Motoring coat

Some years ago the coat most worn by the motorist was the duffle coat. This was warm, hard-wearing and looked reasonably presentable. Since these days there has crept into being the motoring coat. In price these range from £40 plus for sheepskin down to more reasonable prices. One coat recently sent in for review is the Harvey Motoring coat. This is essentially a coat for the well dressed. It is made of blended woollen shower-proofed cloth, with an imitation Persian lamb collar. The styling for a mass-produced coat is really very good and, most important, it is practical and keeps the wearer warm. The price is very reasonable and this is a good "girl-friend" present type of motoring accessory. This coat is manufactured by J. Harvey Ltd., 55, Oxford Street, London, W.1, and is obtainable from all leading stockists.

M. J. T.