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AUSTIN MAYFLOWER, 1937, Saloon, 23.9 h,p. 6 cyl., stored 4 years, well maintained, good order, z face forward oceasionals. 43o. Edwards, 65, Upper Elmers End Road, Beckenham, Kent. 13232 JAGUAR zoo, 31-litre, 1939. Fitted With professionally-built post-war aerodynamic body similar to ” “-type Jaguar. Colour: Red. Mechanically very good indeed, oil 6o p.s.i. Hot. Terrific performance, over too m.p.h. Fitted radio. A very smart car. 4300 or near offer. Thursby. The Bungalow, Clive, Nr. Shrewsbury. Tel.: Clive 232. 13233 TALBOT sos Park Ward 1937 Sports Saloon (only four made). Body sound. Good brakes, steering, tyres. electrks. 350 miles since new pistons, Duaflex rings. Known source of spares. Some big-end wear—so only 485 or so. Bomford, Wantage Hall, Reading. [3234 2959 SPRITE. 16,000; Lzoo extras, perfect. k560. Trebett, ” Morcombe,” Newnham, Basing stoke. Tel.: Hook 14. [3235 RILEY KESTREL BigPour. Complete “no expense spared ” mechanical and coachwork rebuild. 4300. ” Littlemead,” Colaton Raleigh, Sidmouth, Devon. [3236 MORGAN AERO, o.h.v. 3wheeler. First registered 1937. Completely rebuilt. One of the best Present ownership 13 years. £200. ” Littlemead,” Colaton Raleigh, Sidrnouth, Devon. (3237 HUMBER VOGUE, 1935. First class condition, engine overhauled a year ago. 460. Also Ford to 1:93A balanced crankshaft, flywheel and clutch, new starter ring, high-lift camshaft, new oil pump, enlarged sump. E20. 77, Roman Way, Stoke Bishop, Bristol, 9. Tel.: 682726. 13238 ALVIS ‘xis°, 1926, 4-seater tourer, genuine three owners from new. Excellent polished aluminium bodywork, very sound twin S.U. engine. New hood and tonneau cover. Taxed. 4125. Thornell, ft, Warwick Court, Manor Road, Solihull. [3239 M.G. PA, 1935. 4-seater. Good general condition, been in family 5 years. About £80. 125, Clayton Road, Newcastle, Staffs. 13240 M.G. TD, 195o. New tyres, hood. Spot, tonneau, badge bar. Owner left country. Offers to 42, George Street, Iladleigh. Suffolk (3241 FORD 1172 SPECIAL. white fibreglass body, twin carh , hood. Good appearance, taxed, insured. Ideal for enthusiast. 4,120 o.n.o. Must sell! Tel.: BAR 7664. (3242

M.G.-A 1600, Iris blue, discs, new ” X “s, heater, tonneau, luggage grid, locking boot, etc.. August 1959, 16,000 miles, carefully used and maintained, never damaged. unraced, immaculate. Demonstrations for genuine enquirers near London.

4775 or very near. Box No. W.243. f BRESCIA BUGAT77. 2-seater short chassis with 4-wheel brakes. S.A.E. for details to Box No. W.244. [3244 PORSCHE. Choice of two, for the discriminating only: 1954 White Saloon 15.00; resprayed, 4200 overhaul, extras. i825 or 1955 Blue Saloon I500; £200 of extras 1,o50. Money, Oliver Place, Hawick. ‘rel.: 2738, 2761. 13245

STRIKING 29a6 31-LITRE f.h.c. Bentley. Complete mechanical rebuild r959. Tyres, etc. new. z7 O. Ryall, so, 0.M.G., RAE., St. Eval, Cornwall. (3246 5923 VVILLYS OVERLANDER. One owner, original log book. 16,000 miles; mechanically good but requirea body restoration. Offers. Pair Ploo’s 415. Morris Eight—all parts available. Victoria Studios. Tollcsbury, Essex. [3247 M.G. 32. Rebuilt 18 months ago. Body, transmission, engine perfect. Stored past 9 months due to change of occupation. 470. Seen Bromley, kent area. Box No W.248. [3248 CLEMENT TALBOT 65 Sports Saloon. Ample spares. Taxed, tested. 4200. Tel : Tadworth 2338 (Surrey). 9

_Y). .. ROLLS-BENfl..EY, green/black Hooper sports saloon, superb cond. 4350 o.n.o. Further details: Tel.: HIL 2332. 13250 1950 MODEL BENTLEY James Young Special Secianca body (disappearing top over front seats) Just fitted new engine, doors re-hung, etc. (4550). 41,150 0.0.0. 1949 Jensen Saloon, dual ignition. radio, heater, 43,000. White-wall Firestones, new L kingpins, etc. 295. Nicoll, 37, Upper Addison Gardens, London. W.14. Tel.: PARk 3495. 13251 APRILIA BREAKING. Recond. engine, radiator, suspension, 1939 wheels. 2o, Burcott Gdns.,Weybridge, Tel.: 3576. 13252 ALLARD, 5949, Excellent Condition; 4-seater drophead coupd. New clear vision hood, 1,300 miles since major overhaul, reconditioned engine and gearbox, etc.. too good to leave outside, space required. Enthusiastically maintained. 4200 o.n.o. Bury ‘rel.: Broad Hinton 279 (nr. Swindon). (3253 ROLLS-ROYCE, 1)32, 20/25. Hooper body with boot.ust returned from 3,000-mile continental trip. 195. Ryan, c/o. Hotel Park, London,


w.. el.: BAY 4742. TRIUMPH DOLOMITE: £10, or break. Wanted: 4-20 pistons, disc wheel, for XK. Walker, 79, Crofton Lane, Hill Head, Fareham, Hams. [3255 FAIRTHORPE—Late 1959 Minor for rapid disposal. Many extras, 1,1-1515:s to run

at 50 mpg. Offers. [3256 1927 LANCIA. Offers over £m°. Many spares. Legge, 16, Trinity Place, Windsor (Tel.: 3085). [3257 BREAKING COMPlete 1938 17.9 M.G. 2 new 650 x 18’s, too miles only: Cs each. Few 500 r. 20 sill. Mick Anniwell, Souldrop, Bedford. (3258 1930 VINTAGE RILEY 9 Biarritz, excellent condition; no fears to-year test. 490. Tel.: B(30253(91 3011. MERCEDES 220 Sports Saloon, t953 Series. Webasto head, Telefunken, heater, new clutch and starter overhaul. Private but immediate li.p. and exchange welcome. 4315 o.n.o. Tel.: BAR 0008 (evenings). (3260

N.S.U., Noe, 1959, 12,000 miles, 80 m.p.h., m.p.g. Perfect, guaranteed. Just like Stirling s. 41,3j .0 : oirc,szsap15t4o9wards Mercedes or touring Rolls. [3261

M.G. 1’E12, x953. Mint condition. Genuine 34,000 miles (verified). Property of company director and maintained accordingly. Twin Marchals, heater, Scat covers, screen washers, luggage rack, 4 new tyres, Vynide hood, tonneau and spare wheel cover. Never raced or rallied. Chrome and bodywork absolutely unmarked. E450. 14, Brooklyn Road, Stockport, Ches. Tel.: Sto. 60o,. [3262 1930 AUSTIN 122 Tourer. Second owner, very good condition. 60. Tel.: ENField 8099. 13163 ALLARD, 1950, L-typc tourer. 4225. Ring; Coventry 25189. [3264 1927 AUSTIN 22/4 Windsor Saloon. £55; 1927 Morris Light Van chassis, engine, gearbox, etc.; Rover to/25 engine, gearbox.’ Randall, Robin Bank, Dittons Road, Polegate, Sussex. [3265 5936 AUSTIN NIPPY. Fully tuned and balanced engine. as., sealed beams, hydraulic dampers, mid. echange, nes. rears—fast and faithful. Must go to best offer over j, too. Hordes of spares. Also crashed Ashley 750 GT, disc wheels, moderate frontal damage. Must go to best Offer. Foley, 224, Westbury Ave., N.22. [3266

LAGONDA TOURER. Very good 1934 3-litre, new hood, tonneau, rechrome, etc. 4:225 01.6. t, Langley Road, Beckenham, Kent. (3272 TYRES: Six good 450 5 19, with tubes. £2. Pair Marchal spotlights, unused, Es, Fidler, Stanton Avenue. Manchester, 20. [3178 DELLOW, OCT., 1950. Very good condition throughout. 4 new tyres, a good spares. Full weather equipment. Colour court grey. Garage maintained. £195. Narrowboat ” Old Wharf, Tardebigge, Brpmsgrove. Tel. : 3898. [3207 M.G.-A gas-flowed cylinder head, double valve springs, lightened rockers, polished inlet Manifold. 416. Four new lightened con.-rods. 46. Oil cooler, pipes, unions 410. 228, Abbey Lane, Sheffield. [3208 MOST P. and I. STEERING, brake and hub spares. Hallsworth, Farback Lane, Farnslield, Nous. (3209 AR MSTRONG-SIDDELEY, 1935, 17 saloon. Small mileage, well preserved body, chrome; exceptional interior. Engine overhauled 1959, oil consumption 7,000 m. per pint; new carburetter, silencer, petrol pump, reconditioned steering box; thoroughly reliable, 21 m.p.g. 485, taxed. Weaving, Ayot Si, Peter, Welwyn, Herts. 13210 ALVIS, 1932, Ti, 12/647 sporta tourer. Good. condition throughout. £120, or reasonable offer. Ody, Mashay, Little Yeldham, Halstead, Essex, Tel. : Great Yeldham 284. [3211

AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE, late 1959. Green, low mileage, immaculate. Extras. Taxed. 45oo. Fairfield, St. James’ Field, Pontypool. (32r2 LANCIA APRII.IA. Crimson. Fast, i.f.s.h.r.s. Marchals. New Michelins.New steering. Good condition except interior lining. 4570. 15. Flint !toad, Cheltenham. 13213 M.G. 11 Y13. Twin carbs , complete with manifolds; give great increase in performance, 417, o.n.o. Also TA 8/39 c.w.o. Ea. Box No. W.218. (3218 MODEL-T FORD engine and transmission spares. Good prices. R. Young, Altyre House.Gordons, loon, Morayshire. 13219 ROESCH TALBOT enthusiast has for sale .AW76 21-litre, 1933, short chassis sports saloon. 4165. Converted to Type 90 with 4.6 axle. 705 brakes on front. Excellent condition. Also 13A75 Airline with 3-litre engine. £.30. Tel. : COY 5234, Ext. 259, or Box W.220. 13226 1929 AUSTIN ULSTER. Superb condition. Restored, resprayed 1960. Many valuable grams. All sensible modifications. Offers to 25, Rogborough Avenue lsleworth, Middlesex. Tel. :

ISL 8631. [3221 ABSOLUTE BARGAIN. 1947 M.G. a sports saloon. Excellent condition and tyres. £125. Tel. : COlinClale 1200; [3222 LEA-FRANCIS 21-litre sa10011, 1951. New tyres, excellent chrome and trim, black cellulose; perfect running Order except for chipped second gear pinion, hence low price of 4175. Taxed. Tel. : Slough 24574. 13223 PORSCHE 2500, 1954, F.H.C. Radio; spot and fog. Must sell. Mechanically good; could do with respray, 4595, o.n.o. Jackson, 12, Mayne Avenue, Luton, Beds: [3224 MORRIS COWLEY VINTAGE, S.92S, 4-door saloon. A beauty. everything works, including the Clock ! 450. N.B. Kent Box No. W.225. [3225 ROLLS-ROYCE (2935) saloon, in good condition, for sale. Offers to Manchester Tel. ; Chorlton 3883. 13226 TALBOT 14/45 saloon 1930. Good Condition throughout. Brakes steering, excellent. 440. Tripp, Rush Common (louse, Abingdon, Berks. [3227 CROSSLEY 20,9, Dec., 5929. Immaculate and original condition. Offers : Morris, to Man chester Road Bury, Lancs. [3228 2-LITRE A.C., 1936 2-seater sports drophead. carbs, recent new pistons, liners, valves, guideS. 13rakeS relined, drums skimmed, clutch relined. 5 lirst-class tyres. Extremely lively. Ministry tested. 4150. or near. Tel. Ashford (Middlesex)

2856. 1.32.29 RILEY 21 FALCON. Sound, well shod. C55. Tel. : Makion 5241. 13231 VERY ATTRACTIVE 750 Special. All mods.. Speedex body. First-class condition. Plus spare

engine. r75. 36, Loom lane. Radlett. Herts. [3155 M.G. TF Isoo. Recently overhauled, many new parts, several extras; running-in. Reason for sale, National Service. 32, Pilkington Avenue Sutton Coldfield. Tel.: 2909. [3156 BENTLEY, r934, sportsman saloon. Body two-tone blue and black. Mechanic/thy sound. Has just passed an engineer’s report. Offered at £t’ o.n.o. ‘I’d.: Isleworth 2947, or Tel.: Mog’ador (Surrey) 2218. (3157 1932 MORRIS MINOR. Tourer, original condition, one owner since new. Excellent running order. Sensible offers to Park View, Tamworth Road, Fillongley, Coventry. (3158 M.G. )-LITRE saloon, 1948, 35,000 miles since complete overhaul, including new Laystall-tuned engine with alloy head. Lx5o. Adam, 22, Bruce Road, Glasgow. Tel.: SOUth 0538. [3159 RILEY, t948. Very good condition. Fast. .L270 o.n.o. Golder, 2, Crescent, Mortimer, Berks. 13r/31

CITROEN SIX, spares good condition. headlamps, carpets, carburetter, cush drive, etc. Box No.

W. 62. [3162 JUDSON BLOWER for VW Practically new, complete with all accessories, including boost gauge. Snoripk,s./.35. Hartley, 5o, Finkle Street, Cottingham, Yorks. (3163 HEALEY ABBOTT, 1951, cream disc. Heater. Excellent condition. At give-away price, X185. ‘(‘el.: Hampstead 4650, or write, 9A, Heath Street. ALVIS z2/70 axles, m . hubs, engine, other odd(e3n1t6s4. Reconditioned springs, wheels. Box No. W.16‹. (3165 SUPERCHARGED FORD TEN in Singer Le Mans. Fibreglass body. Unused and requiring trimming and wiring. Lioo. Harvey, 54, Dudley Road, N.3. Tel.: FIN 5166. 13166 LANCIA ATERNA, 1935. About to be dismantled, Spares offered. Mason, ” Druemuan,” Killie crankie, Perthshire. [3 t6AQUAPLANE zooE SUPERHEAD, twin Soles manifold, high-lift camshaft, 4-branch exhaust and all fittings. £30 0,0.0, Herbertson, 68, Brackley Road, Bedford. [3169 FORD rooE AQUAPLANE conversion. Twin S.U. carburetters, with air filters, high-compression head, 4-branch exhaust, twin Inlet manifold, oil coil. Only done 2,75o miles. £27. Osborne,

Long Riston, Dull, Tel.: Skirlaugh 272. (3r7o BRAND NEW UNUSED accessories : Austin Healey soft-top, tonneau cover; TR3A tonneau cover. All 1960. First reasonable offers separately. Box No. W.171. [3171 JAGUAR MARK 7M, overdrive, 1956, for sale. Would consider exchange for vintage Bentley in first-class original condition. 29, St. Peter’s Road, Newton, Mumbles, Swansea, [3172 BUGATTI BOOK, £1; 3 Solex. 55BMW, .C2; pair Simms aluminium headlamps, 43; Tapley gradient meter, Cs; Riley speedometer, los.; magneto Austin Seven crankcase, 43; 0-120 Auto-Tempo speedometer, £3. 14, Main Street, Glenfield. Leicester. [3173 1956 MORRIS ISIS engine and gearbox units. Complete and runable and with all accessories. Would fit A90/95 or for a ” special.” }las run 40,000 miles since new. £45. Ellis, Ardmillan Lane, Oswestry. Tel.: 3238 (in evenings). [3174 1939 Viz LAGONDA short-chassis coupe. In excellent condition throughout. Dark green cellulose. Grey upholstery. Many hundreds spent on recent overhaul. £450 o.v.n.o. Pellandine, Tel.: Take Icy [3175 ALVIS R(EsSlxL)V4E3R0. CREST, 1938, running order. Ploos, good brakes, lights, steering, 460 0.0.0, Cotgrave 240. [3176

15053 M.G. TD II. B.R.G. Rebored engine (official Stage 2). Replacement gearbox. Relined and balanced clutch; new and balanced crank, flywheel; relined brakes; reconditioned radiator. Radio, heater, twin demisters, mirrors, fog and pass lamps, badge bar, luggage rack, tonneau, automatic reversing lamp, washers, indicators, Michelin ” X ” rear, and numerous other extras. New exhaust, carpets, battery. Rechromed bumpers, lamps. Replacement starter motor, wiper motor. Car for enthusiast. Good reason for sale. 4450 0.0.0. Box No. W.177. (3177 ASTON MARTIN MK. II saloon, F5/584/L, 1936. Receipts for £1,000 since 1958. Magnificent. £425 o.n.o. Exchange considered. Fidler, Stan ton Avenue, Manchester, 20. [3s79 CHEAP : For sale. Unused. Three twin-choke twin S.U. carburetters. Cost Elo5 new. Accept Lso. Three twin-choke 2-in. HD8 S.U. carburetters. Cost £45. Accept offers. Tel.: VIC: 3629. [3184 ALVIS 4.3 coupe. Black, brown hide. Engine rebored; clutch, brakes relined. New mains, bigends, brake cables, front tyres. New p.v.c. hood last year. f.,225 or offers, exchanges. ” Winston,” Prospect Road, Birkenhead. [3185 HALDA SPEEDPILOT. As new. Complete. Lis o.n.o. 5, Hindoostan Avenue, South Wigston, Leicester. [3186

London, E.C.I.

