The Cars at Earls Court

A.G. Stand 165
There are no new models from A.C. on the Stand this year and the display will consist of two Ace open two-seaters, two Aceca coupes and an exhibition chassis as shown last year. The 120-b.h.p. Bristol engine continues as an alternative to the 90-b.h.p. A.C. engine.
A.C. Cars Ltd., Thames Dillon, Surrey.

ALFA-ROMEO Stand 134
A new model is added to the delectable range of cars exhibited by this famous Italian marque; this is the 2,000 Spider Cabriolet which is of monocoque construction with body by Touring of Milan. It is fitted with a 2-litre, twin o.h.c. engine giving 115 b.h.p. at 5,800 r.p.m. and endowing this occasional four-seater with a top speed of 112 m.p.h. A six-seater saloon version of this car is available but is not exhibited at the Show. Four versions of the popular Giulietta model are on display with slightly modified radiator grilles and an increase in power from 65 b.h.p. to 80 b.h.p.
Thomson and Taylor (Brooklands) Ltd., Portsmouth Road, Cobham Surrey.

ALVIS Stand 149
The Graber-designed 3-litre Alvis continues virtually unchanged externally, but the coachwork will now be made in this country by Park Ward of London. Detail changes have been made in the specification and the price has been reduced on both the saloon and the drophead coupe.
Alvis Ltd.. Holyhead Road. Coventry.

The new Star Sapphire will be introduced at the Show. This car is basically similar to the 346 Limousine which continues unchanged but is fitted with a 4-litre engine developing 165 b.h.p. at 4 250 r.p.m. Disc brakes are fitted at the front with drum brakes at the rear, while power steering and automatic transmission are standard features. Two of these cars will be exhibited along with one example of the 346 Limousine.
Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd., Parkside. Coventry.

Centre of attraction for all enthusiasts will be the new DB4 sports saloon, although with a price tag of nearly £4,000 few will be able to afford one. Its Italian styling is evident in every line and indeed only the radiator grille serves to distinguish the car from many Maserati and Ferrari coupes. With a 240-b.h.p. 3.7-litre engine the DB4 should prove formidable in Gran Turismo events. One car in pale primrose is on display together with a DB3 saloon and a drophead coupe; one of the 3.7-litre engines is exhibited separately.
Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd., Hanworth Park, Feltham, Middlesex

AUSTIN Stand 157
The Farina-styled A40 is the only new Austin at Earls Court and will be shown alongside the existing range of A35, A55, A95 and A105. Using existing mechanical components the A40 is an attempt to combine the qualities of the saloon car with those of the estate car. The engine is the 948-c.c. unit as used in the A35, and most of the other components are taken from the A35.
Austin Motor Co. Itd.. Longbridge Works. Northfields. Birmingham

The latest model in the Austin-Healey range, the Sprite, will be on display for the first time although it is by now well known to most enthusiasts. At £686 it is one of the cheapest sports cars on the market. Its big brother, the Austin-Healey 100-Six, will also be displayed.
D. Healey Motor Co. Ltd., The Cape, Warwick.

BENTLEY Stand 167
The Series " S" Bentley continues virtually unchanged for 1959 although the various body builders will be offering variations on the basic chassis on their own Stands at the Show.
Bentley Motors (1931) Ltd., 14-15, Conduit Street, London, W.1.

BERKELEY Stand 172
The Berkeley will be shown in its 328 c.c. and 492 c.c. de luxe forms as already well known to enthusiasts, with only minor alterations and improvements to its specification. A four-seater model is in course of preparation.
Berkeley Cars Ltd., Hitchin Street, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

BORG WARD Stand 127
Famous for the high speed obtainable from its 1.5-litre engine and the excellent roadholding given by its independent rear suspension the Borgward continues with few changes for 1959. Main changes are a modified rear wing incorporating reversing lights and slightly enlarging the boot. The diamond motif in the radiator grille will become smaller. Stabilising fins are now an optional extra on the Isabella TS fixed head coupe.
Metcalfe and Mundy. Ltd., 280, Old Brampton Road, London. S.W.5.

B.M.W. Stand 128
Once again the B.M.W. range remains virtually unchanged except that the " 502" saloon is now available with the 162-b.h.p. engine as fitted to the 503." When so equipped it will be known as the " 502-Super." The "507 " sports model is still only available with left-hand drive.
A.F.N. Ltd., Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth. Middlesex.

