Earls Court Reviewed



Instead of our usual stand-by-stand review of the exhibits at Earls Court we have grouped the various models into the following categories: Economy Cars, Small Family Cars, Large Family Cars, Luxury Cars, High-Performance Closed Cars, and Open Sports Cars. Although certain cars can obviously be placed in more than one category, readers will be able to see at a glance the various makes and models in the particular class which interests them. Speed and fuel consumption figures quoted are the average of published road-tests.

Economy Cars

Austin Se7en  Stand 107

The Austin Se7en has received so much comment recently that anything further would be superfluous (until we have carried out our marathon road-test). It merely remains to be seen if this vehicle will be as long-lived as its famous predecessor. A sectioned car and engine can be seen on the stand.

Maximum speed: 74 m.p.h. Fuel consumption: 40 m.p.g. Price: £497.

Austin A40  Stand 107 

Having most of the mechanical components of the A35 which it now replaces, the A40 displays better road-holding because of its wider track, and looks better because of its Farina styling.

Maximum speed: 72 m.p.h. Fuel consumption: 41 m.p.g. Price: £639; de luxe, £651.

Citroen 2 c.v.  Stand 131

This strictly utilitarian French car has better fuel consumption than most other “babies” but sales suffer in this country because of its relatively high price and lack of performance.

Maximum speed: 48 m.p.h. Fuel consumption: 54 m.p.g. Price: £565.

Fiat 500, 600 and Multipla  Stand 129

The excellent road-holding and “unburstability” of the engines have gained a large following for these models in Britain. The 1960 models will all have more power, and the 500 will have better seating at the rear.

Maximum speed: 500, 50 m.p.h.; 600, 60 m.p.h. Fuel consumption: 500, 47 m.p.g.; 600, 44 m.p.g.

Prices: 500 Convertible, £499; Sunroof, £525; 600, £613; Convertible, £641; Multipla 4/5, £755; Multiple 6, £766.

Ford Popular, Anglia and Prefect  Stands 103 and 104

Few people will regret the passing of the “perpendicular” Popular, unless it is those who have produced modifications for this rugged but out-dated model. The new Popular (a spartan version of the Anglia) will probably sell well in spite of its lack of independence at the rear. The new Prefect with four speeds and overhead valves and the new Anglia with an attractive new body will also find a ready market.

Prices: Popular, £494; Anglia, £589; Prefect, £621. (No performance figures available.)

Goggomobil  Stand 111

One of the makes that is obviously going to be hard hit by new British cars, the “Goggo” has nevertheless built up an enthusiastic following in Britain. The small Regent and Mayfair models continue unchanged but an estate version of the Royal 700 is available, together with a coupe called the Fleetwing.

Prices: 300, £467; 400, £486; 700, £671. (No performance figures available.)

Isetta Motocoupe and 600  Stand 138

Although a four-wheeler the Motocoupe cannot be classed as a full-scale car and, indeed, a three-wheeler is produced in Britain to gain tax concessions. The larger 600 has not proved popular here.

Maximum speed: Motocoupe, 50 m.p.h.; 600, 60 m.p.h. Fuel consumption: Motocoupe, 57 m.p.g.; 600, 45 m.p.g. Prices: Motocoupe, £365; 600, £638.

Morris Minor and Mini-Minor  Stand 143

Although the A35 has been discontinued there is still a strong demand for the Minor 1000 and it is still being manufactured at Cowley, together with the Mini-Minor, which is identical to the Austin Se7en.

Maximum speed: Minor 1000, 72 m.p.h.; Mini-Minor, 74 m.p.h. Fuel consumption: Minor 1000, 38 m.p.g.; Mini-Minor, 40 m.p.g. Prices: Minor 1000, £590; Mini-Minor, £497.

N.S.U. Prinz  Stand 152

Technically an intriguing car, the Prinz has been enthusiastically received by the Press, albeit before the introduction of the new British cars; all the technical novelties in the world can hardly make up for that £100 difference in price against the ” B.M.C. Babes.”

Maximum speed: 65 m.p.h. Fuel consumption: 48 m.p.g. Price: £604.

Renault 750 and Dauphine  Stand 135

Still in production, the 750 now suffers from rather dated looks but still retains the qualities which helped it to sell so well before the advent of the Dauphine. The Dauphine is usually compared with the VW and scores on better looks, but the standard model has a three-speed gearbox, although the more expensive Gordini version is fitted with a four-speed box.

Maximum speed: 750, 61 m.p.h.; Dauphine, 69 m.p.h. Fuel Consumption: 750, 48 m.p.g.; Dauphine, 42 m.p.g. Price: 750, £620; Dauphine, £716.

Triumph Herald  Stand 130

The name Standard will shortly disappear from the small-car market and be replaced by the Triumph. The Herald, the first volume-production British car to have i.r.s. has been acclaimed all over the world but is more expensive than the B.M.C. twins, although the mechanical components are generally well tried and proved.

Maximum speed: Coupe, 80 m.p.h. Fuel consumption: 34 m.p.g. Price: £702; Coupe, £731

Volkswagen  Stand 156

There is little more that we can say about the VW. It continues to be produced in vast quantities with a great many recent detail improvements, including softer suspension, dished steering wheel and push-button door handles.