DELAHAYE 139M, 1946, drophead coupa 4-seater. Literally immaculate inside and out. Probably the most beautiful drophcad in London. E.60o. Tel.: FLINCOMPLETE ” SPECIAL,” fibreglass illgys,

A 2s6o.

M.G. box, wheels, tyres, lights complete, needs power unit. Best 430 or exchange. Photos available. Tel.: PIN 8346.

VINTAGE 1435 MORRIS Eight saloon. Brakes relined, engine decarbonised. Offers. Box No. W.400. (3400

” SPECIAL.” FORD TYPHOON A.K.S. AlmoSt complete. MC. head, S.D. Aquaplane, 4-branch, c.r. gears, 4.4 axle, Michelin ” X “s on i5-in. All parts to complete. Must sell. Going abroad Offers to Bancroft, 22, Kirkby Avenue, Sale. Cheshire. f3401

RILEY FALCON, 1935, S26E series. New tyres, brakes, king-pins, battery. Nearest £75. Kirby, Jenny Lane, Woodford, Cheshire.

LANCIA APRILIA. Engine just overhauled. Bored, new bearings, tuned. New gears and bearings in gearbox. Axle overhauled, including drives. Post-war wheels. Large Zenith, new Smiths heater. Respray 1959. Nearest Ezoo. t34 0i ROLLS-ROYCE, 1929, 21.6 Replica sportsman’s Retallick, 37, College Road, Hereford.

saloon. Perspex screen. Rebored 1957. New cooling element in radiator 1959. Rad. shutters rechromed. In regular use last is years. Body needs attention. Lizo. Downsview, Burnham. Arundel.

x913 TALBOT 2-seater 41,-litre 25[50. 41,-litre( reliable Edwardian. 1925 Peugeot 3.9-litre sleevevalve limousine, under 20,000 miles from new. Offers. Clarke, Long House, Woodgreen, Fordingbridge, ants.

VOLKSWAGEN, 1956. Excellent condi 4 tion, blue. Anti-roll bar, Michelin “X “s rear. k,450 0.0.0. TWO RARE RILEYS : 1927 13COOklandS, 134r04: Mayo, 39, Canynge Square, Bristol, 8. registered I950, rebuilt engine 1959, resprayed; £225 o.n.o. Stelvio, 1932, re-bearinged engine, 455

o.n.o. Write/call evenings, Kergon, ” Everil,” 1934 AUSTIN 12/4. Mint condition: low m e3a4g0c9. Ducklington, Witney.

Finest in existence. ao. Reilly, Llanarth. BENTLEY, 1928, V.D.P. tourer, Good ru[n3n4etr0. Raglan, Monmouthshire.

i175. G.S.C., 2, Thomas Street, Manchester, 8. ‘d.: CHE 7271. 1341i LAGONDA M45, 1934. Engine very good. Bodywork, rear damaged; from doors forward good condition. Seats recently re-upholstered. L8o o.n.o. Tel.: Hampstead 6335. 13453 B.M.W. 326 4-seater drophead, near perfect. Has Test certificate. Original owner selling because illness. HI’., no deposit, no interest. £240. Southwood Court, London, N.6. Tel.: MOU

1936 M.G. PB 2-seater, v.g.c. Recent enrrin1e4 9307. rebuild. Lt60 o.n.o. Miller, Glenthorn, Goring on-Thames. Tel.: Goring 321. (3415 POTENT no-c.c. “SPECIAL,” regd. 1958. Really smart ashfali. body. Many mods. )xcellent value, 4100. Shaw, Old Mill House, Wrotham Heath, Kent, Tel.: Borough Green 420. [3416 PASSED zo-YEAR TEST, 1928 Morris Oxford saloon, 13.9 h.p., 12,000 miles only. Stored in 1931 and only recently taken off blocks. No rust whatever, original tyres, used regularly, rewired; even spring gaiters intact. Superb condition, ideal for collector. 42 . Offers to : Ash, Marstrand Farm, Brook, Godalming, Surrey. Tel. (office hours) vo : f3417 BENTLEY 4, 1936, believed broken piston but still goes. Tyrcs and battery good. Taxed year. Enthusiast’s chance to get a cheap Bentley. What offers ? Tel.: Egham 2157. [3418 TRIUMPH DOLOMITE. £70. Taxed, Sound. Bills £65, 1960. Tel.: Riekmansworth 5827 (after ” Pan.). SPECIAL” BASIS. Ford Eight van, E19343A19. 5

New king-pins, etc., lilted. £30. Box No. W.42o.

(3420 CLIMAX 1,100 c.c. Stage II head complete with camshaft, valves and all gear, 425. Crankshaft with bearings and con.-rods, Lt5. Oil pump, 1;3. Wire wheels, 42 MM., two with 5.00-17 Dunlop racing tyres, £6 each; two ditto with part-worn tyres, £3 each; two ditto with 5.25-18 tyres, £.3 each. Tyres only : six 5.00-15 new Dunlop racing. triple stud, 44 each; live 4.50-15 ditto. part worn. Lz each. E.R.A. con.-rods, five at Li each. Les. Gibbs, Penn, Bucks. Tel.: 2115.

[3422 BENTLEY, 1935, 31-LITRE Park Ward. Extensive engine overhaul, relined clutch; fitted heater.

Oil consumption nil. Bodywork excellent. 4235. Tel. (home) : Bexleyheath 7435. 13423 MINOR CONVERTIBLE, ’52. Cono curs winner

performs, too. Black. New grey Vynide hood. Twin carbs., heater, ” X “s, other extras. This

car has been cared for-and it shows ! Going Mini. E,320 o.n.o. Wright, Friday Lane Cottage, Hitcham, Suffolk. ‘1 el.: Bildeston 401. 13424 AUSTIN HEALEY SPRITE, 1959. White. Perfect condition. Many extras. One driver. ,C530 o.n.o. Rosen. Tel.: Primrose 5270. 1.3425

London, E.G.!. SUNBEAM EIGHTEEN, r932, saloon. Good cond. Together with many spares. Must sell, no reasonable offer refused. 1, Dec-went Crescent,

Bexlevheath. Tel.: Bexleyheath Isis. (3306 VOLKSWAGEN. Reg. ’51. L.H.D. Well shod, new gearbox bearings, c.w. & p., upholstery. .C150 o.n.o. 47, London Road, Horsham. Tel.: 4986. (3307 DELLOW, 1954. Ford too; twin S.U.s. Many spares. Exceptional condition. £275; terms. Tel: Solihull 0746. 13310

A.C., 1949, rare drophcad body. Maintained exclusively by A.C. specialists and makers; all bills available. 25,000 miles since complete reconditioning : new mains, big-ends, crankshaft reground. balanced; new oil pump, liners, etc.; body resprayed grey; blue Vynidc hood; 7 :1 pistons, twin petrol pumps, washers and other extras. Rear tyres good (Michelin ” X “), front Firestone new spare good. Immaculate. Passed official test. Pull details, photos. L3to. Doncaster, 3, Devonshire Road, Harpenden, Herts. POOR MAN’S Gran Turismo/racing car. The “MG. Special.” Well-finished alloy coupe body. ERG., tubular chassis, [470 XPAG, Layman head, oil Cooler, rack and pinion, Konis, Allins; alternative wheels, ” X s and racing tyres. Many successes all types of events. Club Silverstone : 1.19. £450. Harding, Gorsebank, Heathside Park

Road, Woking. ‘3312 ARDEN 4-BRANCH MANIFOLD, complete with inlets and twin S.U. For Standard Ten. Offers : Tinsley, to, Avenue Road, Birmingham, 23. Tel.: ERD 2906. [3313

ROCHDALE G.T. FORD, built 1957. All new parts. 4.7 axle, boxed Popular frame, lightened flywheel, twin carbs, high-compression head, 4branch manifold, Woodhead suspension, 15-in. wheels, 12-volt lighting. Professionally built. Excellently finished. £325 Leo, Gregories Road. Beaconsfield, Bucks. Tel.: 538. 13314