BRISTOL Stand 151
Two examples of the recently introduced type " 406 " model are shown on this Stand. Main changes in chassis specification from the "405 " are the provision of Dunlop disc brakes for all four wheels and the enlargement of the engine from 2 litres to 2.2 litres. The bodywork has been completely redesigned and a novel feature is the provision of a compartment behind the nearside front wheel which houses the spare wheel. A similar compartment on the off side holds the battery and windsereen washer reservoirs.
Bristol Cars Ltd., Filton House, Bristol.

The 1959 Buicks are even longer, lower and wider than last year's models, and the whole range has been restyled, the main change being the huge flared tail fins known as "delta wings." Technically the main innovation is the use of pneumatic springs on the rear axle. More power is the order of the day for Cadillac, 345 b.h.p. being available from some engines. New body styles are also introduced, the emphasis being on larger tail tins and a dummy rear grille.
Lendrum and Hartman, Ltd., Buick Works, Old Oak Lane, London. N. W.10.

Chevrolet are introducing one new model for 1959 which is the Impala four-door saloon. The Bel-Air models continue unchanged for 1959.
B and C Concessions. Ltd., 77, St Martin's Lane, London. W.C.2.

CERYSLER Stand 139
The Chrysler which was one of the less gaudy of the American cars has succumbed to the goner 1 trend and the front end treatment is once again of the chromium-plated variety.
Chrysler Motors, Ltd., Mortlake Road, Kew Gardens, Surrey.

CITROEN Stand 150
Although several new versions of the DSI9 have been introduced in France only the normal model will be displayed this year. The ID19 which has less automatic controls than the DS19 makes its Show debut although it has been on sale in this country for some time.
Citroen Cars, Ltd.. Trading Estate, Slough, Bucks.

D.A.F. Stand 112
Holland's only car, the D.A.F.. makes its bow at the Motor Show and will undoubtedly cause a great deal of interest among enthusiasts. With its 22-b.h.p., 600-c.c. flat-twin air-cooled engine and revolutionary Variomatic transmission incorporating belt-drive it is certainly of advanced design. With seating for four people and luggage space to match the D.A.F. is definitely a lusty " baby."
Van Doorne's Atitomobielabri4 Eindhoven. Holland

DAIMLER Stand 142
The Majestic makes its debut at Earls Court, the main changes from previous Daimler practice being the fitting of disc brakes on all four wheels and automatic transmission as standard equipment. Only other model to be shown is the DK400/A Limousine which has had more attention paid to the driver's comfort since this seat will usually be occupied by a chauffeur. The One-O-Four saloon continues unchanged.
The Daimler Co., Ltd., Coventry.

The Dodge and De Soto range has had the usual face-lift with rather less ornamentation than most cars of the type. Pneumatic rear springs are featured.
Dodge Bros. (Britain) Ltd., Chrysler Works, Mortlake Road. Kew Gardens, Surrey.

FACEL Stand 126
Facel-Vega models for 1959 will be the HK500 two-door saloon and the Excellence four-door pillarless saloon. These French luxury cars are to be powered by a new Chrysler engine, the 6-litre Typhoon which develops 360 b.h.p. (American) at 5,200 r.p.m. The "Achilles heel" of the Facet, the brakes, are still of the drum type although Dunlop disc brakes are available as an extra along with power steering, air conditioning, and automatic transmission.
H.W Motors, Ltd.. Walton-on-Thames. Surrey.

FERRARI Stand 118

Through his connection with Seuderia Ferrari, Mike Hawthorn has been appointed Ferrari agent for Great Britain and will be showing a 250 GT Coupe with body by Pinin Farina. This car has the 3-litre V12 engine which develops 240 b.h.p. at 7,000 r.p.m. on a compression ratio of 8.5 : 1 and using triple Weber carburetters. A maximum speed of 140 m.p.h. is claimed for the Ferrari in standard trim.
T. T. Garage Ltd., Farnham, Surrey.

FIAT Stand 141

The Fiat range is virtually unaltered for 1959 and most models from the tiny " 500 " to the " 1,900" saloons will be displayed at Earls Court. Slight modifications have been made to the " 500." A convertible version is available.
Fiat (England) Ltd., Water Road, Wembley, Middlesex.

FORD Stand 144
From the Popular to the Zodiac the Ford range will be unchanged at the Show, despite rumours of new versions of the Popular, Anglia and Prefect.
Ford Motor Co., Ltd., Victory House, 88, Regent Street, London, W.I.