Maximum speed: 69 m.p.h. Fuel consumption: 40 m.p.g. Price: £617.

Small Family Cars

Austin A55  Stand 107

The second of the Farina-styled B series-engined saloons to appear, the A55 is, together with the Morris-Oxford V, the cheapest version of the “Farina-line” cars. Since its introduction in January nearly 50 per cent. of production has been exported.

Price: £820.

Auto Union and D.K.W.  Stand 125

The Auto-Union 1,000 which was introduced last year with a three-cylinder, 980 c.c. two-stroke engine continues unchanged. It is available in 62 b.h.p. form for the two-seater sports and 57 b.h.p. for the Coupe and four-seater saloon. The new D.K.W. Junior has a similar three-cylinder engine of 741 c.c. capacity developing 39 b.h.p. at 4,400 r.p.m. It has a four-speed box with column change, a four-seater body and a maximum speed in the region of 75 m.p.h. Although this model is displayed at Earls Court no price has yet been released.

Prices: 1,000 four-door saloon, £1,238; 1,000 Coupe de luxe, £1.241; 1,000 SP two-seater sports, £1,996.

Fiat 1,100 and 1,200  Stand 129

The 1,100 continues unchanged for 1960 but the de luxe version now has a 50-b.h.p. engine and other detail improvements, including new colour schemes. The 1,200 is not exhibited at Earls Court and continues virtually unchanged. It has more modern styling than the 1,100 and a 58-b.h.p. engine.

Prices: 1,100, £820; 1,100 de luxe, £872; 1,200, £1,132; 1,200 Spyder (l.h.d. only), £1,460.

Ford Consul  Stands 103/104

The Mk. II Consul carries on without noticeable change to the specification and continues to offer remarkable value for money in its class.

Price: £773.

Hillman Minx  Stand 114

The Minx has recently been given another face lift, which includes sprouting some small fins at the rear and a new radiator grille. The de luxe version has more power, bigger brakes, better seating, new colours, close-ratio gearbox, optional floor-mounted gear-lever and optional Smiths “Easidrive” automatic transmission.

Prices: Minx Special, £722; de luxe, £764; Convertible, £872; Estate car, £858; Husky, £659.

Mercedes 180 and 190  Stand 126

Both the 180 and 190 have lowered bonnet lines, wider radiator grilles, more solid bumpers and more power. The 180 gives 78 b.h.p. and the 190 gives 90 b.h.p. Only the 190 will be seen at the Show.

Prices: 180, £1,694; 190, £1,771.

Metropolitan  Stand 161

Originally built for American Motors and named the Nash Metropolitan, this B-series engined car has enjoyed a steady sale in the States, and when introduced in this country as the Metropolitan it was also well received, although softly sprung by European standards. It can be seen on the Fisher and Ludlow stand.

Prices: Hardtop, £707; Convertible, £732.

M.G. Magnette  Stand 144

The introduction of the Mk.III Magnette created a furore amongst enthusiasts, who considered that it was a departure from the sporting Mk. II and looked too much like the previously introduced Austin and Wolseley. It must be remembered that the Mk. II shared its body with a Wolseley model.

Price: £1,013.

Morris-Oxford V  Stand 143

Yet another of the Farina-line, the Morris-Oxford is one of the single-carburetter versions without the wooden facia board. Whatever one’s opinion on the Farina styling, the new Morris is certainly better looking than the previous rather bulbous Isis and Oxford models.

Prices: £816; de luxe, £844.

Moskvitch  Stand 94

The Russian Moskvitch is making its first appearance at the Motor Show, although it has been sold in other European countries at low prices with little apparent success. It is an utterly conventional four-door, four-seater saloon of integral construction, with a 1,360-c.c. (45 b.h.p. at 4,500 r.p.m.) four-cylinder engine. It has three forward speeds with a steering-column gear-lever, wishbone front suspension and a rigid rear axle on leaf springs. In fact, it is just like most English cars! No prices have yet been announced for Britain.

Panhard P.L.17  Stand143

A common sight on French roads but less popular in Britain, the recently introduced P.L.17 features a twin-cylinder air-cooled 950-c.c. engine, a new gearbox, clutch and brakes, and modified front and rear styling. P.L. stands for Panhard et Levassor, an historic name in motoring. The Panhard is now distributed in Britain by Citroen Cars Ltd., of Slough, Bucks.

Price: £1,000.

Riley 1.5 and 4/68  Stand 141

The 1.5 has enjoyed a steady sale since its inception, possibly because of its different styling, only the Wolseley 1500 sharing the same shell. The lively twin-carburettor engine has made it a popular vehicle for rallying and racing. The recently introduced 4/68 is number five in the Farina-line and appears to have taken the place of the large Riley 2.6 model.

Prices: £816; 4/68, £1,028.

Simca Aronde  Stand 95

The Simca Aronde series is now distributed in Britain by the lively Chrysler group and sales of this sturdy saloon are rising rapidly. The more Sporting open models are only available with left-hand drive.