1947 H.R.G. 2.-seater. Body rough. Engine, brakes, steering good. Emigrating. £200. Gregory, Tunbridge, Low Road, Burwell, Cambs. [3315 1953 FORD CONSUL. Recent engine, brakes, overhaul. Leather upholstery. New exhaust, recon. generator, good battery. Well shod. Undersealed. £250 0.0.0. Raggett, 23 0.10.Q., R.A.F., Looming, Northallerton. 0316 TRIPLE ZENITH CARBURETTER conversion for Mark I Zephyr/Zodiac, Les. Cartwright, I, Sc. Olaf Road, Thurso, Caithness. 13317 LAGONDA Via de-ville saloon, 1938. An elegant car and bargain at £225. Photo supplied. Thomp son. 7, Balham Avenue, Blackpool. [3318 COSWORTH LOTUS-FORD, Mk. VII, with io5E Formula Junior engine. ‘Webers, R.Ss, oil cooler, weather equipment. Immaculate. Many suecastes : four ISM, two ands. two 4ths, out of so outings. Many extras. £659 o.n.o. R. P. Swanton, North Farm, Overton, Nr. Marlborough, Wilts, Tel.: Lockeridge 229. [3319 LANCIA APRILIA, 1939, for breaking. Low mileage since thoroughly reconditioned. Body very poor, engine good. ,L40. Also Aprilia cylinder head, complete manifolds, good condition, and various small parts, cheap to clear. Whiting, Garden House, Horton, Nr. Northampton. Tel.: liackleton 258. [3320 750 RED G.T.-type saloon. Fibre-glass body, tuned motor, Ford wheels, etc. £165, or nearest. Photo, details : Tiffany, 14, Park Road, Stockton-on-Tees. [3321 RILEYS 1937 Lynx +litre, £105. The only 1938 Blue Streak Lynx, 4200. Would exchange for post-war el-litre. 31, Rollason Road, Radford, Coventry, Tel.: 87651. [3322 TRIUMPH ROADSTER 2000, 1949, cream. Heater. New parts this year—hood, carb., distributor, valves, guides, bearings. Reg. till Sept. 1961. £275 o.v,n.o. Exchange saloon. Ball, 26, Burrell Road, Compton, Nr. Newbury. [3323 1923 STANDARD Mier, 149 h.p., in excellent condition. Complete and original. Recently completed 600 trouble-free miles. flood and Interior require recovering. Bargain, £65, no. Chick, Brookside, Tanners Lane, Berswell, Coventry. [3324 RILEY NINE SPECIAL, 1936 engine. Aluminium body. First registered 1948. £70 o.n.o. Tel.:

Hallow 265. [3325 M.G. TF, 1954, grey/red leather. Immaculate. Every extra. H.P. available. 2, Glan-y-Nant ‘Terrace (Nr. ” Fox & ‘founds “), Whitchurch, Cardiff. (3326 BREAKING t933/14 2-seater Singer Lc Mans. Many spares virtually new. Tel.: HOUnslow 0316. [3327 RILEY MONACO, 1932, in very exceptional condition. Official certificate of roadworthiness. £45.

Howells, zo, Kennington Close, Killay, Swansea. [3328

HENTLEy, 1936, .0I-LITRE. Park Ward body. Exceptionally good condition. £350 o.n.o. Box No. W.329. (3329 CLOT I Immaculate red J2 M.G. pranged after just running-in rebuilt engine. Damaged front axle and wing. ” Pre-prang ‘ photo available, New Tc necessitates sale. 465 0.0.0. Robinson, ” Castle Villas.” Astwood Bank, Worcs. [3330 BROOICLANDS RILEY, 1928. Outstanding original condition. 43oo, no offers. 49, Eastwood bury Lane, Southend-on-Sea. 13331 CLEARANCE BARGAINS. Genuine 195t Mercedes 170V, 1.h.d.. 495; [951 (Dec.) Healey Tickford, 4535; 1955 MOMS 1Sis Traveller, radio, heater. 4295. 78, Vincent Crescent, Chesterfield. [3,332 FIBREGLASS BODY. Trimmed, glazed. 440. Eight engine, wheels, etc. 220, Gravelly Lane, I3irmingham. 13534

M.G. TO, 195x. Faultless. Reconditioned throughout. TD2 engine. Many extras. Also PA. Sell separately or together. .C435. Clark, 252, Creynolds Lane, Shirley (Tel.: 4994), Warwickshire. (3335 CITROEN Las, 1939. Body rough; engine, gearbox good. Mich. ” X.” 445 o.n.o. Tel.: Meop.ham (Rent) 3386.(3,336

1938 LAGONDA V12 saloon, in excellent condifion. Can be seen in Central London. 4200. Tel.: WIlltehall 4293. 1955 TR2 write-off, 4200; SIR. chassis, £75; or

L250 the two. Seen near Gloucester. ox No. W.338. (3138

XKT2o, crash damaged, sound 1957 engine, transmission, ‘ X “s, etc. Offers. Tel.: AM/I 0694. (3339 S.S.2 SPECIAL. Aluminium body on tubular space frame. New batteries, tyres, knock-ons, cycle wings. Sprayed red. Reconditioned throughout, not yet run. Cost 43oo, accept 4130 0.0.0. 152, Millfields Road, (lepton, E.5.

195/1 FORD FALCON II hard-top, screens, 4-s1p3e3e4d0, twin carburetters, 4-branch exhaust, Buckler ifs. 85 m.p.h. Beautifully finished and trimmed. Long-range lamps—fog, blinkers: rear luggage grid. 4280 one,. Wife wants Saloon. Payne, 52, Gosbefton Road, Balham, S.W.t2. [334 M.G. TB, 1940. Incredible condition mechanically sound. 41 to. Sea Vista, Mill Lane, Salving ton, Worthing. Tel.: Swandean 1922. [3342 JAMESON SPECIAL. Professionally built in 1956. Austin Westminster engine. Twin S.U.s. Mistral fibreglass body. New weather equipment. Avon Turbospeed tyres, too m.p.h., 25 H.P. term available. 4265. Jones, 47, Greenhill, Hampstead, N.W.3. Tel.: HAM 503. 13343 TR3A, June 1960, red, unmarked. 2,000 milts only. 485o Trickett, 68o, ,Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth, Rossendale, Lancs. Tel.: Ross 522. [334,t AUSTIN SEVEN, 1914. Reconditioned engine. Bowdenex brakes. ,425 o.n.o., or exchange for good complete Villiers 197-cc, engine. Rayner,

food South Carlton, Lincs. [3 HARD-TOP FOR TR213,., as new, 430 0.03.405. Wernyss, Mow-afield, Culverstone, Meopham, Kent. ‘Tel.: Fairseat 459. [3346 ASTON MARTIN MARK II, C5/567/1, in outstandingly good mechanical and bodily condition. With teat certificate. 4295. Allman, 28, Grange Road, Bishop’s Stortford. Tel.: 2006, or daytime,

Holborn 6989, extension 205. [3347 M.G. NA, ’35. New hood, generator. B.R.G. Two Sparc wheels. Requires head gasket, road spring, wiper motor and L/0 pump servicing. (so o.n.o. Tel.: BLIC 5689, after 6.30 p.m. [3348 M.G. TD2, 1953.. 8.7 cr., Laystall balanced, comp. clutch; all bearings and pistons 6,coo miles; good tyres, brakes relined. Extras. 4420 o.n.o. Burnett, 2.0a, Market Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics. 13349 1933 WOLSELEY HORNET Special, beautiful

sipecimen, excellent mechanical condition. Taxed.

110: CI.) 5456. 28, Beatty Road, NAG. ALVIS 1219e, 1939. Mechanically and bodily sii13u3n5d0. Requires respray, king-pins, attention to boot and wing. Interior good. Brakes just overhauled. Will break if can’t get bargain price of 430 within month. Also A.7 semi-built ” special.” 6 ft. 9 in. chassis, new sports suspension, Girlings and Bowden cables, 17-in. wheels. Ashley Mk. I body. Complete car in pieces, rolling stock assembled. Just requires finishing. Cost treble, will accept 45o. Shearing. ‘Tel.: Orpington 22481.3.35t MERCEDES 230, 1939. Registered 1955. L…c1.0. Black saloon. Heater. New tyres. Offers. Tel.: Imperial 2785. H.R.G., 1950. 1500 c.c. Hydraulic brakes, (3t15e2control, screen-washer, etc. 4400. Tel.: Museum (3353

324_5. VERY FAST 2-SEATER open sports. Cutler space frame, Lis., i.r.s. Riley Hitre engine, four Amais. 4-branch, straight-through, polished ports, oversize valves, etc., preselector, Sealed beams; new battery, dynamo. Low, sleek, beautiful, professional aluminium body. Offers over 4300. Sisnett, 25, Rutland Gardens, Hove. Tel.: 39493. [3354

ALVIS, 1927, laiso big-port beetleback, B.R.G. Coneouri condition. 9,000 miles since major overhaul. 1,25o o.n.o. Maybury, 3, Broadwalk, South Woodford, Essex. (3365 TOO BIG FOR wife to buy spuds in and I’ve got company tinware. t947 Jaguar 14-litre S/E. saloon. Radio, heater, other extras. 4185. Consider smaller car for wife’s spuds in part exchange.