FORD (American) Stand 131
Following the general trend in America the Ford range for 1959 which covers 17 models will be longer, lower and wider than last year's models but with less chromium plating and ornamentation. The new Thunderbird and Lincoln are also shown on this Stand.
Lincoln Cars, Ltd.. Great West Road, Breraford. Middlesex.

The Frazer-Nash has been slightly altered from last year and can be seen in coupe form. The V8 B.M.W. engine develops 140 b.h.p. at 4,800 r.p.m. As these cars are custom-built the specification varies considerably.
A.F.N. Ltd., Falcon Works, London Road, Isleworth, Middlesex.

FRISKY Stand 117
One of the few new cars to interest the enthusiast this year is the Friskysprint competition two-seater with bodywork complying with Appendix " C." It is fitted with the three-cylinder 492-c.c. Excelsior two-stroke engine which gives off 30 b.h.p. (gross) at 5,700 r.p.m. on a compression ratio of 8.25-to-1 and fitted with three Amal carburetters. Suspension at the front is independent by wishbones and coil springs, and the rear end is fitted with independent swing axles and coil springs. With a weight of around 6 cwt. the Friskysprint should be capable of over 90 m.p.h. and not content with this the makers are hoping to produce a 700 c.c., 115 m.p.h. version at a later date. It should provide formidable opposition in sports-car racing, especially at Le Mans where it could easily take the Index of Performance. The Friskysport convertible and coupe which are fitted with the Villiers 324-c.c. engine will also be shown.
Frisky Cars Ltd., Park Lane, Wolverhampton, Staffs.

The fascinating Goggomobil saloon and coupe will be shown at Earls Court. Only minor changes have been made to the specification since last year's models were introduced. The new Super-Gag will also be shown.
Goggornobil Ltd., 93/95, Old Brompton Road, London, S. W.7.

HILLMAN Stand 162
The Hillman Minx range is now available with the larger 1,494-c.c. engine which gives 52 b.h.p. at 4,400 r.p.m. Detail changes are also made, the most apparent of which is the restyled radiator grille. The Manumatie system of two-pedal control is available as an optional extra.
Hillman Motor Car Co. Ltd., Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry.

HUMBER Stand 146

The new Humber Super Snipe will have pride of place at Earls Court. The new 2.6-litre engine gives 112 b.h.p. and endows the Super Snipe with a maximum speed of 90 m.p.h. Power-assisted steering and automatic transmission are available. The Hawk will also be shown.
Humber Ltd., Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry.

ISETTA Stand 174
The Isetta range continues unchanged for 1959 except for a few minor details. Three models are made in Britain, namely the Standard, Plus and the two-pedal models. The " 600" saloon is still imported front Germany.
Isetta of Great Britain. Ltd., New England Road, Brighton, 1.

JAGUAR Stand 155
Exhibited for the first time is the new Jaguar Mk. IX saloon. Outwardly similar to the Mk. VIII it is fitted with a 3.8-litre version of the well known six-cylinder twin o.h.c. engine, no doubt developed from the 3.8-litre engines used in sports-car races. Although the power output has been increased to 225 b.h.p. the main object has been to increase the torque low down in the rev, range thus improving the acceleration rather than the maximum speed. Other improvements include disc brakes on all four wheels and power steeering. The Mk. VIII continues unchanged as do the 2.4 and 3.4 saloons. The XKI50 open two-seater is now available on the home market. An example of each of these cars is displayed on the Jaguar Stand.
Jaguar Cars Ltd., Browns Lane, Coventry.

JENSEN Stand 169
The glass-fibre bodied, disc-braked, 4-litre Jensen 541R continues with few changes from last year's model.
Jensen Motors, Ltd., West Bromwich, Staffs.

LANCIA Stand 170
There are no changes on the Lancia Stand this year, the series consisting of the Apple in saloon and coupe form, the Gran Turismo Aurelia in saloon and coupe form and the American-style Flaminia six-seater saloon. The Appia saloon especially is rather dated in appearance and some new models should soon be forthcoming from the Turin works.
Lancia (England) Ltd., Lancia Works, 372, Ealing Road, Alperton. Middlesex.

