar  Stand 153

One of Britain’s outstanding high-performance cars, it is no exaggeration to state that on this Stand there is a model to suit a wide range of customers seeking a vehicle in this category. The luxurious 100-m.p.h.-plus Mk. VIII saloon provides for the business executive and is reviewed elsewhere in this issue. The 2.4- and 3.4-litre Jaguar saloons now have disc brakes and are extremely fast and comfortable cars. The XK150, also disc-braked, maintains the great reputation of the XK120 and 140 as coupes that motor like sports cars, while for the true enthusiast there is the 170-m.p.h. XKSS, which is a road-equipped version of the sports/racing D-type of Le Mans reputation. All Jaguars have the extremely powerful, smooth and reliable race-developed twin o.h.c. engine.

Jaguar Cars Ltd., Brown’s Lane, Coventry.

Janus  Stand 131

This miniature car with central-mounted engine can be seen on this Stand.

Zundapp-Janus, U.S. Concessionaires Ltd., 5, Jubilee Place, London, S.W.3.

Jensen  Stand 165

Three cars can be seen on this stand, namely the De Luxe and standard saloons with a special equipment saloon. The new 541 “R” series is a 125-m.p.h. car for the connoisseur. Disc-brakes are fitted to the rear and the body, like other Jensen models, is of fibre-glass.

Jensen Motors, Ltd., Carters Green, West Bromwich, Staffs.

Lagonda  Stand 156

Lagondas remain unchanged for 1958, the 3-litre saloon remaining as the principal model. This is a genuine 100-m.p.h saloon fitted with the 140-b.h.p. o.h.c. engine and carrying luxurious coachwork.

Lagonda Cars Ltd., Hanworth Park, Feltham, Middlesex.

Lancia  Stand 120

This renowned Italian car is now made mainly in Appia and Flaminia form, the Gran Turismo Aurelia being produced in relatively very small numbers. The Appia is a well-established economy model which is available with a variety of attractive sports-coupe bodies, while the Flaminia is a 2½-litre V6, with de Dion back axle, its styling designed to appeal to dollar customers and providing a good performance with a high degree of silence and comfort.

Lancia (England) Ltd., Lancia Works, 372, Ealing Road, Alperton, Middlesex.

Lincoln  Stand 130

On this stand will be a 1958 Edsel “Citation” four-door hardtop, one of America’s newest models; there will also be a 1957 Ford V8 Fairlane “500” retractable hard-top. A Ford V8 “Thunderbird” sports car will also be exhibited.

Lincoln Cars, Ltd., Great West Read, Brentford, Middlesex.

Lotus  Stand 119

Enthusiasts will be able to view several different models as last year. There will be two Mk. XIs, one a club model fitted with drum brakes, live axle and Ford engine and a Le Mans model differing slightly from last year, being fitted with a stronger chassis to take the twin-cam Climax engine as an optional extra. Provision is also being made to supply Xls with 750-c.c. engines. A new model, the Lotus VII is being introduced at a lower cost than the XI following the tremendous number of enquiries for the Mk. VI.

Lotus Engineering Co., Ltd., 7, Tottenham Lane, Hornsey, London, N.8.

Mercedes-Benz  Stand 117

The new 300SL roadster will be on view together with a 220S fitted with the new hydro-automatic clutch.

Innovations on the 180 model being shown will be a new engine with overhead camshaft and downdraught carburetter designed for standard fuel on a compression-ratio of 6:8 to 1. The 180D will only have detailed interior alterations as will the 190 and the 190SL. The 220S has had its compression ratio raised to 8.7 to 1 and can be fitted, on request, with the “Hydrak” clutch. The 300 Automatic has the fuel-injection engine and a longer wheelbase.

Mercedes-Benz (Great Britain) Ltd., 58, Camberwell New Road, London, S.E.5.

M.G.  Stand 151

There will be four M.G.s on show, two MGAs, one with a hard-top and one as standard and two Magnettes can be seen, these being a standard model and a varitone. A display chassis is also being shown.

M.G. Car Co., Ltd., Cowley, Oxford.

Morgan  Stand 125

Five cars can be seen on this stand and one chassis. The cars will be plus 4s with two- and four-seater bodies with wire- and disc-wheels. There will also be a coupe and a series II.

Morgan Motor Co., Ltd., Pickersleigh Road, Malvern Link, Worcs.

Morris  Stand 155

Several Morris 1000s will be on the stand, together with a Cowley, a new Oxford “All-Steel” Traveller, an Oxford and an Isis saloon. The new Steel Traveller was announced in August this year and is the newest model to come from the Morris factory.

Morris Motors, Cowley, Oxford.

Nash  Stand 124

Two 1958 models will be on view, a 1958 Nash Ambassador four-door saloon, a 1958 Rambler four-door saloon and a Nash Metropolitan hard-top.

Nash Concessionaires, Ltd., Albany Street, London. N.W.1.

Oldsmobile  Stand 121

There will be two of these cars on the Stand, a Series 88 Super convertible coupe and an 88 four-door sedan.

General Motors, Ltd., 23, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W.1.

Packard  Stand 142

A Packard Hawk is on this stand together with other Studebaker models.

Studebaker-Packard Corporation, 385, Euston Road, London, N.W.1.

Panhard  Stand 147

As last year there will be two f.w.d. Panhard saloons and one DB, one of the first to come to this country.

Tarrant and Frazer, Ltd., 10, Winchester Mews, London, N.W.3.

Peugeot  Stand 136

A 203 will he shown together with two 403s and a 403 station wagon, which is one of the latest models to be introduced in this range of cars.

Distributors: Peugeot, Ltd., 127, High Street, Croydon.