Tel.: Maidenhead 5907. [3366 1934 LAGONDA 4)-LITRE saloon, running order. LSO. Gibbs, 13, Percival Road, Bristol, 8. (3367 ROVER TWELVE TOURER, 1948. Black/tan Vynide. Works recond. engine 18,200. Doubledip main, fog, reverse, heater, other extras. Test certificate. Genuinely fine condition throughout. 4250. White, Grange Road, Wareham (Tel.: 144), Dorset. (3368

OUTSTANDING ROVER TWELVE, 1937. in completely sound order, both bodily and mechanically. No corrosion, good tyres. Well maintained. Full history known. Passed M.O.T. test Sept. Taxed January, insured August 1961. Following spares included : gearbox, half-shafts. differential, starter, dynamo. etc. Delivery arranged. (Ito o.n.o. Leamon, 91, King Edward Road, Swansea. [3369 M.G. TA Tickford. Body excellent, resprayed. Radio. Running order, mechanics require attention; spares. 4.135. Harman, Lombard Tree, Hanley Swan, Worcestershire. (3370 ALVIS 1217o coupe. A.O.C. member. Spent L.350 on overhauls in two years At Alvis works. Magnificent condition. Marriage reason for sale. 4250. 26, Stanfield Road, Birmingham, 32. Tel.: HAR 4119. (3371 A FIRST-CLASS TRIUMPH to.8 4-seater tourer. Stored 18 years. Passed test. 4t25, or exchange 1920-30 tourer. Also a very good t931 Alvis 12/so 4-seater tourer Elm 193:4 own owner Daimler 6-cyl., Mulliner. boo rebuild five years ago, not used since. As new throughout. 15o. B. Garner, 6, Second Avenue, Clipstone, Mans field, Noun. (3372 ATTRACTIVE 1932 AUSTIN L 12/6 2-seater and dickey. Excellent body, interior, hood. Mech. very good, engioe just received some attention. New batteries, good tyres. Offers ? S.A.E. photos. I-lope, Ackworth School, Pontefract, Yorks. [3373 M.G. TA, 1937. Body rough; mechanically, electrically sound. 4100 o.n.o. Gomersall, 66, Leeds

Road, Milton. Yorkshire. (3374 RILEY FALCON ta-h.p., 1916. Real motoring for Iladleigh, Suffolk. ‘Tel.: 3313. (3375 POTENT MINX. 1938 coupe. Highly tuned, reconditioned engine. Panhard roc], Rota() dampers, sealed beams. 4,120 spent. Ten year certificate, Outstanding condition and performance. 413o. English, Thorney Drive. West Street. Selsey (Tel.: 2383), Sussex. (3376 EXTRA. SPECIAL 1938 33-litre Jaguar. One meticulous titled owner all its life. Genuine 21,000 miles. Jewellescence grey. Car in concoars condition throughout. Cellulose and chrome unmarked. Engine just decarbonised, valves reground, new guide,s fitted. Ten-year road test of ‘Faxed. axed. Used as reserve car throughout its life, and so obviously quality cur when compared with moderns. Probably unique. No offers please, 4:20. Tel.: Greenwich 1727. (3377 PECO SUPERCHARGER to suit M.G.-A 1500 and 1600, ciw. manifold, carb., pulleys, etc., and full fitting instructions; 2,5oo miles only. Cost new 490. Reverting car to standard prior to exchange, 455 o.n.o. Andrew’s, 200, Penthouse Lane, Widnes. Tel.: 2387. [3378 FORD ROCHDALE G.T. Reg. 1959. Recond. 930-CC. engine. 75% new parts. 90% trimmed. 4250 om.o. Hutchinson, 89. Closefield Grove, Monkseaton. Northumberland. Tel.: Whitley Bay 27540. [3376 LAGONDA, 1939, V12 coupe. Black with beige Vynide hood. Coachwork very good. Original engine, very poor. Another complete engine and sundry brake spares await fitting. Present owner has now no time to devote to this vehicle and wishes to dispose of everything, including an instruction manual, to a fellow enthusiast. Gardner, Tel.: Leamington Spa 8398, [3279 S.S.t JAGUAR tourer. Bodywork good. New hood. Sealed headlamps. Well shod. New battery. All instruments, Li25, offers. Tel.:

Wallasey 0531. (3280 FIAT BALILLA sports 2-seater, 998 c.c. o.h.v. Mechanically sound. Original flared wings and finned tail. New tyres, tubes and battery. Probably the best in the country of this rare car. £,T7 5. Tel.: Molesey 3452 (after 8 p.m.), or Box No. W.28 t 13281 RILEY 9.-h.p. MERLIN. Excellent condition (written guarantee). Taxed. Spares. 7,000 since complete overhaul. £100. 177, Derby Street, Bolton, Lanes. [3282 PORSCHE 1300 dropheatl, red. New hood and four tyres (two Dunlop Durabands); modified brakes (as 1506). Maintained mechanically by present owner regardless of expense. 4700. Collins, Thames Bank, S.W.r4, Tel.: Prospect 8071, or

evenings 7538. [3283 ROVER 75, 1953, black with green upholstery. Floor-change conversion. £200 spent last 18 months on perfecting this car. Two owners, moderate mileage. Seen London area. 1400. H.P. possible. Box No. W.284. 13284 me BERKELEY 492 sports. 8,000 miles. So m.p.h., 50 m.p.g. Extras. Just try it ! 4395, H.P. arranged. 20, Hillfield Avenue, Hitchin, Herts. ‘rel.: 3476 (6-7 p.m.). (3285 BENTLEY 3.;-LITRE, 1934, Freestone and Wehb. close-coupled sportsman’s saloon. Good history. Sound original example. ,C250 o.n.o. Owner at sea. Details : Crabb, ” Royal Oak,” Swanagc, Dorset. Tel.: 2609. [3286 LANCIA AUGUSTA, 1936. A very fine example in perfect condition. Taxed. to-year test. 35 m.p.g. 4250. Cheston, Arden Court. Henley in Arden, Warwicks. Tel.: 153. (3287

5e3 AUSTIN SEVEN dc luxe saloon, very good condition mechanically and bodil)’. Fitted heater. £35. The Lodge, Syston, Nr. Bristol. [3288

6-VOLT HAND SPOTLAMP. U.S.A.. with spare scaled-beam unit. 1,5 ios. 203, Priory Road. Dudley, Worcs. [3289

RACING CAR, H.R.G./Lea-Francis, ex-Sir Clive Edwards. t,800 c.c., toy b.h.p. R30, Gilift kick. Many spares. Twin wheels. Prescott, 47.5 sec.: Silverstone (Club). a min. 17 SCC. £250. Also pair 7.00 N 18 tyres, 9os.; pair 5.50 N 19 tyres. 90.M45 Lagonda cliff. spares. 1,767-c.c. Lea-Francis crank, block, head, rods, cheap. Worth, 82. St. Peter’s Road, Leicester. Tel.: 58935 (business). (3290 ” SPECIAL’ BUILDERS. E.B. body shell, Ford engine, chassis, etc. £5,2 the lot. Gage, 30, Church Street, Riigeley. Rugeley t92. [329t TRIUMPH ROADSTER, 1949. Black, 2,000. Recta). 10.000. New hood, ” X” tyres, radio, spot, swivel, etc. £250. Evenings, Tel.: 1LF 0322. [3292

SPECIAL” BUILDERS, Ford Eight. 1939. 1-:ve good tyres, recoil. engine, excellent brakes. L,35 o.n.o. .Nickri fibreglass body, unused, £65. 7 ft.. tom. chassis; axles, 48. SA.TC.S. units. rear, new, £6. Td ; GIP 6856. 13293 M.G. PA. All parts for stile. Five rfi-iri. Continental wheels, Lewis,, Palinerston Road, Chatham, Kent. (3294 5931 FORD TEN. Engine verygOod. RePlacentent (MT. fitted. Steering and gearbox spares. Ideal for ” special ” builder. 1:30 t 1, Alban Avenue,, Towneend, St. AlbanS, (3295 1924 LAGONDA H.q. Recent engine overhaul, new linod, sound body, sidescreens. 485. 91, Simplernarsh Road, Addlestone. Weybriclge 3230′, 13296 IMPRESSIVE, INDIVIDUAL 1948 Ford V8 “

Soper tie luxe.”R.H.D. M.G.T. test. certificate.

