Recently introduced by Spax Ltd., of Fortress Road, N.W.5, a range of adjustable hydraulic and telescopic shock-absorbers are designed as replacement units. A pair of the telescopic units were tested on a 1957 Ford Anglia over a distance of several thousand miles. Experiments during this time with different settings, ranging from very soft to fairly hard, indicated that the units, named ” Variflo,” have a considerable advantage over the nonadjustable type of damper. At.,C,2 15s. each, the only fault of the ” Variflo ” units is their slightly additional weight and a rather inaccessible control knob.


Holt Products Ltd., pioneers of the Aerosol fly and insect killing sprays, have now entered the paint market with a range of Aerosol touch-up spray Kits, which are available in most popular colours, including B.M.C., Ford, Rootes, etc., at 9s. tid, each. More serious dents and scratches can first be filled with a plastic alloy, also available from Holts, followed by the normal smoothingdown process and then a quick spray from the Aerosol can. Another new Holt Product is their ” Hi-Speed ” car polish, which is claimed to clean and polish in one application.