REDEX provides the oilier oil needed by the modern internal combustion engine. A chemical compound with an oil base, it is an extreme pressure oil and fuel additive containing carbon softeners, a mild detergent, an anti-oxidant and liquid wax.

REDEX blends with all usual lubricants, including multigrade, and all grades of fuel. It Strengthens the oil film and inhibits sludge and gumming. In addition, REDO< provides high temperature lubrication and ensures fast oil circulation when starting from cold.


Suitable for twoand four-stroke engines, motor-cycles, thre2wheelers and cars, REDEX improves performance by reducing caftan deposits on cylinder heads, valves, and pistons. Carbon deposits mean loss of power. With less carbon, the periods between decokes are greatly extended, with consequent savings.

REDO( does a great job, giving your ,engine a protective film of high resistant oil that beats friction and mechanically generated heat. The average dose, costing only a penny, is one shot of REDLX (approx. oz.) to a gallon of petrol. For town runs a double shot is recommended.

The enemy of the efficient engine is oil starvation. As an uppercylinder lubricant. REDO( enables your engine to reach correct working ’emperatures without being starved ol’ oil.

’emperatures starved REDEX QUICK SERVICE

The REDi X Quick Service is a ‘compact version of the full REDEX treatment to boost performance and give startling economy. This operation can be carried out by any REDEX agent, whileyou wait.

The recommended charge is only I8s. 6d. for an engine with a four’ pint sump, including new oil and all REf)EX. For hirger sumps the increased cost is 2s. 6d. for each extra pint of REDEX/oil mixture.

increased cost is 2s. 6d. for each extra pint of REDEX/oil mixture. WHAT DOES IT DO ?

The purpose of the REDGX Quick Service is to achieve a substantial lessening of friction, although, of course. REDO< cannot make up for the wear that has already taken place in your engine. 'This rapid REDrXing acts as a ' shot in the arm ' for tired engines so that greater efficiency results.

efficiency results. AT THE GARAGE


First step in the Quick Service is to drain the old oil from the sump and to replace it with a fresh Supply of your usual oil and REDEX. REDO< is added in the proportion of one part to three parts of oil.

Next, with the engine running at a fast tickover. 5 oz. of REDEX are gradually injected through each carburettor and a REDEX Refresher of approx. 5 oz. is added to the fuel in the tank.

For maximum economy and high-level performance the only answer, of course, is the full REDO( treatment which includes an engine tune-up.


The REDEX Lubrocharger fulfils a much needed function, enabling a continuous bleed of REDEX to be fed into your engine at a predetermined rate. It is easily adjusted by means of a simple set screw. A finger-touch control allows the driver to inject an extra 5 cc REDO( into the manifold whenever the need arises and the engine is under particular stress. i.e., cold starting,

long-distance high-speed cruising, FrITING THE INSTRUMENT

Attached to the dashboard with a clip, the Lubrocharger draws supply of REDFX from a quart can mounted under the REDEX is delivered to the engine by means of a permanent This is fitted into the inlet manifold between the engine and carburettor butterfly and as near to the carburettor as possible. Use this precision instrument and get the best out of your engine. £3.3s. Buy REDEX and REDO: Instruments at your local garage or branch of Hal lords.

A new I 6-page booklet tells you all abotit the benefits of D.FX Quick Service. Full REDEX Treatment, Performance REDO< Robot, and much more.