POP RIVET GUNS, 3os.; P.P., is. 64; rivets, dia.,.6s. too; dia., 75. TOO: 11, dia. 8s. 3d. too. Gun will expand all these sizes. LockWood, 76, Ernest Road. Bedhampton, Hams, . (3168 AQUAPLANE HEAD, plum, Ford. 1,172. Nearest Do. Smith, ” Rockville,” Barrack Lane. Notting ham. (3183

VETERAN AND VINTAGE Autocar and Autos. Complete years 7920 to 1923, March to Dec. 1925, May to Dec. 1919, Jan. and Feb. 1920. Amateur bound. Also 40 copies .414tocar, mainly 1.920S. Also one each 1911/1913 Autocars. Offers.

Pox No. W.r9o. [3590 MOTORISTS FIRST AID KITS. Each supplied with window transfer, 22/6, c.o.d. Write : Kil138 WARNING PLAQUES for dashboards telling coyne, 47a, Scedley Road, Salford, 6. and Co., Coombe Road, Salisbury. 3s. and s.a.e. passengers that they travel at their own risk. C13Ia4r3kse HIRE PURCHASE AVAILABLE for private transactions at favourable rates Northern Counties Finance, 143, Boughton, Chester. 13439 NEW AND NEVER used, for Austin Healey 50014Hard-top de luxe with complete wrap-round rear window and grey plastic headlining. Also f-in. thick sliding Perspex sidescreens. This de luxe hard-top is finished in black super p.v.c. Vynide and made by Ferranti Ltd. The above and complete with all fittings, 440. Hardy, t7, Southcroft Road, Littlesea, Weymouth, Dorset. [3187