412S. 42. PembrokeAvenue. I love. 39001. (32;97

COMPLETE AQUAPLANE large-bore exhaust/ silencer system for Series II Minot. Box No. W.298. [3298 Straight-eight 1934 limousine with Used past ten years for weddings, funerals, etc., by large firm and maintained in good Order throughout. J,7y. Eastiek, RaguS Products, Bedford Avenue, Slough. Tel.: 20712. [3299 SUNBEAM DAWN, 1,935. Sound mech. cond., well shod. £75. Tel.: Imperial 3918. 133.0 VOLKSWAGEN, 1954, de luxe. L.H.D. Green. Sun roof. Replacement engine, seat and sun-tool covers. Twin exhausts. Extras, inc. petrol gauge. Mechanically sound, and full Of hie. Really good appearance. £o taChyll,ltIf ,SussiTel.: Nutley 369. [3301 TYRES, 6o s 650. 26 : One new. I6s.; two

retreads, a each. Burton, r8, Chandos Avenue. London, 14. (3302′ H.R.G. MEADOWS, 1938. Truly immaculate. Slab tank, twin spares, plated axle. £250. 139, Grayswoud Avenue, COventry, 13303 TURNER SPORTS, t959. 13,000: miles. White with red trim. .C425. available. Tel.: Melbourne (Derby) 3550, 13304

ASTON MARTIN, 1938, .2-litre,..2/4-senter, touter. (h Perfect 54514. 13305 430nn . O..o. Tel.: :: 13305 HOUSE PURCHASE reluctantly forces sale of my 1 S.S. Jaguar. Good all-round condition. First sensible offer around E55 accepted. Mr. Jones, too, Lydney Road, Southmead, Bristol. (3380 1956 2.4 JAGUAR, Special Equipment model. Overdrive, etc. 34,000 miles. White/grey interior. Ltoo spent on engine and brakes recently. H.P. arranged. ,C665. Bunyan, 20, Bradenham Road, High Wycombe, Bucks. Tel.: 3673. 13381 1955 AUSTIN HEALEY -zoo. Red/black leather. Fitted Le Mans modification kit, chrome rack, heater, underscalecl, etc. Excellent condition. 33,000 miles. Known history. H.P. arranged. 4535. Bunyan, 20, 13radenham Road, High Wycombe, Bucks. Tel.: 3673. [3382 FRAZER-NASH-B.M.W. 319, rebuilt throughout, Fibreglass saloon body, new B.M.C. 4.7 axle on trailing links, new wheels tyres. Duplicated hydraulics. Needs final bodywork and trimmings ,C280 spent. £150 o.n.o. Molt. 173, Warstones Road, Penn, Wolverhampton. [3383 ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25, 1934, sports saloon by Hooper. Blackiteige. Recent engine overhaul. Maintained by Rolls-Royce concessionaires. Exceptionally fine vehicle. Offers over £350. Winby

9s. Sion Hill. Bristol, 8. [3384 XKzzo ROADSTER. Really sound car. Call, write or ‘phone for details. Offers to Williams, 28. CI i t heroe Avenue, Harrow, Middlesex. Tel. : FIEld End 7426, 13385 SUPERCHARGER / S.V. MINOR. complete Annul outfit, brackets, belts, carb., oil supply; Er6. Also twin S.G.s with Derrington manifold for Minor moo, A35, Lao. 119, Northern Parade, Portsmouth. [3387 NIPPY, 5934, specimen, enthusiast maintained. Many mods and extras; Bowdenex. etc. k8o 0.0.0. Details : 87, Chamberlain Crescent, Shirley, Solihull. [3388 RILEY NINE LYNX, 1934. Twin carbs., manual box good condition, new battery. One careful owner since 1936. ,Cr3o o.n.o. James, Back Flat, 57, Farnham Road, Slough. [3389 1935 12. M.G. Red. V.G.C. throughout. 470 o.n.o. Send s.a.e. photos, details, or seen at : Hughes,

Springs Selattyn, Oswestry, Shropshire. [3386 SPORTS/RACING 14-litre Kieft, 1954 Le Mans team car. Fully aerodynamic. ifs., i.r.s. Perfect condition. Ready for road, track or both. Completely rebuilt 500 miles ago. r.35o o.n.o. Mike Hentall, 112, Croltam Valley Road, Croydon.

Tel.: SAN 1921. [3390 M.G. TD, 5953. Red. Exceptional condition, extras. £400. Tel.: Pinner 8673. b9

BUICK, 5947 ” SUPER ” saloon, 4o h.p. Dy3na1flash engine overhauled, new tyres. recellullo3s3e9d: heater, demisters, etc. Streamlined modern appearance. £73 o.n.o., private Sale. 112. Burnt Ash Hill, London, S.E.i2. Tel.: LEE 58,3 (office hours).

LAGONDA x6/8o pillarless saloon, 5934. Reasonable order. Must be disposed of. Offers. G. Thyer, 28, Raylands, Soul hwater, IIorsham, Sussex. ” NIPPY ” MINOR—has slightly modifi [3393 ed recondi

tioned unit—so potential bomb. New ‘FR wheels, ” X “s, wide-track on rear, also new battery, radiator, brakes, ” moo ” blue cellulose, Really immaculate. £325, cash or H.P. Johns, 10, Forres Close, Hoddesdon, Herts. ‘Tel. : Hoeld 3241. [3394 1959 SPRITE. Primrose. Owner’s second car—

low mileage, immaculate. Alexander modified, Derrington exhaust, roll-bar, ” X ” tyres, radio. heater, Le Mans lights, fibreglass bonnet, etc., plus Sprite bonnet unmarked. Offers. Box No. W.395. [3395 BREAKING SINGER ROADSTER, 1939. All parts, good condition, reasonable. Eldridge, 1 t, Poplar Avenue, Runcorn. [3396 x959 SHIRLEY E93A 4-Seater saloon. Reluctantly for sale due to changed domestic circumstances. Increased headroom, full instrumentation, many extras. Genuine reliable motor car. £370, including spares. Photos to serious applicants. Henderson, ‘ Silverdale,” Boundary Avenue, Sutton, Keighley, Yorks. Tel.: Crcisshills 2003, [3397 M.G. TA. Excellent condition, recent engine overhaul. Genuine reason for sale. £150. 16, Roils Head Road, Highroad Well, Halifax. [3426 FIAT 505, 1925, tourer. Just rebored, new pistons, magneto rebuilt. Coachwork excellent. including new tonneau. Spares include complete engine, magneto, etc. Graham. Tel.: FUL 84351415 FAST, IMMACULATE throughout, Vintage M.G. :Nannette. Much care, attention, money lavished on this car, but could do with new hood. Would gladden eyes and heart of enthusiast. Approaching marriage forces sale. £125 o.n.o. Dando, Tel.: SW1ss Cottage 2441 (after 7 P.m.). [3436 ALVIS 3-LITRE, 1951. ro,00o miles since new engine, clutch. Twin S.L.I.s. Radio, heater, twin ‘spats, new carpets, screenwash, sun-roof; good tyres, nearly new battery. Past and very. comfort able. £350. Box No. W.359. [3359 FOR SALE : Beautiful Alm Speed Twenty-five .Sports tourer. Extensively rebuilt and in excellent condition throughout. No reasonable offer refused. For full details apply G. Boyle, Greenbank. Niton,

1.0.W. Tel.: Noon 4.59. 13360 ALVIS 12/60 BEETLEBACK, cellulosed green. Excellent hood, new tyres and brakes, steering overhauled. Rev.-counter, close ratios, knock-ons. Tel.: Weybridge 3272. (336/ MORGAN Climax, 1937, 4/4. Well shod, mechanically sound and in conawrs condition. Innumerable new parts. Ten-year test certificate. Fast, economical. dry I £175 o.n.o. Duncan, Broadfields., Leigh Sinton, Nr. Malvern. Tel:: Leigh Simon 231. (3362 EI.VA CONVERSION for Anglia tooli. 1.0.E. aluminium head, second Soles. air filters. Cost £6o, excellent. £25. 25, Longtield, Harlow. (3363 192112 A.B.C. 2-seater tourer with Single dickey. Recent professiooal overhaul; original, in good condition. Etta. Lindsay, evenings, Tel.: TER

minus 0275. [3364 M.G. TA, 5937. Good mechanically. Bodywork above average. Three new tyres and batteries. £180 o.n.o. Tel.: UPLands 0724. 13437 1959 MORRIS-COWLEY salocin. Immaculate and totally original condition. £100. 42. Oddicombe Croft, Styvechale, Coventry. [3443 TRIUMPH CONTINENTAL saloon, late 1936, Coventry-Climax engine. Fast car. Must he disposed of. £85 o.n.o. Tel.: Park 9239. [3444 VERY RARE —HUMBER Twelve sports (19:34), excellent condition. Real head-turner. New

brakes, clutch, offers overhauled 4,000 miles ago.