LOTUS Stand 123
The only racing car at the Show can be seen on the Lotus Stand. It is a Formula II car of the type which was introduced half-way through the racing season this year with the Vanwall-like body shape. Alongside this will be two of the Elite coupes which are now going into production after intensive development work during the past year. Externally similar to the cars shown last year many detail improvements have been made such as improving the interior finish and enlarging the boot. One car will be open for closer inspection. The sports/racing cars are not being shown.
Lotus Engineering Ltd., 7, Tottenham Lane, llornsey, N.8.

Main news from Mercedes is that a new fuel injection version of the "220S," the " 220SE," will be on display at the Show, which will have a nine per cent, better performance than the "220S." Also on display are the "300" automatic saloon and the" 190SL " roadster. The " 300SL " is still available and a hardtop has been introduced for the roadster version.
Mercedes-Benz (Great Britain) Ltd., Great West Road, Brentford. Middlesex.

M.G. Stand 15t
The recently introduced "Twin Cam" M.G.A will be on display together with the standard M.G.A which is still in production. The Magnette and Magnette Varitone will also be exhibited.
M.G. Car Co., Ltd., Cowley, Oxford.

MORGAN Stand 129
The Morgan Stand will hold five cars, three of them being left-hand drive examples destined for the U.S. market. Only alterations from last year are on the Plus Four two-seater which now has a wider body and a modified tail treatment.
Morgan Motor Co., Ltd., Picklersleigh Road, Malvern Link. Worcestershire.

MORRIS Stand 160
Detail modifications only have been made to the Morris range for 1959, the main one being the lengthening of the gear lever in the " 1000 " model. The Cowley and Oxford are unchanged while the Isis is now out of production.
Morris Motors, Cowley. Oxford.

N.S.U. Stand 173
Mouth-watering new model from N.S.U. is the Sport Prinz, which is the high performance version of the four-seater Prinz saloon with bodywork by Bertone, the Italian stylist. With a 30-b.h.p. two-cylinder o.h.c. four-stroke engine and independent four-wheel suspension this car will be high on many enthusiasts lists for Christmas! Nominally a two-seater but with room for two children the Sport Prinz, should reach a maximum speed of about 85 m.p.h. with a fuel consumption of around 50 m.p.g. The price for Great Britain has not yet been released.
N.S.U. (Great Britain) Ltd., 7, Chesterfield Gardens, London, W.1.

This American make follows the general trend for 1959 of being longer, lower and wider, some of the Oldsmobile models being 18 ft. long. Tail fins and frontal treatment have become even more pronounced.
General Motors, Ltd., 23, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W1.

PANHARD Stand 148
The Dyna saloon and drophead coupe are now to be distributed in Great Britain by Citroen Cars Ltd. and the models on this Stand are being exhibited by this company.
Citroen Cars, Ltd., Trading Estate, Slough. Bucks.

PEERLESS Stand 113
Exhibiting for the first time at Earls Court the interesting Peerless is unusual for a production car in that it has a de Dion rear axle and four-seater glass-fibre bodywork. One of these cars ran steadily at Le Mans to gain sixteenth place this year in the 24-hour race.
Peerless Cars, Ltd., Bath Road. Slough, Burks.

PEUGEOT Stand 152
The " 203 " and the " 403 " in saloon and cabriolet form will appear on this Stand and will be virtually unchanged front last year's models.
Distributors Peugeot, Ltd., 127, High Street, Croydon. Surrey.

PONTIAC Stand 133
Two new models are announced from Pontiac. to be known as the Bonneville and the Parisienne. The Safari station wagon is one of the longest cars at the Show, being 18 ft. 6 in. long. The double headlamp feature is retained.
Concessionnaires, Ltd., Pontiac Works, Jubilee Mace. London.

PORSCHE Stand 130
Basically unchanged for 1959 the only new model on the Porsche Stand will be the D-type convertible model which was introduced in August this year. The. bodywork for this model is being manufactured by Dranz one of Germany's leading coachbuilders.
A.F.N. Ltd.. folcon Works. London Road. lsleworth, Middlesex.

RAMBLER Stand 136
Until the advent of the Studebaker Lark the Rambler was the smallest car on sale in the U.S.A. and enjoyed large sales when other manufacturers were having a lean time earlier this year. The two-car range is not greatly altered this year.
Nash Coneessionnaires, Ltd., Nash Street, London, W.1.