Plymouth  Stand 157

A Plymouth Belvedere will be on this Stand with Chrysler models.

Chrysler Motors Ltd., Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens.

Pontiac  Stand 131

Four cars are being exhibited including the Club de Mer sports car and the four-door Catalina sedan,

U.S. Concessionaires, Ltd., 5, Jubilee Place, London, S.W.3.

PORSCHE  Stand 113

Porsche models at the show will be supplemented by the new detachable hard-top and detachable cabriolet models. These are designed for the owner who wants an open car in the summer but a warm saloon when winter approaches. The present range includes the existing coupe drophead and roadster models. Improvements include a re-designed exhaust system, improved clutch and steering, and modified crankcase lubrication system. The “Super” models now have a plainbearing crankshaft which means that the engine will still be as smooth as the standard ones but will have an additional 15 b.h.p. Models shown will be the “Standard” a “Super” and a “Carrera.”

A.F.N., Ltd., Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth.

Renault  Stand 150

Four models are being shown on this stand, the well-known 750, a Fregate and two Dauphines, one of which is fitted with Ferlec automatic clutch and also on display is a Dauphine chassis with luxury trimmings. The Gordini Dauphine, which is the special-equipment model available on the Continent, will not be at Earls Court.

Renault, Ltd., Western Avenue, London, W.3.

Riley  Stand 160

Riley Motors, will be showing examples of the 2.6-litre saloon which is a large luxury model with the smoother six-cylinder B.M.C. engine.

Riley Motors, Ltd., Cowley, Oxford.

Rolls-Royce  Stand 166

The illustrious models on this stand will be the Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith seven-passenger limousine with coachwork by Park Ward, having an electrically-operated division and a host of pleasing interior fitments. A Silver Cloud long-wheelbase saloon with division can also be viewed. This model is a conversion of the Silver Cloud “S” series steel saloon lengthened to suit the longer wheelbase. Folding tables, electrically-operated windows and swivelling ventilating windows are but some of the embellishments.

Rolls-Royce, Ltd., 14/15, Conduit Street, London, W.1.

Rover  Stand 145

No changes have been made except that the new duo-tone colours are now available. Four cars and a chassis will be on the stand, a 105R de luxe in fawn, a 105S in new pale green, a 90 in black and smoke and a 60 in dove-grey.

Rover Car Co., Ltd., Meteor Works, Solihull, Birmingham.

Simca  Stand 118

No changes are being made in the Simca range of models for the show and only 1957 models can be seen in the Simca Aronde and Grand Large series. They will constitute one Aronde Lysee, one Montlhery and one Grand Large.

Fiat (England) Ltd., Water Road, Wembley, Middlesex.

Simca Vedette  Stand 129

There will be three models, all of which are new. There will be two Beauxlieux versions which replace the Versailles and one Chambord, which is the two-door model.

Fiat (Wembley) Ltd., Water Road, Wembley, Middlesex.

Singer  Stand 148

The Singer Gazelle remains basically unchanged except that there is now an estate car available on this chassis and that all models are available with overdrive. The front of this Rootes group model has been slightly altered and there are new colour schemes.

Rootes Group, Ltd., Devonshire House, Piccadilly, London, W.1.

Skoda Stand 154

An example of this rugged Czechoslovakian car may be examined on this stand.

L. C. Rawlence, Ltd., Queens Chambers, Queens Road, East Grinstead, Sussex.

Standard  Stand 146

The new Ten is powered by the Golden engine with 8-to-1 compression-ratio giving the car a top speed of 70 m.p.h. The Ensign is similar in styling to the Vanguard but has the 1,670-c.c. 14-h.p. engine and is priced at £899 17s. The Pennant is another new smaller model with added refinements and new colour schemes. The Pennant is priced at £728 17s.

Standard Motor Co., Ltd., Canley Works, Coventry.

Studebaker  Stand 142 

Four 1958 cars will be on this stand: three Studebakers and a Packard. The models will be a Studebaker President Classic, a Studebaker Economy four-door sedan, a President and one Packard Hawk.

Studebaker-Packard Corporation, 385, Euston Road, N.W.1.

Sunbeam  Stand 138

A choice of Sunbeam Rapiers may be seen on the Sunbeam stand this year but there will be no showing of the Sunbeam III.

Sunbeam-Talbot, Ltd., Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry.

Triumph  Stand 168

There will be no different Triumph sports cars on view at the show this year but a series of models in different colours and with hard-tops can be seen on this stand.

Triumph Motor Co., Ltd., Canley Works, Coventry.

Vauxhall  Stand 162

The new Vauxhall Cresta and Velox models have recently been announced and these will be prominently displayed. The new models have improved and lengthened body styling with a larger and more powerful engine pulling the same weight of body as in the older Veloxes. Brake horse-power is now 82.5 at 4,400 r.p.m. on a 7.8-to-1 compression-ratio. The prices have been announced to the effect that the Velox will cost £983 17s. and the Cresta £1,073  17s. with tax included.

Vauxhall Motors, Ltd., Luton, Bedfordshire.

Volkswagen  Stand 115

No major changes have been announced in the universally-popular Volkswagen models for the London Motor Show with the exception of the improved appearance of the cars; larger rear window and other minor embellishments constitute the changes. A representative selection of all models will be on the stands.

VW Motors, Ltd., Byron House, St. James’ Street, London, S.W.1.

Wolseley  Stand 144

The Wolseley range is not having any additions for the Motor Show. A representative model of each type is being exhibited, namely a 6/90, a 15/50 and three 1,500s. The last mentioned are the latest models to come from the Wolseley factory and are fitted with the series “B” B.M.C. engine and the M.G. gearbox.

Wolseley Motors, Ltd., Cowley, Oxford.