Taxed: Handbook. around £50. Must sell. George Cridlon, tot, Torbay Road, Harrow, Middlesex. Tel.: Byron 1474. (3445 al-LITRE RILEY (July 1953) saloon. Cream and black. Immaculate condition. 4425. Grindley. 43, Vandyke Road, Leighton Butrawd, Beds. Tel.: 1..eighton Buzzard 3384. (34-46 1937 A/SIDDELEY mut* good condition. Over £120 in bills. Radio, heater, etc. Offers. Pitson, .18, Minster Road, Oxford. [3447 LANCIA ASTURA sat Series four-light saloon with boot, 5932. Eight cylinders, 2.6 litres, 18-19 m.p.g. touring. l’assed Ministry test; completed uneventful 3,400-mile tour Eastern Europe summer t960. Full details available. Open to sensible offers. Can be seen at weekends. after November 3oth. Private vendor, NW. London. Books : l’art collection early motoring travel titles, 1907-1932; 35 in all. List available. To he sold (to callers only) as one lot—not piecemeal. Box No. W-44$. [3448 AUTOVIA (RILEY VS) limousine, occasionals. so,000 miles total mileage. Rogers, .99. Underdale Road, Shrewsbury. [3449 LANCIA APRILIA. Good condition. manv extras. Taxed. £90 o.n.o. Young, 43. I3roxash Road. S.W.’ 1. Tel.: BAT 9636. [3450 AUSFORD. Space-frame, ifs., hydraulics, 4-9i cmsoflow, adjustable dampers, S.U:s, Eight head. Terribly quick. Spare engine, ere. £170. White, Holland Avenue, Little Common, Bexhill. Tel.: Cooden 733. 13452 ALVIS zal6o BEETLEBACK, 1931. Excellent mechanics; sound body, good tyres. Posting forces sale. £145 o.n.o. Capt. Ledger, A.A.C. Centre, Middle Wallop, Hants, (3453 SS27K RILEY KESTREL-SPRITE, reasonable condition, mechanically sound; £65. Also 28AX overdrive Adelphi, good condition, unused tyres; ersc.henOam,givgin”mpany car. Bailey, 29, M.G. TA, 193S. Excellent condition throughout. Many extras. to-year test certificate. rmo• Laywood, Tickbill, Doncaster. Tel.: Tickhill 258. (3455 VW TWIN-CARBUFtETTER conversion, r to complete. Ex-R.A.F. supercharger. Lb. Edwards, 26, Park Paling. Coventry, Tel.: 25431. (3451 HALEY TICKFORD, 1951, in perfect mechanical condition. 70 m.p.h. in third. t,00d tyres. Radio,

heater,. washes, spotlights. £265. Bentley, 1938. Gurney-Nutting sedanca coupe. Immaculate. Offers ? W. 13. Wright, ” Oaklands,” Whaplode Fen, Spalding, Lincs. 13456 ALVL5_, 1934, Speed Twenty 7-seat limousine. Mayfair coachworks’ body. Excellent tyres. Steering, sl.tRes7Siol?:241TkPrecsaetC:

orrecoLiscicitsto jnwed.oil.T Just returned from 2,000-mile Continental tour. £80. View by appointment, Hampton, Middlesex. Replies to : Sayce, Magdalen College, Oxford. [3457 AQUAPLANE CARDS. 4.7 c.w.o. Wheels to windows, all parts, 1939 Ford Eight: S.A.E. Steadman. 190, Bumtoak Lane, Sideup, Kent. 13458

M.G. TC. Mechanically excellent, including reconditioned engine, etc. Hood, tyres, body very good. Many extras. 4260. H.P. available. Adams, 51, Argyle Road, Reading. [3459 1929 ROLLS-ROYCE vintage saloon. Very Striking, royal blue and black. Photos available. Offers. Exchange considered. 28, Parkdale, ‘rettenliall Road, Wolverhampton. (3460 H.R.G. rsoo. Outstanding condition. £350. Full details. M. Allott, 139, Waxwell Lane, Pinner,

Middlesex. . Tel .• Pinner 4028.(3461 ROLLS TWENTY, 1929, Barker limousine. Good condition. rr5o o.n.o. Wright, 3, Hastemere Road, N.8. rel.: Mountview 2606. (3462 TYRES1 450 x 19, new. £1 under list, or offer, set of four. Holloway, 51, Lingfield Avenue, Kingston,

Surrey. (3463 VINTAGE A.C. 4-cyl., 1926. Mechanically sound, needs new radiator and coathwork renovating. I:kw price to someone willing tei rebuild and run it. Holloway, 51, Lingfield Avenue, Kingston, Surrey. [3464 ASTON MARTIN SPECIAL—roso 2-litre engine and gearbox. Excellent condition. Hard-top aluminium body. Engine and gearbox cost £385 new. Bargain, complete,r.130, Rickert, 14, Trumps Green Avenue, Virginia Water, Surrey. . Tel. Wentworth 3359. [3465 RILEY: NINE MERLIN, t937. Rebored, new battery, tyres, etc. Sound car. L too. 1.08, Fern Lane, Heston, Middlesex. 11466 TI; HOOD in white Vynide. Never used, Bargain, 9. Tel.: LAB 6823. [3467 RILEYt al, R.M.E. Extras; ” X ” tyres. Mechani

cally perfect. £340. Tel.: Harlow 24231, ext. 1. Bird, ro8, Great Plunitree, Harlow. [3468 1949 M.G. TC, Stage I tuned. Restored at 4500 to concours condition. 16 x 600 rears, new hood/ screens, tyres, engine, steering, brakes, headlights, interior trim, instruments. Recellulosed beautiful green. Leopard-skin seats, windrones. Total overhaul this year. J. Burnhill, Brooklyn, Cline Lane, Cleckheaton, Yorks. 13469 ” MOTOR SPORT ” : Volumes 8-1a inclusive for sale. Bound and in good condition. Offers to : Roberts (Tel.: Mincing Lane 4272), 365, Fen church Street, E.C.3. 13470 ALVIS 12/60 big-port Beedeback, 193 , with numerous spares. Excellent condition. Tel.: Sheffield 366444. (3471 1952 ALVIS HALEY 2-seater. Hurd-top (detachable). £245. Bradnum. 25c, Eastern Place, Brighton. Tel.: 67889(67967. 13475 1950 (Nov.) A.C. 2-litre saloon. Past arid comfortable but is wasted as a commuter’s cat. Haggling starts at £290. ‘Tel.: Cheltenham 53146 (evenings). [3477 1918 FORD VS 30-h.p. saloon. /slew engine, steering, springs, brakes and battery 5,000 mites ago. Body sound. 20 M.p.g., oil negligible. Fast, robust, clean car with Pukka tow attachment. Tyres good. £75 o.n.o. Yew Tree Cottage, Frankton, Rugby. Tel.: Marron 478. 4478 DELLOW, 1952. Reconditioned E93A engine, back axle, brakes. New clutch, battery, oversize tyres. Full weather equipment, £265. Botterill, ” Oakland,” Nuneaton Road, Mencetter, Nr. Atherstone. 1479 RILEY KESTREL-SPRITE (SS 27K). ?wiri S. Ls, Scintilla, recon. shock-absorbers, clutch, brakes relined; good tyres. Looks beautiful, but chassis, lights, need attentien, so £135. Thompson. 52. Camberwell Grove, S.E.5. rel.: RODney 32n• (3480 M.G. ED, 195t. Mk. 2 engine and clutch, new hood, 429o. Wrenn, 7, Laburnum Road, Charley. Lancs. [3481 1959 LOTUS VII. Winner of this year’s 1172 Championship. Modifications exceed standard pares. £65o. Also Thames van/trailer for towing. Whole equips, 070. Full detail§ from : Cottrell, tiolmeswood, Clytha Park Road. Newport (Tel.: 64563), Mon. [3483 B.S.A. THREE-WHEELER, complete or as spares: Collins, St. Aubyns, Harlow Moor Drive, Harro

gate. Tel.: 69497. [3484 M.G. TC, /947, for sate. Good condition. £150. 28, Aubigny Drive, Fulwood, Preston, Lanes. [3485 BENTLEY, x935, 3I-LITRE Park Ward saloon. Coach green. £200. H. Braddock, Oldknow Road. Marple. Tel.: 1614. (3486 T.V.R. (1960). Built by engineer. Climax engine, Alfin brakes, heater and other extras. Red, with red and grey hide upholstery. £3,00o miles: never used for competition. kegs 0.0.0, After 6 p.m. or weekends : 149, Dunkirk Lane, Leyland, Lancs. Tel.: Leyland 21568. [3487 VINTAGE SINGER saloon, 12 h.p , 1928. Almost oneowner; excellent condition. Offers £25 plus, or exchange Mann Seven. Hessen. 24, Court Road, Oldland, Bristol. [3488 ASTON MARTIN Mk. II saloon, )4150511.. in

absolutely immaculate condition. Whole car completely reconditioned last 6,000 miles. Bills for £600. H.C. pistons, large Rewired, resprayed, rechrongtd. including axle, steering and brake drums. Radio, heater, spots. £475 o.n.o. Bradford, 127, Beaufort Street, S.W.. [3489

RILEY KESTREL 12-h.p. saloon. Post-war lines. TWO owners. 51,00o miles only. Good condition throughout. rr5o. Seen London. Box No.