Prices: P.60, £755; P.60 de luxe, £802; Elysee, £872; MontIhery, £896.

Singer Gazelle  Stand 106

The Gazelle IIIA, which was recently announced, has twin carburetters, miniature tail fins, and a choice of three different transmission systems: the Smiths “Easidrive,” steering-column or floor-mounted gear-lever with the choice of overdrive. In the case of the steering-column change the gate pattern has been reversed to bring it into line with present practice. The gearbox has been redesigned with close-ratio gears. All this is available at the old price, which should annoy anyone who has just bought one of the Mk. II models.

Prices: Saloon, £848; Convertible, £957; Estate car, £943.

Skoda  Stand 101

The unconventional Skoda, with backbone chassis and all independent suspension, has suffered in the past from poor construction and lack of attention to detail. It will be interesting to see if the latest models have improved in these respects.

Prices: 440, £745: Estate car, £986; Convertible, £957.

Standard Ensign  Stand 130

The Standard Ensign continues unchanged for 1960 and a single example in Lichfield green is displayed on the stand. Very few of this model are seen on the road and it appears that it does not compete with the Ford Consul and Farina-line B.M.C. products, despite re-styling by Michelotti.

Price: £850.

Vauxhall Victor  Stand 136

One of the cheapest of the 1½-litre family saloons, the Victor enjoys a brisk sale both here and abroad, and in Canada it has outstripped the sales of Volkswagens, the previous best seller. In 1960 form it is considerably cleaned up and has lost much of its previous “flashy” look.

Prices: Victor, £717; Victor Super, £752; Victor de luxe, £802; Estate car, £858.

Wolseley 1500 and 15/60  Stand 132

The Wolseley 1500 is the single-carburetter version of the Riley 1.5, and the 15/60 is the first of the Farina-styled 1½ -litre B.M.C. saloons. Both continue with few alterations.

Prices: 1500, £752; 15/60, £936.

Large Family Cars

Austin A99  Stand 107

The A99 which uses the same 3-litre engine as utilised in the Austin-Healey 3000 has a similar body style to the smaller 1½-litre models, but has accommodation for six people. Lockheed disc brakes are fitted to the front wheels and the braking system incorporates the much publicised pressure-limiting valve which releases pressure from the back brakes to prevent locking.

Prices: A99, £1,149; A99 Automatic, £1,219.

Borgward Isabella  Stand 153

The Isabella, Isabella T.S. and the Isabella coupe are established favourites in Britain, giving a high cruising speed from the engine, which comes in various forms from 66 b.h.p. to 82 b.h.p. The 2.2-litre Isabella with modified bodywork which appeared at the Paris Show is not shown.

Prices: Isabella, £1,198; Isabella T.S., £1,375; Isabella coupe, £1,928.

Citroen ID and DS19  Stand 131

The advanced DS and ID19 continue with a few small modifications and two new vehicles based on the DS will be introduced into this country. The first, which will be at Earls Court, is the “Safari” an estate car fitted with the well-known Citroen air suspension. The “Safari” has room for eight passengers or a considerable amount of baggage. The other model is the “Executive” which will not be at the show. This is a luxuriously equipped version of the ID to be chauffeur-driven and fitted with a glass partition. The rear compartment will be equipped with a radio telephone, cigar lighters and everything to turn the car into a travelling office.

Prices: 1D19, £1,415; DS19, £1,630.

Fiat 1800 and 2100  Stand 129

These two six-cylinder saloons were first introduced in March at the Geneva show but will make their British debut at Earls Court as they have not been sold in this country as yet, although a large number of orders have apparently been placed. They share the same body shell and it is claimed that the 1,795 c.c. engine is the smallest capacity six-cylinder in production. The 1,795 c.c. engine is fitted to the 1800 and has a power output of 75 b.h.p., while the 2100 has a capacity of 2,054 c.c. and an output of 82 b.h.p.

Prices: 1800, £1,399; 2100, £1,489.

Ford Zephyr and Zodiac  Stand 103/104

The six-cylinder models in the Ford range are completely unchanged for 1960, the modest price for such large and comfortable saloons ensuring strong sales for some time to come.

Prices: Zephyr, £865; Zodiac, £957.

Humber Hawk and Super Snipe  Stand 108

The six-seater Hawk has a new close-ratio gearbox, new colours with a side flash, modified front seats giving more headroom, and better windscreen wipers, but otherwise remains unchanged. The Super Snipe has a new 3-litre engine giving 129 b.h.p. at 4,800 r.p.m. and a 100 m.p.h. maximum, Girling disc brakes on the front wheels, modified interior including better seating, and new colour schemes with a side flash as already found on some Rootes models.

Prices: Hawk saloon, £1,261; Estate car, £1,494; Super Snipe saloon, £1,453; Estate car, £1,701.

