Letters from readers, cont-2., November 1960





I note that the imports of foreign cars drop off in the United States; the one exception being the VW. As an owner of this machine and, quietly, previously the owner of several small British saloons, I can only say that I am not surprised. Possibly, if the motoring fraternity and manufacturers had taken notice of your support for this superb machine, instead of dubbing you unpatriotic, we might now have a motor car to compare with it, even to compete with it.

As it is, the British Motor Manufacturers will have to look to the VW and its success in the United States, look to the size, finish, mechanical design and performance of this car, then turn and take a look at their own collection—including those with that fabulous new independent rear suspension we hear so much about. Then possibly they will realise that the saying “You cannot fool all of the people all of the time” is a very true one.

C. F.S. R. E. PICKETT (Pilot Officer)