RENAULT Stand 143
The handsome new model from Renault, the Floride, will be displayed prominently at Earls Court. Mainly directed at the American market the Floride will nevertheless be available to British motorists later this year. It will be available in three versions, the coupe, cabriolet and hard top. The Florida will be shown instead of the Monte Carlo rally winning Dauphine, although Dauphines will be on view.
Renault Ltd., Western Avenue., London, W.3.

RILEY Stand 153

Although the Riley 1.5 is well known on our roads by now it will make its Show debut at Earls Court. Also on display will be the less well known 2.6 model which is a genuine 100 m.p.h. motor car.
Riley Motors, Ltd., Cowley, Oxford.

The Silver Cloud standard model and the long wheelbase model continue in virtually unchanged form on the Rolls-Royce Stand, although several variations, notably an open model, can be seen on the coachbuilders Stands.
Rolls-Boyce, Ltd., 14/15, Conduit Street, London, W1.

ROVER Stand 161
The newest model in the Rover range, the 3-litre, will be displayed together with the existing range of Rover cars. The new engine develops 115 b.h.p. at 4,250 r.p.m. The wrap-round windscreen and restyled front end depart in some ways front the Rover tradition but the new car should be a worthy addition to the range.
Rover Co.. Ltd., Lode Lane., Solihull, Warwickshire,

SIMCA Stands 124 and 125
Both the Simea Vedette range with the 2.4-litre V8 engines and the restyled P60 and Aronde models will be displayed on these Stands. The Aronde models will now have three optional engines made available to customers choice. No less than twelve different models are to be available.
Fiat (England), Ltd., Water Road, Wembley, Middlesex.

SINGER Stand 166
A matter of regret for many people is the fact that the overhead camshaft Singer engine is now out of production, and all future models will be powered by the 1.5-litre Rootes group engine. The Singer models are basically unchanged except for a new body-flask.
Singer Motors, Ltd.. Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry.

SKODA Stand 116
The Skoda is the Czechoslovakian idea of a motor car and is produced in three versions. A report of our road test of the " 440" appears in this issue, the car having a backbone chassis and independent four-wheel suspension. Other models are the " 1,201 " estate car and the " 450 " drophead coupe.
Automotive and Marine. Ltd., The Crown Garage, Albany Street. London, N.W.1.

STANDARD Stand 147
The Vanguard has taken on a new body style under the influence of the Italian stylist Michelotti, who designed the Frisky. This will be known as the Vignalo Vanguard, as this Italian company are carrying out the building of the prototypes. Changes cover the radiator grille, rear end treatment and new type wheels. The remainder of the Standard range continues with few alterations.
Standard Motor Co., Ltd., Conley Works, Coventry.

Two new models are on display from Studebaker, one being the Hawk and the other will be the Regal. The Hawk is a two-door coupe while the Regal is a four-door saloon.
Studebaker-Packard Corporation, 385, Euston Road, London, N. W.1.

SUNBEAM Stand 159
The rally-proved Sunbeam Rapier Mk. II which was introduced last year continues unchanged for 1959. It is now available as a three-way convertible, and Laycock-de-Normanville overdrive is an optional extra.
Sunbearn-Talbot, Ltd., Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry

TRIUMPH Stand 135
The TR3A which was introduced earlier this year will be unaltered for the Show and continues to offer good value in the sports-car class
Triumph Motor Co. (1945), Ltd., Canley Works, Coventry.

UNICAR Stand 120
This glass-fibre-bodied economy car is unchanged for its first appearance at the Motor Show.
S. E. Opperman. Ltd.. Stirling Corner, Boreham Wood, Herts.

VAUXHALL Stand 163
The popular Vauxhall models will have very few changes for 1959 and the handsome Velox and Cresta will take pride of place in the display.
Vauxhall Motors, Ltd., Luton. Beds.


The ubiquitous VW has built itself a reputation all over the world for long engine life in the region of 60,000 miles and good roadholding properties, and despite various rumours the vehicle will appear in the same form as last year.
VW Motors, Ltd., 32/34. St. John's Wood Road. London, N. W.8.

The Volvo, which has gained a good reputation in the United States, will be the first Swedish car to be shown in Britain and will soon be on sale here. The only model to the " 122S" four-door saloon.
Volvo. Akiebolaget. Gateborg, Sweden.

WOLSELEY Stand 145
The Wolseley 1500 which is similar to the Riley 1.5 will be displayed along with the 15/50 and the 6/90. No changes have been made to these cars since last year.
Wolsetey Motors.. Ltd., Cowley, Oxfted.