Mercedes-Benz 220  Stand 126

The series of 220 models have recently been restyled by Mercedes, giving them the now fashionable square cut lines. The bonnet is lower, a wider grille is fitted, rear wings have horizontal edges and wrap-around front and rear screens are fitted. Luggage space has been improved by 50 per cent. and the cars are now full six-seaters. The 220 engine develops 105 b.h.p., the 220S, 124 b.h.p. and the 220SE which utilises fuel injection, 134 b.h.p. These three models differ only in detail equipment and all are now fitted with 300SL-type rear suspension with a compensating spring for the i.r.s.

Prices: 220, £2,249; 220S, £2,490; 220SE, £2,690.

Peugeot 203 and 403  Stand 142

The 203 which still looks like a pre-war American car and has a good reputation for longevity and a useful performance continues virtually unchanged. The 403 is sought after by British connoisseurs and enjoys a brisk sale. This model also continues virtually unaltered.

Prices: 203, £922; 403, £1,129.

Renault Fregate  Stand 135

The largest of the Renault models sold in Britain, the Fregate does not enjoy a large sale. It will continue for 1960 in virtually unaltered form.

Price: £1,268.

Rover 80 and 100  Stand 116 

The streamlining of the Rover range leaves only three passenger car models. The 80 uses a 2¼-litre version of the Land-Rover unit and has disc brakes on the front wheels and slightly stiffer suspension. The 100 uses a de-stroked version of the 3-litre engine giving it a capacity of 2.6-litres. It also has Girling discs on the front wheels, and Laycock de Normanville overdrive as standard equipment. A six-cylinder engine will also be on display.

Prices: 80, £1,365; 100, £1,538.

Standard Vanguard  Stand 130

The Vignale Vanguard, which was cleverly restyled by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti last year, can be seen in unchanged form. On the stand can be seen a saloon with three-speed gearbox and two estate cars, one with a three-speed box and the other with a four-speed box and overdrive.

Prices: Vanguard, £986; Estate car, £1,093.

Vauxhall Velox and Cresta  Stand 135

The Velox and Cresta have surprised most people when driving these two cars for the first time. They have excellent performance from 2.2-litres, plenty of room and roadholding which is better than one would expect. The 1960 models have a strengthened chassis/body unit and slight restyling. The rear quarter lights have been removed and a modified radiator grille is fitted.

Prices: Velox, £929; Cresta, £1,014; Velox Friary estate car, £1,222; Cresta Friary estate car, £1,309.

Volga  Stand 94

The largest of the two Russian cars at Earls Court, the Volga has a capacity of 2,445 c.c. and a power output of 80 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. The block and cylinder head are made of aluminium alloy with removable liners. Automatic transmission is featured in conjunction with a three-speed gearbox. Suspension is conventional, by wishbones and coil-springs at the front and semi-elliptic leaf-springs at the rear. Only technical novelty is the use of two propeller shafts to obviate the need for a transmission tunnel. No prices have been announced for this five-seater four-door saloon.

Volvo 122S  Stand 96

Enthusiastically received in Britain by keen motorists, the 1½-litre Volvo has a top speed of over 90 m.p.h. and a fine four-speed gearbox with which to use the performance. Numerous rally successes have shown the stamina of this model and at Silverstone this year a team of Volvos won the 1½-litre class in the production car race.

Price: £1,361

Wolseley 6/99  Stand 132

The 6/99 is the more luxuriously equipped version of the A99, the 99 representing the top speed of the car. It is also fitted with Lockheed disc brakes at the front.

Prices: 6/99, £1,255; 6/99 Automatic, £1,326.

Open Sports Cars

A.C. Ace Stand 145

Designed by John Tojeiro, the all-independently-sprung A.C. Ace is virtually unbeatable in its class when fitted with the 2-litre Bristol engine, and is very popular in the United States. The Ace engine now has a compression-ratio of 9 : 1.

Prices: Ace, £1,684; Ace-Bristol, £2,045.

Alfa-Romeo Giulietta Spyder, Veloce and 2,000 Spyder  Stand 151

One of the world’s most desirable cars, the Alfa-Romeo retains its beautiful shape for yet another year. The Giulietta Spyder has a longer wheelbase than last year, some of the optional extras are now standard equipment, and the price has been reduced by £32. The 2,000 Spyder uses a 115-b.h.p. 2-litre engine and has a claimed maximum speed of over 112 m.p.h. It is an occasional four-seater with wind-up windows, but will not be exhibited at Earls Court.

Prices: Giulietta Spyder, £2,090; 2,000 Spyder, £3,111.

Austin-Healey Sprite and 3000  Stand 99

The Healey 3000 now has more power and disc brakes on the front wheels as standard equipment. A hardtop and open model can be seen on the stand, together with a sectioned chassis and engine. The Sprite carries on with few alterations and is selling at the rate of some 500 cars a week. On the stand can be seen two open and one hardtop models and a sectioned chassis.

Prices: Sprite, £632; 3000 two-seater, £1.168; 3000 four-seater, £1,175.

Berkeley  Stand 91

The Berkeley has grown in size since its inception from 325 c.c to 692 c.c. The two-cylinder Royal Enfield engine is now the only one used by Berkeley and is available in 40 or 50-b.h.p. form. Four models are offered, a two- and a four-seater with the 40-b.h.p. engine and a two- and a four-seater with the 50-b.h.p. engine. Hard-tops are available for all these models.

