Luxury cars

ALVIS 3-LITRE Stand 113

The 3-litre Alvis with the Swiss Graber-designed body built by Park Ward continues to be built in small quantities almost entirely by hand and offers moderately high performance together with good deal of luxury. No changes are contemplated for 1961.

Prices : Saloon, £2,827; convertible, £3,111.

BENTLEY Stand 131

The S2 Bentley with V8 aluminium engine which is identical to the Rolls-Royce carries on with few changes.

Price : S2 saloon, £5,944.

BUICK Stand 117

The Buick Special is this firm's idea of a compact car, 15 ft. 8 in. long and powered by the first American all-aluminium V8 engine, giving 155 b.h.p. Styling is similar to the larger Invicta models.

Price : Not yet available.

CADILLAC Stand 117

The 1961 Cadillacs are some 3 in. shorter this year. bringing them down to a mere 18 ft. 6 in., while the wheelbase drops to 10 ft. 9 1/2 in. The body design is noticeably cleaner except that tail-fins are now sprouting from below the rear wings as well as above.

Prices : Not yet available.


The Corsair Compact is now available as a station wagon known as the Lakewood with the engine completely below the flat floor. Another version, very similar to the VW Microbus, is also to be offered. The Impala range of V8-engined cars has been given more reserved styling treatment for 1961.

Prices : Not yet available.

CHRYSLER Stand 124

Although not producing any smaller cars for 1961, Chrysler are going European with floor-mounted gear shift for its three-speed transmissions, and a new 5.9-litre V8 giving 265 b.h.p. is introduced. Last year's Saratoga model is dropped and replaced by the Newport. Styling changes are few.

Prices : Not yet available.


The two large Daimler, continue unchanged and offer surprisingly entertaining motoring for such large cars.

Prices : Majestic. £2,495; Majestic Major, £2.,995.

DODGE Stand 116

A new compact, the Dodge Lancer will be shown in station wagon form having a 6-cylinder, 101b.h.p.. engine of just under 3-litres capacity with three-speed automatic transmission, and power steering and brakes. Other cars on the stand are two V8 Dart Phoenix saloons. The Polara range is not shown.

Prices : Not yet available.


Thc Ford Falcon is not exhibited at Earls Court, nor is the Thunderbird, which started out as a sports car. Two Galaxie models are displayed, together with a German-built Ford Taunus. Few styling changes have been made this year.

Prices : Falcon. £1.871: Thunderbird, £3,179; Galaxie, £2,262.

MERCEDES 300 Stand 120

The large, luxurious and expensive 300 saloon with automatic transmission continues unchanged but will not be shown at Earls Court this year. Price : £5,101


No technical novelties from Oldsmobile this year on the 88 range except that more power is available, while bodies have been completely restyled. The new F-85 is Oldsmobile's small car, having conventional design with 9 ft. 4 in. wheelbase, an aluminium watercooled V8 engine giving 155 b.h.p. at 4,800 r.p.m., and similar styling to the larger models.

Prices : Super 88, £3,486; convertible, £3,486; holiday saloon, £3,386.

PLYMOUTH Stand 124

The Plymouth Fury, considered quite a car in the U.S., will be unchanged technically but in the usual restyling the fins have disappeared. The Valiant, which is the largest selling compact so far, continues with few changes.

Prices : Fury, £2.792: Valiant, £1,946

PONTIAC Stand 121

A technically advanced small car, the Pontiac Tempest has been introduced recently with a four-cylinder 3 1/2-litre engine giving 110 b.h.p. The gearbox is mounted in unit with the rear axle, which uses swing-axle -suspension, while the front suspension relies on wishbones and coil-springs. The drive to the gearbox is taken through a much-publicised curved propeller shaft.

Price : Not yet available.

RAMBLER Stand 123

The latest Rambler American introduced this month in America is the smallest car built in the U.S. being only 14ft. 5 in. long. With a very clean body design with optional 90 and 125-b.h.p. six cyliniler engines the new model should sell well.

Price : Not yet available.


With a V8 engine closely following American practice it may be thought that the Rolls-Royce is no longer the best car in the world but few manufacturers approach Rolls-Royce standards.

Price : Silver Cloud II saloon, £6,092..

ROVER 3-LITRE  Stand 108

The 3-litre carries on with few alterations. Power steeling is now available while for the man who cannot afford a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce a do-it-yourself removable division kit is available at an extra cost of £120.

Prices : 3-litre (overdrive). £1,783: automatic, £1,864.


One of the earliest of the compacts the Lark carries on with few changes except that a larger version, the Cruiser is introduced together with an optionally available 112 b.h.p. six-cylinder o.h.v. engine. The Hawk, perhaps the best looking of American cars now has bucket seats and a four-speed gearbox with floor-mounted lever.

Prices : Not yet available.