W.4Oo, 13490 x960 MODEL 2/4-SEATER, colour red and cream, 1959 (Nov.) Austin Healey 3000, disc brakes, overdrive, etc. 4,000 miles, as tleW. £925. H.P.

possible. Tel.: Mitcham 9751. 1349 HORNET SPECIAL, i915. New battery, tyres. and engine parts. Reliable and fast. £50. Empingham Road; Stamford, Lincs. Tel.: 3664′ 13492 BORGWARD ISABELLA COMBI, July 1958. Immac. condition. £875, or pirers. Must sell. Arneland, St. Michael’s Read, Penkridge, Stafford. Tel.: Penkridge 477. (349a RILEY NINE BITS : Engine, gearbox, steering wheel, column, gearbox; seven con.-rods; other stuff. All in rather rough condition, thus very cheap. B. Plant. 178, Clay Lane, Birmingham 26. W494 BULLNOSE MORRIS tourer, 1925. P. .B. Beautiful condition. _.,£r35, or exchange something modern. Box No. //7.495. [3495 M.G.-A, 1956. White, red interior. Extras include wire wheels, heater, rack, underseal. 29,000 genuine miles. Car is in excellent condition. History known. Second owner, selling due to family. ILP. arranged, price £550. Tel.: Ewell

(Surrey) 3957. (3496 FIBREGLASS ” SPECIAL.” Triumph chassis, Minx unit, 3-seater R.G.S. shell. Exchanges H.P. available. Photos. Barton, Friargate, Penroh. 1344 1928 GRAHAM PAIGE, Model .629, 7-seater limousine with division. One owner, original condition. kt5o. Stokes, 41, Forefield Lane, Liver pool. 23. [3498 ROCHDALE G.T. FORD Ten. Registered 057: New Popular chassis, 15-in. wheels. “X” tyres, 13allamy head. rim. F. Shaw. ” Endellion,”

Latimer Road, New Barnet. l3499 1949 LEA-FRANCIS shooting brake. Good mechanieally, geod appearance. Spare axle, shockers and instruments. Sell over £m°, or part exchange for A-litre Bentley. Murray, Mo. Leicester Road, Loughborough. [3500 BENTLEY 3I-LITRE 4-door saloon. Sun-roof. special lightweight body work to design of original titled owner. Paintwork in immaculate condition. Engine 30,000 miles since complete rebuild by Bentley Motors. Rebuilt gearbox, new clutch and brake linings, this year. Chrome-plated wheels, Marchal headlights and spot, Motorola radio, reversing light, screen washers, good tyres, etc. £45o o.n.o. Consider exchange. 8, Mutton Lane, Heathfield, Sussex. Tel. (buioness hours) : 1:1cl:field 242. 13501 A.C. ACE, /954, Sept. Grey. Radio, heater. Engine and suspension completely overhauled. Woodhouse, 46, Tedworth Square, SAV.3. Tel.: FLAxman 4393 (evenings). [3502 SIMILAR TO MONTY’S Staff car. 1939 Snipe 2-door open tourer (not ex-W.D.). Excellent engine. coachwork, hood, windows, tyres. Heater. 24 m.p.g. Any reasonable offer. “high Tor,” Clockhouse Road, Farnborough, Hants (Tel.:

Farnborough 2320), 13503 PAIR M.G. TF seats, good condition, red, ko. R. J. Skempton, 5, Southfields Avenue, Leicester. [3504 1940 DAIMLER 28-LITRE sports saloon, running.

£5o, or will break. Tel. HIL 6 tot. (am RILEY KESTREL, M37. Passed to-year test. View W.C.1 : November 1st, 2Ott, 3rd (other days by arrangement). Crockford, Tel.: CflA 8123. [3506 JENSEN 541 SPECIAL, 1958, red. Over £250 extras : high-compression head, special pistons, balanced crankshaft, lead indium bearings, Konis, modified exhaust, heat shield, modified S.Ll.s, extra breather, discs, centre-lock wire wheels, etc. DS 4 engine as 1960 model. Beautiful road car raced few times. £t,675. Part exchange con sidered. H.P. arranged. I3ox No. W.507. [3507 1935 AUSTIN NIPPY. Completely rewired, Bosch lights. Rebored, big-ends, mains; requires run=grin. Four-speed close-ratio box. New hood, Plexiglass sides, seats re-upholstered, carpets, mats. Girlirsgs all round relined, clutch competition linings, new withdrawal fingers, Bowdenex, new rear cables, king-pins, steering bushes. TC M.G. instrument panel. Passed so-year test. Superb car. kr2o. Baker, Ton.gham Fruit Farm, Tong ham, Farnham. Tel.: Aldershot 23523. 510 MORRIS roM SPECIAL, Rochdale Mk. VI. Good u t l‘tE King, Bryn Awel Mold. [3511 m 1958, Ford Anglia. Buckler close-ratio gears, rev.-counter, extractor exhaust manifold. 28,000 miles. 4450. Ruffen, Clift Bushes, Cuckficld, Suffolk. [3512 1960 TRIUMPH HERALD chassis with engine; twin carburetters; new A.K.S. Mk. a body, Italian red. Sell to best offer, whole or separately. Thomson, 39, Whinfield, Adel, Leeds. Tel.:

Leeds 72699. 13513 ALVIS SPEED TWENTY-FIVE, 1937, saloon. Good condition. Brakes recently relined. Taxed. Li5o. MacGintY, 43, West Avenue, Worthing. [3514 AUSTIN 750 SPECIAL. Falcon Mk. I 13.R.G, fullwidth fibreglass body with hard-top, Marchals, rev.-clunter, em Why build when you can have this for only 4120 1 Knight, 42, Tollgate Road.

Dorking. [3515 BRISTOL 400. Immaculate. 1948. Heater, radio. Quick sale, £375. Tel.: Cuflley 3109. [3516 1952 BRISTOL 401, many extras. £700 0.0.0. Owner regrets, bank doesn’t. Consider exchange. Might arrange H.P. Ground Floor, 23, Bernard Road, Worthing. 13517 1926 9/20 HUMBER 2/3-seater tourer, good condition, daily use. New hood. M.O.T. certificate. Many spares. 485. Tel.: Sr. Albans 55970. (35r8 1931 ALVIS ir216o Beetleback. Outstanding condition. Important spares. Seen anywhere. About 4195. ” Alvis,” 51, Ulleries Road, Sheldon, Solihull. 13519

M.G. TC, 1946, red. New Vynide hood and screens. immaculate. mmaculate. Replacement engine to ode miles. Taxed. Comprehensive insurance June 1961. 4240 for quick and painless sale. Martin, 84, Brondesbury Villas, N.W.6. Tel.: MA! 8368. 13526 5956 BNa AUSTIN HEALEY, red/black interior. Radio, heater, hard/soft-tops, “X ” tyres/tubes. spotlight, overdrive, 4-speed box, new batteries; other extras. Excellent condition. 4595, I-1.P. arranged. Tel.: RAV 6485. 13521 BENTLEY BLUE LABEL, 1926, tourer, fitted diesel engine, otherwise entirely original and excellent condition. 38 m.p.g., 70 m.p.h. Seen Pembrokeshire, Staffordshire or Surrey. _43oo, or exchange sports saloon. Rolls 23,/.30, Riley 24 W , Rover 75. Woodrow, 14, Tudor ay, Haverford

west, Pembrokeshire. (3522 A MAN’S BEST friend is his car S Grand old black and cream Austin 12/4. Finance forces sale at 480. Anderson, Hazierig,g Hall, Loughborough. [3523 H.R.G. 5500, 1948. Meticulously maintained. Splendid condition. Full history. k300. Close, Welbourn, Lima. Tel.: Fulbeck 260. (3525 5172 SPECIAL Engine has all mods. Space-frame chassis, rack-and-pinion steering, 4-speed box. £320 0.0.0. Tel. (weekdays) : AS= 1893. [3526 VINTAGE AUSTIN 12/4, 1928, 2-seater tourer with dickey. Original attractive car its excellent order. McLellan, 81, South Hill Park, Hampstead, N.W.3. [3527 £25.–’34 M.G. Midget. Hydraulic brake conversion. Shabby but decent runner. Pook, Thur =SW11. Leicester. Tel.: SyStOil 2202. [3528 L200.-1918 Aston Martin 2-litre drophead coupe, red leather, 2(occasional 4) seater. In fine condition. Opportunity for enthusiast to obtain post vintage thoroughbred. Box No. W.529. (3529 z937 AUSTIN NIPPY. Excellent condition, engine recently overhauled. Ali weather equipment. Numerous spares. Price 4(-.125 o.n.o. Mason, 3r, Elm Close, Wistaston, Crewe. [3530

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