Prices: B.95, £628; QB.95, £680; B.105, £652; QB.105, £703.

B.M.W. 507  Stand 122

One of the world’s most desirable sports cars, the 507 is produced in very small quantities and very few examples reach Britain. The 3.2-litre V8 engine develops a modest 150 b.h.p. but has achieved some competition successes in the hands of Hans Stuck, the pre-war Auto-Union G.P. driver. World motor-cycling champion John Surtees also owns one. Previously almost alone in producing a V8 engine in Europe, except for the Simca Vedette, B.M.W. are now joined by Rolls-Royce and Daimler. Disc brakes are available.

Price: £4,393.

Chevrolet Corvette  Stand 115

America’s only sports car the Corvette can be seen in red and white with a white hood. The V8 engine develops 230 b.h.p. at 4,800 r.p.m. in standard form but in competition tune goes up to around 300 b.h.p.

Price: £2,905.

Daimler SP 250  Stand 120

In an attempt to improve their waning hold on the car market, Daimler have made a radical policy change in building a sports car. The V8 2½-litre engine develops 140 b.h.p., endowing this glass-fibre-bodied two-seater with a top speed of around 120 m.p.h. On the stand can be seen an ivory example on a turntable, together with a sectioned V8 engine. The name Dart has been dropped because of a clash with another make of car, but the designation of SP 250 seems rather cumbersome.

Price: £1,395.

Facel Vega Facellia  Stand 127

A surprise at the Paris Show was the twin-cam Facellia, a smaller version of the HK 500 model which will sell at a competitive price in France. For full description see our Paris Show report.

Fairthorpe  Stand 146

If purchased in kit form the glass-fibre-bodied Electron and Electron Minor are very competitive indeed. The Electron Minor uses Standard suspension parts and engine, while the Electron uses a Coventry-Climax engine.

Prices: Electron Minor kit, £446; Complete, £714; Electron kit. £734; Complete, £1,144.

Fiat 1,500  Stand 129

An innovation for Fiat is the introduction of a sporting car. The 1,500 cabriolet is not a pure sports car but, with a twin o.h.c. four-cylinder engine giving 80 b.h.p. and a claimed top speed of 105 m.p.h., it will obviously attract the attention of sporting enthusiasts. A twin-cam OSCA engine was fitted to a Farina-bodied Fiat and exhibited at the last Turin Show, but Fiats claim that this has no connection with the new model and that the twin-cam engines are manufactured at the Fiat factory. Although the 1,500 will be at the Motor Show no prices have yet been released.

Jaguar XK150  Stand 134

The motto “Racing improves the breed” is never more correct than when applied to Jaguar. For 1960 the 3.8-litre engine, proved in many racing miles, is now available for the XK150 and 150S. For the 150 it will develop 220 b.h.p. with two S.U. carburetters and for the 150S the engine will be fitted with a straight-porthead and three S.U.s to give a power output of 265 b.h.p. at 5,500 r.p.m., the most powerful engine to be offered on a production Jaguar model. A top speed approaching 140 m.p.h. can be expected. Owing to lack of space no XK150 models will be displayed at Earls Court. All 3.8-litre models are fitted with a limited-slip differential as standard equipment.

Prices: XK150 3.4-litre, £1,665; XK150S 3.4-litre, £2,065; XK150 3.8-litre, £1,942; XK15OS 3.8-litre, £2,176.

Mercedes-Benz 190SL and 300SL  Stand 126

More of a refined two-seater fast tourer than a sports car, the 190SL features a 1.897-c.c, single o.h.c. engine which develops 120 b.h.p. and propels this all-independently-suspended car at 112 m.p.h. A coupe fitted with a wrap-round rear window will be displayed on the stand. The 300SL is still in production but will not be displayed at Earls Court.

Prices: 190SL, £2,763; 300SL, £5,314.

M.G.-A and Twin-Cam  Stand 144

Latest version of the M.G.-A, the 1,600, has improved performance and braking with no increase in price; a most praiseworthy development. Capacity is increased to 1,589 c.c. and power is up by 6 b.h.p. to 78 b.h.p., giving the car a top speed around the 100-m.p.h. mark. Lockheed disc brakes on the front wheels reduce stopping distances and are free from fade. The Twin-Cam was announced before the engineers were satisfied with the reliability of the engine and although the problems are slowly being overcome, much adverse publicity has resulted.

Prices: M.G.-A, £940; Coupe, £1,026; Twin-Cam, £1,196.

Morgan 4/4 and Plus Four  Stand 123

Last of the vintage-style sports cars, the Morgan range continues for yet another year with few changes. The Triumph-engined Plus Four is now available with disc brakes on the front wheels, and the body width of the Ford-engined 4/4 has been increased by five inches.

Prices: 4/4, £707; Plus Four two-seater, £915; four-seater, £936.

Sunbeam Alpine  Stand 118

The recently introduced Sunbeam Alpine is more of a high-speed luxuriously-equipped tourer than a sports car. The 1½-litre rally-proved engine with the aluminium cylinder head, as used in the Rapier rally cars, develops 83.5 b.h.p. at 5,300 r.p.m., using a compression-ratio 9.2 : 1. A close-ratio gearbox with central lever, a fully-equipped dashboard and Girling disc brakes make for a desirable car at a competitive price.

