Miniatures news

The most impressive miniature received recently—really too large for the term—is the Corgi "Major Toys," No. 27 Gift Set, consisting of a Bedford Tractor Unit and Priestman "Cub" shovel. Lesney have also added some, far smaller, excavators to their range, in the form of a "Matchbox King Size" E.R.F. Ready-mix Cement truck to a scale of 58 : 1 (No. K-I3, 5s. 6d.), the drum of which really rotates, and a "Matchbox" Scammell Mountaineer Dump truck with snowplough, to a scale of 109 : 1, which makes it 3 in. in length (No. 16, 1s. 9d.). Corgi also have a working model Priestman luffing shovel, No. 1128 in their "Major Toys" series.

Coming to cars, I like particularly the Corgi Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray coupé, the dual headlamps of which retract at a touch, and the finish of which is notably high-gloss. There is even a bag of golf-clubs on the back shelf! It is No. 310 and cost 5s. 6d.

The 1963-64 Corgi Toys catalogue is now available to those wishing to check if any gaps exist in their collections. It costs 3d. Wren have sent us their latest slot-racing Formula 152 electric G.P. Ferraris, Type R.C.7 and R.C.8, realistic as they are rugged.—W. B.