The ideal Christmas gift



What a wonderful gift a year’s subscription for MOTOR SPORT will be for your friends or members of your family. They will enjoy its original and distinctive features, its fearless criticism and those useful and most entertainingly written small ads. Also remember that month by month each issue will remind them of your good wishes. We have produced an attractive Greetings Card in full colour of Brabahm wining the World Chtimpioliship at Oporto and we will arrange this gift subscription for you upon receipt of 25s., your full name and address, and that of your friend or relative to whom you wish the greeting card and copies of MOTOR SPORT to be sent.

W.H. Smith & Sons, who offer a similar gift subscription service, will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements if you will visit their nearest shop or bookstall.

Subscription Rate, including postage by surface mail., is 25s. for one year.