Price: £971.

Triumph TR3  Stand 150

Although it has not changed its basic shape since its introduction, the Standard works has just commenced a night shift to cope with the orders for the TR3. This popular sports car is much in demand in the U.S.A. and many American buyers now fly to this country to collect their new cars. Because of the interest in the Herald only one TR3 is displayed on the stand.

Price: £991; Hard-top Model, £1,041

High Performance Closed Cars

Abarth  Stand 93

Carlo Abarth has taken his modifications of the Fiat engine to much greater lengths than any British tuning establishment has with British engines. His twin-cam conversion extracts 61 b.h.p, from the bored-out 600 engine. The tiny aerodynamic two-seater coupes favoured by Abarth reach speeds comfortably in excess of 100 m.p.h. with this engine. Anthony Crook of Esther is the agent for Abarth and on his stand will be one of the new 850 c.c. coupes which gives 52 b.h.p. at 6,000 r.p.m. and a top speed of 110 m.p.h., a twin-cam 750 coupe, a 750 Spyder open two-seater and the 500 c.c. streamlined single-seater record car which holds numerous world records.

Prices: 850 Coupe, £2,292; 750 Twin-cam Coupe, £2,768; Spyder 750, £2,100; Fiat-Abarth four-seater, £898.

A.C. Aceca and Greyhound  Stand 145

The Aceca carries on with no modifications and is still available with Ace or Bristol engines. The Ace engine now gives slightly more power. The Greyhound is an entirely new four-seater saloon based on the Ace chassis but the transverse springs have been dispensed with, being substituted by wishbones and coil springs at the front and diagonal pivots and coil springs at the rear. The body is similar to the prototype model which has been seen at various race tracks.

Prices: Aceca, £2.050; Aceca-Bristol, £2,409; Greyhound, £2,891.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Coupe, Sprint Veloce Coupe. T.I. Saloon and Speciale  Stand 151 

The Giulietta Sprint Coupe is reduced in price for 1960 and several items of equipment which were hitherto extras are now included in the basic price. The Veloce Coupe which has gained many competition successes is also reduced in price, The T.I. Saloon which is claimed to be the quickest four-door saloon in the world (faster than a 3.8 Jaguar ?) has a modified front grille, new facia layout and better seating and the price has been reduced by £35. The Speciale which was introduced at the Turin Show of 1958 as the Spinto is making its British debut at Earls Court. This monocoque construction two-seater coupe with body by Bertone has a 1,290 c.c. engine giving 100 b.h.p. at 6,000 r.p.m., a five-speed gearbox and a top speed of 125 m.p.h. It will be available in Britain only with left-hand drive.

Prices: Giulietta Sprint Coupé, £2,197; Veloce Coupe, £2,587; Giulietta T.I. Saloon, £1,928; Speciale, £3,252.

Aston Martin DB4 Saloon and G.T.  Stand 140 

The DB4 Saloon which was announced last year carries on with no changes to the specification but a new version called the DB4GT can be seen on the stand. This exciting car uses a version of the 3.7-litre engine used in the DBR2 sports racing car and in this form it gives 302 b.h.p. at 6,000 r.p.m. Tested in prototype form by Stirling Moss at Silverstone this car is obviously intended for competition work and may be seen at Le Mans and in the stiffer rallies such as the Tour de France. Also proudly displayed on stand 140 is a DBR1/300 sports-racing car of the type which won the World Sports Car Championship for David Brown.

Prices: DB Mk. III, £2,905; DB4 Saloon, £3,755; DB4GT, £4,534.

Bristol 406  Stand 147

Produced at about the rate of two cars per month, the 406 is unchanged from last year and continues to offer high performance from the 2.2-litre engine which develops 105 b.h.p. at 4,700 r.p.m. The chassis and body is hand built and assembled to very exacting standards.

Price: £4,244.

Facel Vega  Stand 127

France’s only real high performance, high quality car in the tradition of Delahaye, Delage and Lago Talbot, the Facel Vega can be seen in two forms at Earls Court, the HK500 two-door model which has been seen before at Earls Court and the “Excellence” which is a four-door saloon. This expensive and lavishly-equipped saloon can reach 135 m.p.h, with its 330 b.h.p. V8 engine, but can do so in silence and great comfort, while disc brakes all round ensure that the car stops just as well.

Prices: HK, £4,534; Excellence, £5,866.

Frazer Nash Continental and Sebring Spyder  Stand 127

Fitted with the B.M.W. 5.2-litre engine developing 173 b.h.p. at 5,000 r.p.m., the Continental and Sebring Spyder are only available to special order and very few examples are now made, but for the enthusiast to whom cost is of no importance he can order a sports car virtually to his own specification.

Prices: Continental Coupe, £3,542; Sebring Spyder, £3,259.

Jaguar 2.4, 3.4, Mk. II and Mk. IX  Stand 134

The existing range of 2.4 and 3.4 Jaguars are now joined by the Mk.II models which have a number of improvements including raised roll centre of the front suspension and an increase in power from 112 b.h.p. to 120 b.h.p. for the 2.4, while a 3.8-litre engine giving 220 b.h.p. at 5,500 r.p.m. can be specified for the 3.4. A large number of improvements have been made both internally and externally. The Mk. IX model which is already fitted with the 3.8-litre engine continues unaltered for 1960.

Prices: 2.4 Saloon, £1,445; 2.4 Mk. II Saloon, £1,534; 3.4 Saloon, £1,579; 3.4 Mk. II Saloon, £1,669; 3.4 Mk. II Saloon, £1,779; Mk. IX Saloon, £1,884.

Jensen 541R  Stand 109

The glass-fibre-bodied Jensen using the 4-litre Austin engine is sold in small quantities and continues unchanged for another year. Although glass-fibre bodies have shown a number of faults, the Jensen body is extremely smooth and well finished and very close examination is necessary to distinguish it from steel.

Price: £2,707.

Lancia Appia and Flaminia  Stand 110

Lancia have been in a poor financial position for some time, a position which was not helped by the V8 G.P. car and the advent of the Alfa Giulietta. No new models are on view at the Lancia stand and only the Appia saloon is available in right hand drive form. The Farina styled Flaminia is unusual in that it sports windscreen wipers on the rear windows as well as the front.

Prices: Appia Saloon, £1,588; Flaminia saloon, £3,329.

Lotus Elite  Stand 97

The Elite has had its teething troubles which may be solved by the new agreement with Bristol Aircraft who will make the plastic chassis/body unit in future. Despite its troubles the Elite has already gained some enviable competition successes especially at Le Mans and Nurburgring where it unseated the Alfa Romeo from its position as king of the GT class. Five cars per week are being produced at the new Cheshunt factory.

Price: £1,949.

Peerless  Stand 112

The Peerless, like the Elite has managed to elude the clutches of our staff who are interested in carrying out a road-test. This is nevertheless an interesting car, also glass-fibre bodied, with a space frame chassis, de Dion rear axle and Triumph TR3 engine. It also has gained some competition successes including a trouble free run at Le Mans. In Club racing in Britain it has put up some excellent performances with designer Bernie Rodger doing some of the driving.

Price: £1,415.

Porsche  Stand 122

Also with an enviable competition record the Porsche range for 1960 is basically unchanged but a number of useful improvements have been incorporated in existing models. The brake drums are now helically finned for better cooling, the gearbox mounting is improved, a new shorter gearlever with shorter travel replaces the longer one, the steering wheel is slightly dished, the seat back is now divided allowing more luggage to be carried, the headlamps have been raised as have the bumpers and the nose of the cars are slightly modified. A new model, the “Super 90” will be introduced next year although details are now available. This will be similar to the existing Super with the above modifications but will have an engine developing 102 b.h.p. S.A.E. (90 b.h.p. DIN, hence the name). The Super 90 will have the performance of the Carrera in the lower gears and a single leaf spring will be mounted below the gearbox to give more progressive springing. The Carrera is now only available as a stark competition car.

Prices: Standard roadster, £1,999; F/H Coupe, £2,050; Hard-top model, £2,232; Cabriolet, £2,296; Super 90 roadster, £2,358; F/H Coupe, £2,409; Hard-top model, £2,594; Cabriolet, £2,657.

Sunbeam Rapier  Stand 118

The Mk. III Rapier introduced in September has more power (78 b.h.p. at 5,400 r.p.m.) using the aluminium cylinder head and a 9.2 : 1 compression ratio, Lockhead disc brakes on the front wheels, a new polished walnut facia, and a larger windscreen. These worthwhile improvements will add to the performance potential of the Rapier which has upheld British prestige in international rallies for so long.

Price: Rapier Saloon. £986; Rapier Convertible, £1,042.

Luxury Cars

Alvis 3-Litre  Stand 121

Now produced in very small quantities, the Alvis 3-litre, with unchanged specification, can be seen with its Graber-designed bodywork as built in Britain by Park Ward.

Prices: TD 21 saloon, £2,827; TD 21 coupe, £3,111.

Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire  Stand 133

First announced last year at Earls Court, the Star Sapphire remains completely unchanged. The parent company of Armstrong Siddeley, Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd., are now concentrating on the manufacture of the Sunbeam Alpine.

Price: £2,499.

Bentley S.2  Stand 137

Although the V8 engine had been in the planning stage for five years, little inkling of it reached the motoring public until it was released last month. The Bentley will now be known as the S.2 but few features other than the V8 engine differ from the previous S-series model. Mulliner, James Young and Park Ward have all built bodies on the new chassis, most of which can be seen on the specialist stands.

Price: S.2 standard saloon, £5,661.

B.M.W. 502 and 503  Stand 127

Another firm in financial trouble, B.M.W. still continue to make their large models but rely on small economy cars for the bulk of their revenue. Models to be sold in Britain in 1960 are the 2.6-litre 502 saloon, 3.2-litre 502 saloon, 3.2-litre 502S saloon, and 503 cabriolet and fixed-head coupe.

Prices: 2.6 502 saloon, £2,540; 3.2 502 saloon, £2,792; 5025 saloon, £3,068; 503, £4,959.

Buick  Stand 102

The Buick Invicta models have received the usual restyling, and in this case are very much cleaned up, having small fins at the front as well as the rear. No prices are available.

Cadillac  Stand 102

America’s Rolls-Royce has received little styling changes for 1960; those that have taken place are mainly in the form of cleaning up of details.

Chevrolet  Stand 115

Although expensive in this country and therefore a luxury, the “Chevvy” is the cheapest in the General Motors range. At the Show can be seen the Impala four-door hard-top and two-door convertible, both with the 185-b.h.p. engine, together with the Corvette sports car.

Price: Impala, £2,147.

Chrysler  Stand 119

The highlight of the Chrysler stand will be the New Yorker, a four-door hard-top with rather unusual frontal treatment by American standards. It is longer and lower than previous models and is equipped with the “Golden Lion” V8 engine. No prices yet announced.

Daimler Majestic and 400A Limousine  Stand 120

Rather overshadowed by the new sports car, only one Majestic will be at the Show and no 400 limousines will be shown. Both models continue unchanged.

Prices: Majestic, £2,495; 400A, £4,215; 400B, £4,340.

Dodge and De Soto  Stand 105

A series of new body styles can be seen on this stand. On view will be the Dodge Dart Phoenix foor-door hard-top, the Polara four-door saloon and the De Soto Diplomat, prices of which have not yet been announced.

Edsel  Stand 100

The 1960 Edsel follows American custom in being 5¼ in. longer, 3 in. wider and 1-in. lower than last year’s models. The windscreen has been modified to get rid of the “dog’s leg” which threatened to impale anyone who tried to enter last year’s model. Models available are the Ranger de luxe, Ranger standard and Villager station wagon. No prices are announced.

Ford (American) Stand 100

The Ford Falcon “compact” car can be seen here together with the Ford Thunderbird, which started out to be a sports car but is now more of a saloon model. The front end has been restyled, including a new grille. The remainder of the Ford range includes the Galaxie, which is an all-new model, the Fairlane and Fairlane 500, and various station wagons. The new styling has been hurried forward because Ford executives showed “spontaneous enthusiasm” when they saw advance drawings of this new model for some time in the future. The styling is noticeably restrained. No prices are available.

Lincoln and Lincoln Continental  Stand 100

The luxury Lincoln has been restyled for 1960, the radiator grille receiving much attention. Technically the rear suspension has been improved, a 25-gallon fuel tank is fitted, and the self-adjusting brakes have better linings — quite useful with 315 b.h.p. to stop! Once again no prices are available.

Mercedes 300  Stand 126

The large and luxurious 300 model continues without change and will not be shown at Earls Court.

Price: £5,222.

Mercury  Stand 109

Part of the Ford company, the Mercury range has also been restyled. Models available include Parke Lane. Montclair, Monterey and station wagons. These are all available with three different engines offering from 205 to 310 b.h.p. No prices available.

Oldsmobile  Stand 124

Three models can be seen on this stand, the Super 88 convertible, the four-door Holiday sedan and a similar model in different colours. The new Oldsmobile 98, which has styling similar to the Chevrolet Corvair “compact” car, will not be seen. No prices available.

Plymouth  Stand 119

For Plymouth the 1960 gimmick is “Flight Sweep” styling, which can be seen on the Fury four-door hard-top and convertible. The Savoy estate car will also be introduced at Earls Court. No prices available.

Pontiac  Stand 124

In the usual yearly styling changes on American cars the Pontiac has received a horizontal grille and the styling is reminiscent of the Chevrolet Corvair. No price available.

Princess  Stand 107

Austin’s “cheap” luxury car, the Princess has been developed into a handsome vehicle. It remains unchanged for 1960.

Prices: Princess IV, £3,189; Long Wheel-base saloon, £3,047.

Rambler  Stand 149

American Motors, the makers of the Rambler, retrieved a bad financial position when introducing the “small” six-cylinder Rambler and Nash Metropolitan, which paved the way for other U.S. small cars. They continue with these models for 1960 with the Ambassador as the V8 model. No price available.

Rolls-Royce  Stand 113

With the introduction of the V8 engine the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II gains in silence, comfort and speed, although, as is usual Rolls-Royce fashion, no figures are released. The braking and refrigeration systems have been slightly modified. The Phantom V also uses the V8 engine and is intended for civic and diplomatic work.

Prices: S.II saloon, £5,802; Phantom V, £8,095.

Rover 3-Litre  Stand 116

The 3-litre Rover continues in unchanged form for 1960. Girling disc brakes for the front wheels were added to the specification this year and automatic transmission is available as an extra.

Price: £1,715.

Studebaker/Packard  Stand 117

These two firms were forced to amalgamate to survive a short while ago and are still in financial difficulties. The Studebaker Lark with six-cylinder engine is the mainstay of production, with the Silver Hawk available with either six- or eight-cylinder engines as the larger model. No prices available.